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Nike Trail Kiger Vest Review Facts

With the rising popularity of long-distance trail races, as well as provide a hydration vest for their own team of trail running athletes with a vest to store hydration, in 2016 Nike released their first ever hydration vest called the Nike Trail Kiger Running Vest.  Though reviewers had found some negatives about the vest, mainly in regards to the size and price, the consensus was that the Kiger vest was a pretty solid vest.  This UTMB approved hydration pack features plenty of storage, including multiple large stretchy pockets including water-resistant zipper pockets as well as 360-degree reflective details and adjustable sternum straps for an adjustable fit.  The first impression of the Trail Kiger vest was that reviewers were impressed with the overall sleek style that Nike fans know and love.

Unfortunately, some users had a problem with sizing as the pack seem to run small, while other reviewers found the snug fit to be a plus since it prevented the vest from bouncing or shifting while running.  The price did cause a little sticker shock, but overall, the Trail Kiger vest was a great intro into the world of hydration vest for Nike. Keep reading to find out if the Nike Trail Kiger vest is right for you!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very durable
  • Stylish
  • Plenty of storage
  • Water resistant zipper pockets
  • Adjustable sternum straps for better fit
  • Runs small
  • Pricey


The hydration vest was initially designed for the Nike Trail running team, so runners can expect this vest to hold what they need for long trail runs. It has also been approved for use at the UTMB, Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc, the 100+ mile race. That said, this vest is suitable for long distance endurance events such as ultramarathons.

A major highlight of the vest is the amount of storage it has. The Kiger vest has a 3.5-liter capacity. Storage features include 2 bottle holders with elastic loops to hold bottles securely in place, large zipper pocket in back can store up to a 2 liter hydration bladder, and various large and small pockets in both the front and back. Some of the pockets are water resistant as well. The vertical zipper makes it easy to access the back pocket. The mesh pockets stretch and are able to hold a variety of sized items. And on top of that, Nike also included a removable emergency safety whistle. Reviewers really enjoyed all the large pockets that were able to stretch to hold large phones and even additional water bottles. However, some thought that accessing the back pocket, in particular, was a little difficult and were annoyed that they needed to completely remove the pack to get to the pockets.

The Trail Kiger vest also features 360-degree reflective features to keep runners safe when using the pack at night. One feature that this vest does not include is trekking pole holders.



Though it is made of mesh material, the Trail Kiger vest wasn't quite as breathable as some reviewers would have liked. That said, most reviewers still found the vest relatively breathable. The Trail Kiger vest is made of two different mesh that do not hold sweat or water. The mesh does allow for some air flow, but reviewers noted that the tight fit and the slightly heavier material did take away from what could've been better breathability. Runners who run in extremely hot environments may have an issue, but in general, users shouldn't find any major issues in terms of breathability.


Many reviewers repeatedly stated that the Trail Kiger vest was very snug and ran small which caused the vest to be a little uncomfortable. Also, the mesh material wasn't quite as breathable as users would have liked. However, the fabric itself was soft and did not hold moisture. There weren't many complaints in regards to chafing or hot spots, and a benefit of the snug fit was that runners did not experience any excessive bouncing that could lead to those issues. Also, the hems were a rolled elastic that reviewers thought were pretty comfortable. Some found that a larger size would've made the Trail Kiger vest more comfortable.


As previously mentioned, the sizing of the Trail Kiger vest is where users had the biggest problem. Reviewers felt that the vest ran a bit small and had a very snug fit. That said, some reviewers did prefer the snug fit as it prevented bouncing. The vest comes in 4 sizes: small, medium, large and x-large. And while it does have adjustable chest straps to tighten and loosen the vest, the vest itself doesn't allow much in the way of give as the mesh and overlays don't have much in the way of stretch. In order to choose the appropriate size, make sure to measure the fullest part of your chest and as with most apparel and accessories, try it on before you purchase it. Also, take into consideration how much you will be carrying in the vest as that will also make the vest a bit tighter.

The Trail Kiger vest itself has a 3.5 liter capacity and weighs 9.5 ounces. Some reviewers thought the vest felt a little heavy and would've like it a little lighter.


One of highlights of this vest is its overall excellent durability. Nike is known for making quality products that last and the Trail Kiger vest is no different. The mesh material and welded overlays held up well after extended use. There were no complaints of rips or tears at the seams or elsewhere. There were no reports of premature wear, and overall, reviewers were very happy with how well the vest held up after extended use.


Unfortunately, this pack does not come with any accessories. Though it is able to fit 2 water bottles or soft flasks and up to a 2-liter hydration bladder, they need to be purchased separately. And being that this vest costs quite a lot, that might be an issue with some who are looking to purchase a hydration vest and accessories.


One thing Nike has down is style. Many reviewers agreed that they loved the way the Trail Kiger vest looked. This vest comes in one option - the black and "total crimson" colorway. The sleek design and structure of the vest itself on top of the color choices were praised by users.


The Nike Trail Kiger vest is going to cost runners more than the average running vest. This vest comes in at under $200, but not by much. The fact that it doesn't include any accessories with the higher price tag, like water bottles or a hydration bladder, is also a disappoint to some reviewers. Like many Nike products, runners will be laying down more money for a Nike product. Luckily an upside to the higher price is the fact that this vest is incredibly durable, and will last users many, many miles.
Key Features

Key Features

  • Welded overlays and rolled elastic hems

  • Removable emergency whistle

  • Plenty of stretchy and water resistant pockets

  • Stylish design and color combo

  • Durable materials

  • 360 degree reflective materials

  • Vertical zipper for easy access to large main pack

  • Bottom Line

    Bottom Line

    Nike is well known for making quality products, so it's no surprise that the first hydration vest by Nike would be durable, stylish and have plenty of storage. With the rise in popularity of long-distance trail races as well as the need to provide a pack for their own team of trail running athletes, Nike's first attempt at a hydration pack is a solid one.

    Reviewers were impressed with the design and strong, sleek color combo of the vest as well as the durability of the mesh and other details such as the welded overlays. While many runners had sizing issues, most stating that vest was too small, most reviewers had no issue with unwanted bouncing and shifting because of its snug fit. The vest features plenty of storage including room for a 2 liter hydration bladder, two water bottles and various size pockets, including water-resistant zipper pockets to keep your phone and other valuables dry. The high price tag may make it hard for some runners to swallow, especially since the price does not include any accessories such as water bottles or hydration bladder. Being that this vest was a first for Nike, most reviewers found it to be a really solid pack that worked well for the endurance adventures.