Nike Benassi Slip

Nike has a lot of interesting R & D ideas that it likes to implement once in a while and release onto the market. It seems that Nike's traditional and renown Benassi slip-on sandals got morphed with sneakers in this latest offering called the Nike Benassi Slip shoes. The shoes have a sort of hybrid twist as if they are not only sneakers, slip-on wear, but stylish shoes to boot. And get this, they are unisex as well, so both you and your significant other can sport them and feel good about being in shoes that are gender-neutral.

The shoes have a very interesting appearance because depending on if you look at them from what angle they appear either as sneakers, slippers or athletic shoes. When looking at them from the top down, for instance, and seeing their large strap, they appear as slippers or slip-ons. However, when looking at them from a side angle or from behind, they appear as sneakers with a very athletic and functional looking midsole. There is also a nice variation in colors no matter which variant of the shoes you go with. However, let's not get carried away with their style. They are very functional as well in the design.

Nike Benassi Slip offers a one-piece suede upper as well as an upper suede strap for comfort; a collapsible heel with a very easy put-on and take-off time; a comfort sock liner for a very supportive cushion; mesh covers for breathability and ventilation; as well as a suede upper with reduced irritation. There is a lot to like here when it comes to sneakers. They are lightweight, flexible and have pretty good traction. This makes them good for a variety of activities besides just every-day wear.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Suede sole
  • Collapsible heel with very easy taking off and putting on
  • Supportive cushion with comfort sockliner
  • soft suede upper wraps with reduced irritation
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Very stylish sandals-like aesthetics
  • Cons
    • Some may not like the big strap across the top of the upper
    • Trying to be too much at once at times
    • Tradeoff of using suede is low durability
    • Key Features
      Nike Benassi Slip's outsole is comprised of rubber and it blends right into the midsole for a nice cushion. A Herringbone cupsole also provides more flexibility and traction than other material and is used well on the outsole. A cupsole offers an outsole that cups around the foot for efficiency and comfort.

      The midsole blends right out of the outsole with also a rubbery look, however it offers something else as well. A Phylon (IP) is injected into the midsole to provide more lightweight cushioning for the wearer.
      The upper is made up of a Flyknit design along with suede material for a comprehensive look that includes the large suede strap. Nike Flyknit is a feature some Nikes offer that blends yarns and fabric in places on shoes where they are needed. A staple feature of this style is featherweight, shoes fitting a wearer's foot form, and a seamless upper. This describes the upper of the Benassi Slip pretty spot on. In terms of the suede materials used on the one-piece upper and the large strap slipped over the top, the suede offers a very feather-type feel with cushion and lightness being staples. It also has the advantage of wrapping around your foot for a secure fit and no irritation. Suede is a type of leather material that comes with a napped finish and the term comes from "gants de Suède" and this means "gloves from Sweden". Softness is its hallmark although durability is not.

      The shoes come in a very lightweight form factor due to the way they have been designed with mesh and suede materials along with the rubber outsole/midsole sections. The shoes weigh in at 9 oz.
      The shoes offer a very breathable design due to mesh being used on top of the upper, near the collar section. It offers a nice blend of support and ventilation, and some of the color variations of the shoes make this section stand out as you will see in the style described below. You will also clearly see the visible albeit small ventilation shafts or holes on this top section near where there is a strap hanging out of.

      Comfort is truly where these sneakers shine, besides their style of course. They come with a very easy slip-on and slip-off form where a pull-down tab is there at the top, where a tongue would usually be situated, to easily fit them on. There is also the upper mesh design for ventilation and breathability as well as a textile lining and footbed. The suede materials on upper and wrap also offer a feathery and lightweight feel. Let's not forget the sneakers' overall flexibility and lightness for added comfort.
      These shoes are all about style. And depending on what your opinion of hybrids or shoes offering features from different types of footwear, you will either love em or hate em. This is a particular style that needs to be seen or felt rather than just described. Let's begin with the options available. The Nike Benassi Slip can be had in various color outfits, and they all offer a unique style all onto their own as the colors have been put together nicely. One option is a pure black, but it works well because there are different shades or textures of black on this offering and this includes the Nike logo and sign is very visible due to its sleek design. The black/vast grey offering is just awesome looking. It truly looks like two shoes morphed into one as it has a texture of sorts where the black sections are on the upper. This section is enclosed by the lighter grey on the midsole and heel. The grey/grey offering comes in a very suede look with a lot of grey in a few different shades and an overall cool aesthetic. There is also a black/dark mushroom variation, which offers a nice blend of different colors put together for a final look. The ventilated mesh holes on the top of the shoe's upper, where the heel slips through, really show in this variation. All of the variants have great style, but the way the shoes fit together as well as the materials they are made from is really what makes them stand out. The large suede strap on top and the low heel section in the back makes them look good and unique.
      The shoes are made of very fine and light materials, so although they may be comfortable to use in athletic endeavors or even on a hike, do not expect them to be very durable for such outings. They are sneakers made more for every-day use but offer features that would make them work well in various activities. They could, in theory, be used in the gym or even on a cross fit type setting, but taking them out in the mountains or on rough weather is probably not a good idea.
      The sneakers are not designed to be very durable or protected against the elements. Style, lightness, and comfort are their hallmarks. Suede isn't a very durable material, to begin with, and the mesh that is around the top of the shoes or the collar section is more about ventilation than any protection. They do have a pretty strong rubber sole, however, with a decent grip or traction to keep most roads or streets afloat even while moving fast.
      The shoes are very responsive in terms of having a nice traction at outsole with a cupsole feel made out of Herringbone. This also gives them added flexibility. However, these are comfort sneakers more than anything else, so do not expect them to compete with running or athletic shoes in most athletic endeavors.
      The shoes have the nice support of the foot around both the lower outsole/midsole sections made of rubber and the suede and mesh top which hold the foot in place securely. The outsole is a cupsole designed to support the lower part of the foot with flexibility and traction, and the midsole provides lightweight cushioning. The upper is made up of an ultra-soft and one-piece design that is very supportive of the foot along with that large strap giving it more support. While there is even a collapsible heel to offer easy takeoff and one of the shoes with comfort sock liner for a plush and supportive cushioning overall.
      The shoes are designed as sneakers to be worn on streets and pavements, not rough terrain such as mountains or over wet and slippery surfaces. They have a decent-size midsole though so they shouldn't get too messed up if you wear them after a drizzle, they are not too durable for use often in harsh weather conditions.
      The Nike Benassi Slip come at a very reasonable price, particularly considering Nike sneakers are not cheap. They price at what you would expect an average Nike shoe to be priced at, albeit sneakers seem to be usually more - at least ones with unique designs and material. This is a great deal of the shoes truly have a unique form factor and aesthetic. They can also be worn in different types of settings -- from casual footwear at home or backyard to more fancy places where you can be showing off their suede and lightweight style.
      The sneakers come with pretty good traction in that they come packaged with a Herringbone cupsole outsole for traction. The outsole is also rubber in design, but they are not designed for athletic maneuvers in as much as every-day wear.
      The shoes are pretty flexible due to the materials that make them up, such as the suede upper. They are lightweight and feather-like in feel. Another aspect of flexibility they come packed with is that the Herringbone cupsole outsole offers added flexibility to their lower area.
      The shoes offer pretty good stability overall and appear to have a very low drop from their looks -- although there is a drop as they tend to shift down and the midsole is pretty thick in appearance compared to some other sneakers out there.
      The drop appears very low although it is very difficult to verify what exactly it is. However, there is a clearly visible drop from the heel section to the front as the shoes seem to go lower in the mid section and the front of the shoes stabilizes it seems a bit for an overall minimal feel.
      Key Features
      - Suede upper and strap
      - Lightweight
      - Easy slip on and off with a collapsible heel
      - Cupsole that provides flexibility and traction
      - Mesh collar for ventilation
      - Sockliner for cushioning and support

      Bottom Line
      If you want a stylish sneaker that is very comfortable too wear, offers various materials for added aesthetic and function such as a suede design and an upper mesh section for ventilation, check out the Nike Benassi Slip. These sneakers look almost like an offshoot of the famous Benassi slip-on sandals blended in with a traditional sneaker design. They are very easy to slip on and off and are comfortable to wear in an every-day setting. Do not expect them to be extremely durable or record-setting in athletic endeavors, but they offer everything a common every-day sneaker should.
      Where to Buy
      By Mike Lata
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      Where to buy
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