Nike Flex Experience 3

The Nike Flex Experience 3 is a reliable lightweight running shoe that provides maximum comfort.  They are stylish, breathable and are able to withstand the wear and tear of plenty of running.  The third model of the Flex Experience features reduced layering for ultimate flexibility on road terrains with added protective features for enhanced security.  Nike’s long-lasting durable materials are sure to deliver a longer lifespan with this shoe enabling it to take on more miles while still maintaining great comfort.  Its simple yet sleek design offers a great addition to every runner’s wardrobe for casual and athletic purposes.  

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Durable rubber pods located on the outsole
  • Phylite midsole for natural movements
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Cons
    • Few sizes for runners with a wider foot
    • Not suitable for rough terrains
    • Not suitable for guarding against debris and dirt
    • Some users noted they may fit a ½ size too small

      Key Features
      The Nike Flex Experience 3 features specialized rubber pods on the outsole for external durability. Ever had a pair of shoes that seem to wear down very easily on the outer portion? Well, these rubber pod soldiers were engineered for that exact reason. Plan to own these shoes for a considerable amount of time during which you will take on hundreds of miles with continued structure and durability. Furthermore, the lightweight features of this shoe are made possible due to the rubber traction outsole.
      The midsole of the Flex Experience 3’s constitutes the shoe’s very flexible nature. The patented Phylite midsole material beautifully adjusts to your foot with every step during your exercise. Its flexibility also contributes to an extremely smooth transition that will leave you feeling confident about your running techniques. The Flex Experience 3’s were originally made for neutral arched runners with under pronating running styles but can cater to a wide variety of athletes.
      Nothing is more frustrating to a runner who has to put up with hot feet during their run. Luckily, Nike has engineered and implemented their proprietary lightweight, breathable mesh on the upper portion of this shoe. Athlete's are sure to experience cooler runs with a well-ventilated structure. Additionally, the inner sleeve construction on the upper provides extra security and protection for every run.
      If you are looking for a lightweight generic running shoe, the Nike Flex Experience 3 is a great option. Touching the scale at 9.6 ounces, this line of Nike’s are sure to give you the nimble feeling every athlete dreams of. Nearly all users have noted that their lightweight feature is the cornerstone to this shoe’s success. The Phylite midsole and lightweight mesh overlays will keep your foot protected with as little drag as possible.
      The synthetic mesh construction on the upper stretches and forms to each user’s foot in a way that provides ample flexibility and more importantly, breathability. Its lightweight makeup goes hand in hand with the well-ventilated features throughout this model. Although Nike is notorious for producing more of a narrow shoe, your foot will not feel cramped therefore allowing them to breathe during every workout.
      From the second you lace up these Nikes on your feet, you will notice a very soft and cushioned experience. The Phylite midsole offers maximum comfort especially when the foot transitions from running to walking forms. During workouts runner’s will feel confident in their steps as the cushioned support of the shoe offers a soft landing impact. Comfort and design were the front-running visions when this shoe was created.
      The Nike Flex Experience 3 is a leader in its class with respect to style and design. It is one of the few running shoes that go great with both athletic wear and casual clothing. Both outfit options will leave you feeling comfortable with your style and your foot. If you want to spice up the colors a bit more than just the classic black and white design, Nike offers this shoe in plenty of color schemes. The women’s line features a few brighter colors but both men and women will be satisfied with their new look.
      Thanks to Nike’s rubber compound pods located on the outsole, the Flex 3’s are sure to last for a long time. If you are at all familiar with the Nike Free Run line, the Flex Experience 3 is a more structured and durable shoe that features somewhat of a similar style. The difference is that this line is a bit bulkier but reaps the benefit of a secure and durable shoe. Nike is known for producing long-lasting shoes with style, and the Flex 3 is no different.
      The Nike Flex Experience 3 offers an average amount of protection. This is not to say that this shoe won’t protect your feet as the synthetic mesh overlays do provide security for your feet. The extremely flexible lightweight breathable features are sufficient in the fact that they will make up for the “lack” of protective complexion.
      The Phylite midsole featured on the Nike Flex Experience 3 provides solid responsiveness during every athlete’s run. The soft rubber compound gives the shoe a comfortable yet shock absorbing impact feature that every runner can appreciate. This technology also provides great foot transitions creating an effect that coincides with the runner with their shoe.
      Plenty of Nike Flex Experience 3 users have said there is a solid amount of arch support. Heavier set runners may want to think about investing in a little bit bulkier shoe for added support, but the Flex 3 offers a substantial amount. Neutral arch runners will reap the maximum benefits with these kicks. The mesh upper overlays also provide a snug and supportive fit for your foot.
      The Nike Flex Experience 3’s are made for road terrains. Take on tracks, sidewalks, streets, grass and more with this reliable lightweight shoe. Be careful when venturing on messier trails such as gravel and dirt as the shoe is not extremely fond of guarding your foot against debris. If you mostly take on dry surfaces with good traction, this shoe is a great option for you. Flex groove technology on the underside of the shoe will also give you an enhanced grip on these types of terrains.
      This reliable line of Nike's runs about average in the pricing department of their shoe company. You can find these shoes starting at around $85 online. For their price, the comfort and lightweight features work well and are a solid investment to your running shoe repertoire. Although there are plenty of cheaper shoes out there you are getting a shoe that is represented by one of the leaders in athletic performance. After all, Nike is Nike.
      Flex is in the name of this line, so you can bank on the fact that there will be a considerable amount of flexibility when you use this shoe. The combination of the lightweight outsole and mesh overlays give the Flex Experience 3 an outstanding flexible feel. If you lift up your toes with the shoes on you can feel the mesh stretch accordingly in a secure fashion. The flexibility in this shoe definitely surpasses those of most of its competitors.
      The traction of this shoe is made capable by the flex groove technology on the underside of the shoe. Like many of Nike’s models, the extra padding and grip are located on the heel and toe portions of the shoe for maximum traction purposes. Additionally, each groove provides even more flexibility for the shoe enabling it to grip onto multiple types of surfaces.
      The Nike Flex Experience 3 offers a structured and stable support that can be seen even with its design. At first glance, they may look like they can be a little bulky but the lightweight feel quickly diminishes any such presumptive thoughts. The heel of the shoe is sturdy and takes on much of the shock impact with every step providing an exceptional amount of stability with every run.
      The heel to toe drop is measured at 7 millimeters for both men and women. The Nike Flex Experience 3 heel height is 26 millimeters and the forefoot height is measured at 19 millimeters. This is a little bit below average when it comes to drops on running shoes.
      Key Features of the Nike Flex Experience 3
      • Phylite midsole lightweight material

      • Breathable upper mesh

      • Secure lacing system for a snug fit

      • Great color variety
      Bottom Line
      The Nike Flex Experience 3 is a quality running shoe at a reasonable price. Nike has come through with yet another flexible durable shoe that will appease advanced and beginning runners alike. The breathable qualities matched with the lightweight structure of this line makes this shoe a go-to product for all road terrain running athletes. They provide exceptional grip with maximum comfort and are sure to last for many miles to come.

      Where to Buy
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      Where to buy
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