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Nike is one of, if not the world’s most well-known sports shoe companies. Originally founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman as Blue Ribbon Sports (RBS) in Oregon, Nike is constantly striving to provide innovation and excellent products across its many product lines. The Nike Free Train Instinct is a shoe designed for training workouts involving running, jumping, cutting and lifting, designed with the performance elements of stability, flexibility and traction combined into one shoe that can handle all of these different types of training. This shoe is the result of eight years of study by Nike engineers who studied ergonomics in order to develop a shoe that was not only capable of doing these different activities but excelled at them as well. In that, the Nike engineers sought to be the number one company for cross-training shoes.


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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • The shoe’s upper provides durable ankle-height support in all direction while allowing the runner to maintain natural movement.
  • Dual-density mid-sole, providing plush cushioning and balance.
  • The shoe’s color schemes are visually appealing
  • The outsole’s solid rubber helps to deliver traction while protecting it from wear.
  • Cons
    • Not a lot of padding – except in the sides and heel, but it’s not particularly comfortable for daily wear
    • Cost: more expensive than other, similar shoes.
    • Not suitable for people with narrow feet
    • The upper is not very durable and can get stretched out with time.
    • Key Features
      The Nike Free Train Instinct men’s training shoe has a unique solid-rubber outsole tri-star structure that provides omnidirectional expansion and contraction. This allows the shoe to follow the foot’s natural motions and while providing traction and support. This is important in the multidisciplinary activities the shoe was designed for.
      The Nike Free Train Instinct has a flexible full-length dual-density foam which helps to ensure responsive cushioning, providing durable protection, and balance over roads & flat surfaces.  Its springiness helps to provide resilient support to the wearer. The foam’s top layer is designed to take cross training abuse from the user while running, jumping, cutting and weightlifting. Underneath the cushioning is a tougher and more stable layer which supports wearer’s weight as well as the wear and tear of athletic activities.
      The Nike Free Train Instinct upper unit is made out of a pliable, stretchy, yet supportive breathable material, providing a snug and secure fit for the foot that does not restrict the foot’s movements. Its mid-cut collar is flexible and stable, covering the ankles, giving stability to the upper section of the foot.
      A shoe’s weight may not seem to be an important factor, but it certainly plays a role in running. Heavier shoes are typically more cushioned, but less flexible, whereas lighter shoes typically offer a more natural range of motion, but less protection from injuries. These shoes are extremely lightweight coming in at 10.3 oz. – 13.5 oz., depending on the size. According to some users, they’re so lightweight they hardly feel like having shoes on at all.
      The Nike Free Train Instinct shoes are quite breathable due to a thin tongue and stretchy, thin, airy upper. According to other user feedback, air can easily enter through the mesh to effectively keep the inner area of the shoe and your feet cool no matter how hard you work it into your routine. The temperature regulation is good in this model.
      The Nike Free Train Instinct shoes are made for people with mid to wide feet, so they might not be suited for people with narrower feet. Also, it’s important to note that it might be a good idea to take the time to go to a shoe store, as the fit may be a ½ size smaller than what a person is used to.
      The Nike Free Train Instinct shoes are a stylish choice, coming in black, wolf grey, and total crimson (standard), neon orange, and blue (Kevin Hart collection). The Flywire woven throughout them give it a unique appearance, as compared to other shoes.
      Durability is certainly an important factor when considering any new shoe. A poorly made shoe will need to be replaced more often. The Nike Free Train Instinct is a fairly durable shoe, due in part to the anti-abrasion rubber built into its forefoot and heel. The engineers at Nike specifically designed it for the performance elements of stability, flexibility, and traction. Unfortunately, after a while, the upper can get stretched out after flexing. Keep in mind because this is a cross-training shoe, the durability is balanced in these various areas.
      In term of protection, the Nike Free Train Instinct is designed to be used on smooth, even surfaces, not off the beaten track. Users will find that they can feel everything when running in these shoes because that’s what the shoes are designed to do. This may be considered is a weak point in its design, but perhaps due to it being a training shoe, meant to be used in controlled circumstances, it can be overlooked.
      The Nike Free Train Instinct was designed to be responsive to a variety of training circumstances, including running, jumping, cutting and lifting. This responsiveness is due in part to its tri-star outsole design, which is intended to allow the foot to move as ergonomically as possible. The Nike Free Train Instinct’s unique dual-density foam midsole design, as well as the anti-abrasive rubber on the outsole, contribute to the solid responsiveness of the shoe.
      The Nike Free Train Instinct offers decent support, though it isn’t particularly stellar in this regard. Its design prioritizes flexibility for jumping, cutting and weightlifting over support. That said, the support of the Nike Free Train Instinct is still decent. The upper holds the foot snugly in place, while the dual-density foam, and anti-abrasive rubber in the outsole help to provide support.
      Terrain refers to the various running environments a runner might encounter. The traction on the Nike Free Train Instinct is designed specifically for training in terms of running, jumping, cutting, and weightlifting.
      Price is an important aspect in deciding whether or not to purchase a pair of shoes. The Nike Free Train Instinct originally sold for $130, which has since dropped to $87 on the Nike website. On various websites, the shoe can be found from $67 – $90, which may or may not include free shipping and handling.
      The Nike Train Free Instinct works best on flat or level surfaces. The shoe was designed to be able to grip surfaces while performing a variety of activities. Some users have commented on being able to feel everything through the bottom of the shoe, so this should not do well on trails.
      Flexibility is a key factor in protection from twists and potential strains and in facilitating good movement. The Nike Train Free Instinct is very flexible with its tri-star design, allowing the user to feel almost as if he does not have shoes on at all. The flexibility is very useful for not only running but cross-training activities as well.
      The Nike Train Free Instinct is designed to be a pretty stable shoe. It’s important to note that the shoe is meant to be used as a cross-training shoe, not as a strictly running shoe; therefore, it may be less stable than a pair designed specifically for this purpose. Having said that, the upper of the Nike Train Free Instinct, as well as the dual density foam of the midsole, do a good job offering stability.
      Drop refers to the height of the heel, from the ground. The Nike Train Free Instinct has a drop of 4 mm.
      Key Features of the Nike Free Train Instinct
      • Flywire knit upper provides security and support.

      • Dual Density midsole for a flexible transition, allowing ergonomic foot movement

      • Knit forefoot outrigger provides lateral stability.

      • Lightweight anti-abrasive rubber traction provides protection and enables movements.

      • Breathable warp textile knit upper providing omnidirectional stretch and long-lasting wear.

      • Lace-up closure.

      • Thin tongue and slightly padded collar.

      • Soft cloth lining offers a great in-shoe feel.

      • Fixed foam insole.
      Bottom Line
      If you’re looking for an all-around training shoe that enables the wearer to do running, jumping, and lifting in an indoor or reasonably flat surface environment look no further. Keep in mind that this shoe is better for those with wider feet. They are made specifically for your active sessions, so make sure you get them to use them as they are designed. If so, you will have a flawless experience.
      Where to Buy
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