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Are you looking for a comfortable pair of shoes that are not going to fall apart on you after only a few miles? Are you looking for a nice pair of sneakers for road running or race day? Are you looking for something that is going to give you a responsive ride with a spring in your step? Are you looking for fun colors and a great style? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you have come to the right place, the Nike Renew Rival running shoes have you covered. They are a neutral road running shoe that customers seem to really enjoy. Nike's Renew midsole is super comfortable and they are extremely responsive, helping you to run longer and faster with a relatively high energy return. Customers love how affordable these shoes are and the fact that they do not fall apart too quickly. They are an all-around great pair of running shoes.

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Where to Buy
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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable right out of the box
  • Great slip-on design
  • Stylish
  • Uppers offer great support
  • Budget-friendly
  • Cons
    • On the heavier side
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Nike Renew Rival is made out of ground-contact foam which runs the whole length of the shoe giving you better traction and durability. They feature a pressure-mapped outsole that gives you some more cushioning underfoot for added comfort as well as providing better traction on a variety of surfaces. The bottoms of the shoes have zigzag grooves in them to make them more flexible giving you a more natural movement of your feet while you are running or walking.
      The midsole of the Nike Renew Rival features Nike's Renew technology which gives you an amazing underfoot experience with every step you take. These shoes are super comfortable and amazingly responsive while still giving you the support and stability you need in a running shoe. The midsole foam runs the full length of the shoe to give you optimal support. These shoes also feature a medial section at the midfoot that raises up a little bit to give you decent arch support in running shoes for those who need it.
      The uppers of these shoes are made out of a lightweight and breathable mesh material that allows amazing airflow throughout the Nike Renew Rival's to make sure your feet stay cool and dry even on the longest of runs. The uppers also feature reinforcements to prevent premature wear and tear in the form of thin overlays situated on the front of the shoe and the instep. These sneakers provide you with an internal lining that is soft and adds to the comfort level giving you a sock-like fit which customers love.
      The Nike Renew Rival's are made to be a lightweight running shoe which is ideal for any runner, as you do not want to have your shoes holding you back and feeling like weights on your feet. Runners try to keep their running shoes under 10 ounces and these shoes fall just under that. The average weight of these sneakers weighs in at 9.6 ounces which is not bad. There are lighter options out there if you need something that weighs a little less, but customers have had no problems with how these feel when they are running in them.
      The knit uppers that make up these shoes allow for optimal airflow throughout the foot chamber which is much appreciated by customers. The highly breathable knit materials of the Nike Renew Rival's help keep your feet cool and dry while you are on the run. You do not want to be in the middle of a race or workout and have to worry about your feet overheating and becoming drenched in sweat, that is not a problem you will likely have when wearing these shoes. The breathable mesh helps your feet stay dry by allowing air to flow in and letting the moisture evaporate and flow out of the shoe. No more feeling like your feet are suffocating or drowning while you are on the go.
      The Nike Renew Rival can boast that they are extremely comfortable. The Renew midsole gives you exceptional cushioning underfoot to give you a great experience for the duration of your runs. The full-length foam and medial midfoot section helps contour to your feet and provides great arch support to give you additional comfort that customers love. The outsole even comes together to help increase the cushioning you receive from these shoes. It features molded pressure points under your feet to provide that extra cushion increasing the comfort level of these already comfortable shoes.
      Customers like the look and the style of the Nike Renew Rival, commenting that they are perfect for everyday casual wear as well as wearing to the gym or on race day. These shoes come in a plethora of colors to choose from so you can find something that is going to best fit your personal style and personality. If you are purchasing the men's version of these sneakers you can choose from black, university red, and grey; stealth, wolf grey, and white; black, white, and anthracite; dark grey, volt, and anthracite grey; oil, grey, and black; pure platinum and white; or dark grey, volt, and anthracite cool grey. Women can choose between obsidian, pink blast, and navy; barley, grey geode, and teal punch; black, white, and anthracite; oil, grey, and black; white and pure platinum; washed coral, light rosewood brown, and summit white; violet and heather violet; violet dust, purple shade and particle rose; or grey, khaki, and black.
      These shoes do not seem to suffer from premature wear and tear which is always an added bonus when you purchase anything, especially running shoes. The outsoles of the Nike Renew Rival's are made to last, made out of a ground-contact foam which will be able to handle the repeated beating into the ground you get when you are on the run. The midsole will also be able to stand up to all the miles you will put in. The foam is very responsive and it will bounce back to its original shape, not losing its squish too quickly making sure you will continue to get the same great comfort you love for many miles.
      When it comes to shoes, protection is extremely important. You are going to want to find something that is going to protect you as much as possible to help prevent injury or discomfort. The Nike Renew Rival's offer a couple features to help keep you safe. First, the great cushioning that makes up the midsole of these shoes is great at shock absorption so they are going to take away some of that impact on your knees. Another great protection feature these offer is in the way of the neoprene lining that is inside the upper. The lining is soft and comfortable and will help prevent rubbing and chaffing which can cause blisters while running.
      The Renew technology that is used in the midsole of these running shoes allows for some amazing responsiveness. The cushioning underfoot while you run will allow your feet to sink in and then quickly snap back to its original shape, propelling you forward with each step granting you a decent energy return while you are running. The Nike Renew Rival yields a high energy return which means that when the shoe moves you forward you are exerting less energy to do so, allowing you to save your energy to help you run faster and longer. These shoes are going to give you that little spring in your step that you need to keep you moving forward.
      It is important when running to find a shoe that is going to properly support your feet so you are not sliding around inside the shoes which can cause potential injury. The Nike Renew Rival running shoes feature a lace-up closure with relatively flat laces that loop through the fabric eyelets of the uppers giving you the ability to adjust the fit of the shoe to your needs, to help keep your feet snug inside the shoe. These also have some thin overlays across the upper to not only increase the lifespan but to also help keep your foot secure and locked into place.
      The Nike Renew Rivals are a road running shoe and as such, it is recommended that you stick to terrains that are relatively flat and non-abrasive. It is suggested that if you are going to be running in these shoes you stick to places like roads, tracks (either indoor or outdoor), or treadmills. Whereas you may be ok to run on other surfaces it is not recommended as they were not made with the proper kind of protection or support to veer off the beaten path.
      When it comes to running shoes you should keep in mind that it is an investment and will sometimes cost you a little more than you want to pay. The key is finding a good pair that is going to last. If you get a good and durable pair of shoes then you are only going to have to pay that initial payment rarely as you will not have to keep replacing your sneakers. When it comes the Nike Renew Rival's you are not going to have to worry about them wearing out any time soon. Not only are these going to last you, but they are also fairly affordable and budget-friendly. The MSRP, manufacturer's suggested retail price, of these shoes rings up at only $85 which is about mid-range for similar products. Customers love the affordable price and great quality they get with these sneakers and have commented that they have gotten their monies worth out of them.
      The Nike Renew Rival running shoes offer you a decent amount of traction when you are wearing them. The rubber outsole will hold a good grip and help keep you on your feet. You do not want to be in the middle of a run and have to wonder if your shoes are going to cause your feet to slip out from underneath you. The soles of these sneakers have shallow zigzag grooves throughout them made out of a sticky ground-contact rubber that will provide you with excellent traction.
      As previously mentioned, these shoes have an outsole that features zigzag grooves along the bottom, and these trenches make it so the shoes have a good amount of flexibility to them. Wearing a pair of running shoes with some flexibility is always nice because it will allow you to have more natural movement of your feet when you are running. You do not want to feel like your feet are in a prison when you are on the run. You do not have to worry about that with the Nike Renew Rival's as it will give you the right amount of flex that you need for that natural bending of your feet.
      The Nike Renew Rival shoes are a neutral running shoe and do not offer a whole lot in the way of stability. They do have a medial midfoot section that raises up to provide some support for runners who need additional arch support; however, these sneakers do not offer any kind of support or aid for runners who have overpronation or supination problems. If you are one of the thousands of runners who tend to roll your feet either inwards or outwards while you are running you may want to consider a more stable shoe than these. That being said, if you are looking for a neutral shoe then these are going to be perfect for you.
      The drop of a shoe is the measurement of the incline, how much higher your heel sits from the ground than your toes. Running shoes typically have an average drop of 10 mm and the Nike Renew Rival running shoes are no exception, measuring in right at the 10 mm mark for both the men's and women's versions of them.
      Key Features
      -Renew technology in the midsole for a responsive ride
      -Offers great arch support
      -Lightweight upper is super breathable
      -Full liner to give you a sock-like fit
      -Excellent traction
      -Affordable price tag
      Bottom Line
      If you are looking for an all-around good pair of running shoes, whether you are a beginner or a veteran runner, then these are going to be great for you. The Nike Renew Rival's offer a lot of great features that customers love, and at an affordable price tag.
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