Nike Air Max Sequent 3

Since its initial release in 2015, Nike's Air Max Sequent line has always shown great potential. These minimalist, neutral running shoes always provide great traction, a breathable wear, and plenty of responsive cushioning where it's most needed. The line's third version features all of this, as well as a partial bootie design that's both functional and stylish. It also includes a synthetic midfoot cage for greater support, Flywire cables for a secure fit, and a wide range of brand new color options. Unfortunately for most buyers, one of its greatest downsides has also returned. According to many reviews, its fit is so painfully narrow that it can cause blisters and irritation after only a few hours of wear.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Appealing design

-Short break-in period

-Breathable wear

-Very secure fit


-Uncomfortably narrow fit

-Lacking durability

Key Features
The Air Max Sequent 3 relies on a simple and moderately thick rubber compound for its outsole, ensuring greater durability and longer-lasting protection. It also includes the same tread pattern as both of its predecessors, which is shaped like a waffle iron and features a small dot protruding from each square. It's noticeably more textured at the heel for better stopping power and a firmer grasp where it's needed most. And flex grooves are also present along the forefoot and midfoot areas to allow easier movement.
The majority of the Air Max Sequent 3's midsole is constructed from Nike's Injected Phylon technology. This full-length unit is meant to provide responsive cushioning and shock absorption while still being very flexible. Yet it's the Air Max unit fixed into the heel that gives this line its name. This see-through feature is filled with compressed air to provide greater shock absorption and, as a result, a much smoother gait cycle.
The bulk of the Air Max Sequent 3's upper is made from a stretch-knit fabric that gives the runner a breathable, sock-like fit. One obvious difference from the previous two versions is that this model now has a synthetic overlay which acts as a type of midfoot cage, keeping the foot locked into place. Flywire cables are attached to these overlay and form two holes within the lacing system, providing a more secure and customized fit. Another notable difference is the shoe's partial bootie construction, which eliminates the possibility of irritations and hotspots that would otherwise appear around the heel and ankles. Unfortunately, it may also be one of the reasons why so many reviewers have complained about this shoe's extremely narrow fit.
When it comes to the Air Max Sequent 3, it's definitely on the lighter side of average. Men's sizes come in at 12 oz., while women's round out at 8 oz. When runners find their ideal fit, they say that this model's lightweight build makes it the perfect choice for different types of workouts. Those who partake in outdoor running or are heavily into cross-training find this shoe very easy to move around in and never feel weighed down or fatigued by the end of the day.
Most reviewers give the Air Max Sequent 3 high praises when it comes to its level of breathability. Aside from providing a sock-like fit, the stretch-knit upper also gives the runner completely unrestricted airflow which focuses mainly on the forefoot. As a result, runners are able to feel much cooler and dryer during long runs and intense workouts. Of course, this only works when wearing the proper size. Those who find this shoe to be too narrow also experience much breathability from this shoe.
Those who are able to find their correct fit say that the Air Max Sequent 3 gives them a very comfortable wear. They find the underfoot cushioning to be very supportive, are happy with the upper's sock-like fit and level of airflow, and appreciate the fact that its partial bootie design doesn't rub up against them. Unfortunately, there are several reviewers who are extremely unhappy with how narrow this particular shoe is. Even after days of attempting to break it in, they are still left with blisters and a great deal of pain by the end of the day. This seems to have been a problem with this line's previous versions, and Nike hasn't taken this criticism into consideration. As for anyone who's still interested in this model, it's strongly recommended that buyers try it on in-store before deciding to make a purchase.
What the Air Max Sequent 3 lacks in proper sizing, it definitely makes up for in style. Its kept most of the same design elements as its two predecessors, including the knit upper, but now includes synthetic overlays and features a partial bootie construction. Its slightly raised collar curves down at the sides to better accommodate the ankles and tapers out at the back, which also serves to prevent chaffing. Another big upside is this model's enormous color range for both men and women. Aside from the usual black and grey options, buyers can also choose from different shades of purple, red, blue, green, and even orange.
Reviews indicate that the Air Max Sequent 3 can be very inconsistent when it comes to its level of durability. Though most don't have any mention of how long it lasts, some do say that it proves to be a very sturdy piece of footwear. On the other hand, several reviewers have reported that the air bubbles within the Air Max unit burst after being worn only a few times. Others have noticed significant damage to the clear heel cover and the inner lining.
Those who are able to find their perfect fit are pleased to know that the Air Max Sequent 3 offers a decent amount of protection against everyday hazards. Its rubber compound outsole has a medium thickness to safeguard the rest of the shoe from damage caused by rough concrete or cement. Though the Injected Phylon midsole already gives enough cushioning and responsiveness, its Air Max unit increases its level of shock absorption to further reduce the amount of pain the runner feels afterward. And its upper's stretch-knit material and partial bootie construction reduce irritations and hotspots while its synthetic overlays keep the foot in place. Of course, as stated before, these features only work if the runner can find their ideal fit for this very narrow shoe.
Nike used two of its most responsive technologies when creating the Air Max Sequent 3's midsole unit. The full length is comprised of injected Phylon, which provides flexible cushioning and high energy return throughout the entire underfoot area. The addition of an Air Max unit in the heel heightens these qualities, as well as the amount of shock absorption, by using compressed air to give an added bounce and safeguard against potential injuries. When both are combined, they provide the runner with a very responsive wear that keeps them going through their different runs and workouts.
The Injected Phylon midsole already gives the Air Mex Sequent 3 plenty of supportive cushioning. Yet the Air Max unit enhances that by providing a greater amount of shock absorption in the heel, where it's most needed. Unlike its predecessors, this version is equipped with a synthetic midfoot cage to keep the foot from wobbling. Of course, many would say that the shoe's narrow fit does all that work on its own. And while the partial bootie construction does have its advantages, the lack of padding around the collar also means that it doesn't offer much in the way of ankle support.
Just like both of its predecessors, the Air Max Sequent 3 is definitely a road-running shoe. Reviewers have happily used this model for both long-term and casual running on smooth and flat surfaces. Several others have found it to be extremely useful during indoor workouts, especially cross-training. Though the line's rubber waffle tread pattern still provides as strong a grip as ever, its mesh upper does make it unfit for trails and harsh weather.
Though it wouldn't exactly be considered affordable, the Air Max Sequent 3 still has a much lower price than other Nike models that are currently on the market. Across all online retailers, from Zappos and Finish Line to the brand's own website, it runs for only $100. On the surface, this shoe's seemingly versatile wear would make it a very good bargain. Unfortunately, its poor fit and occasional lack of durability might not make it worth the money. Therefore, it's recommended that buyers try this shoe on in-store and give it a mini test walk before making a purchase.
Fans of the Air Max Sequent line are pleased to see that this third version has kept the exact same tread pattern featured in its two predecessors. Made from a simple rubber compound, its textured, waffle-iron tread pattern gives the runner a perfectly firm grip on smooth and flat surfaces. Reviewers say that it works particularly well on everyday road and sidewalks and holds up well on most fitness machines. However, as with the older versions, there's no indication of how well it performs on wet surfaces.
When buyers first try the Air Max Sequent 3 on, they immediately notice how stiff its wear is. This can be attributed mostly to the inclusion of synthetic overlays to its upper. Thankfully, most runners only need a very short break-in period in order to really bring out this shoe's truly flexible wear. The deep flex grooves in its outsole, Injected Phylon for its midsole, and stretch-knit fabric upper all work together to enable completely natural movement throughout the day. However, none of this will be the case if the shoe's fit is too narrow.
While it's not a corrective shoe by any means, the Air Max Sequent 3 definitely has more stability features than the other two models within its line. Though its waffle-iron tread pattern already gives decent traction, the outsole's textured feel further ensures a safer run with fewer accidents. And the levels of cushioning and responsiveness offered by both of its midsole technologies keep the runner safely powered-up for their runs and workouts. Though this shoe's narrow construction already ensures that the foot stays in place, new synthetic overlays form a midfoot cage that wraps around securely. Flywire cables within the lacing system and a molded foam heel counter are also in place for a more stable fit.
No online information that gives the Air Max Sequent 3's exact drop height can be found. It can, however, be estimated by comparing its product photos to those of its two predecessors. The first version had a heel-to-toe drop height of 12mm, while the second one measured in at 14mm. Because this third model seems similar to both previous versions, it's safe to assume that its drop height measures in between 12 and 14mm. Though most would enjoy the extra heel cushioning that it provides, those who prefer a low or zero-drop platform will have to look elsewhere.
Key Features
-Rubber outsole with waffle-iron tread pattern and flex grooves
-Injected Phylon midsole for responsive cushioning
-Air Max unit provides greater shock absorption
-Stretch-knit upper with synthetic overlays
-Flywire cables integrated into the lacing system
-Partial bootie construction reduces irritation
-Reasonable price tag of $100
-Fits much narrower than average
Bottom Line
After reading a number of online reviews and critiques, it's safe to say that the Nike Air Max Sequent 3 has become one of the brand's most polarizing models. Those who do enjoy this running shoe are very happy with its level of traction, snug-yet-comfortable fit, and very versatile wear. They also appreciate the responsiveness of the Air Max unit as it allows them to keep going through runs, workouts, or even a long day of walking. However, as with its two predecessors, it also has an incredibly narrow fit that makes it unsuitable for most foot types. Even those who purchase their usual size have been left with extreme discomfort and blisters after only a few hours. It's quite unfortunate that Nike never addressed this line's reoccurring criticisms, as this could have easily been its best-reviewed version to-date.
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