Nike Tri Fusion Run Reviewed & Rated

For runners, well-maintained feet can make an astronomical difference in your performance. Runners choosing and buying new shoes is comparable, to a degree, to buying a new house or a car. From this point of view, the decision isn’t easily made; not just because of the wide variety of options to choose from, but because of the higher stakes that come with the investment. If you are a runner who needs comfort and efficiency from a pair of running shoes that need to last somewhere in the ballpark of 400-500 miles of running, the Nike Tri Fusion Run is a pair worthy of consideration.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Lateral midfoot strap and overlays adds support and durability
  • Spacious toe box
  • Reasonably priced
  • Excellent road performance
  • Cons
    • Questionable outsole durability
    • Disappointing cushion
    • Lacking comfort
    • Decreasing level of responsiveness over time.
    • Key Features
      The outsole for this Nike Tri Fusion Run shoe has been constructed from carbon that provides a decent amount of grip on roads and other such surfaces. In addition to providing decent traction, the 2-piece Nike Flex sole also provides long-lasting durability to high-impact areas. The flex grooves that have been strategically etched into the design aids in pliability and natural movement, helping to improve the efficiency of each stride. This isn’t the most impressive or protective outsole among running shoes, or even among Nike’s own catalog of footwear, but it will get the job done for the majority of customers.
      Sitting between the outsole and the inner sole is the Nike Tri Fusion Run midsole, replete with a thick injection of molded foam implementing Phylon technology. This specific material acts as a foundation for the entire midsole, providing strength and support for the entirety of the shoe. As a result, sagging or drooping shouldn’t be a concern. The midsole unit is built using tri-density foam, providing additional cushioning without adding too much weight. It also contains relatively thick insole, helping to offset the loss of comfort that may come about from the thinner midsole and outsole. The result of these design choices is a precise combination of cushion and responsiveness which results in smoother running experience.
      The uppermost part of the Nike Tri Fusion Run contains their proprietary air mesh material. This is a combination of lightweight fabrics that provide a soft lining so as to provide comfort in addition to a secure fit. The mesh design of this material facilitates breathability all along the top of the foot while at the same time preventing debris from entering the inside of the shoe while it is worn. Special effort has been made into providing high airflow, as Nike used a particular style of construction they refer to as Breathe Tech. While it may not look like much at first glance, the innovative design work really shines when taking the Nike Tri Fusion Run out for a run.

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      Using the Nike Tri Fusion Run shoes is near-effortless thanks in no small part to just how light and airy they feel on the foot. The Nike Tri Fusion Run weighs in at about 8 ½ ounces, allowing you to carry out daily activities without getting fatigued. The burdensome sensation you often get when running with a bulky pair of training shoes is fortunately absent when wearing a pair of these Nike running shoes. This isn’t anything particularly new on the part of Nike since their shoes are consistently referred to as some of the lightest running shoes on the market.
      As previously mentioned, the upper portion of the Nike Tri Fusion Run has Breathe Tech mesh material. True to its namesake, this proprietary fabric offers maximum breathability that aids the foot by preventing any pooling of moisture, be it sweat from your feet or puddles from the ground. Additionally, the seamless ability that these shoes can circulate air throughout the inner portion helps to prevent sweat from being generated in the first place, thanks to its ability to maintain a comfortable temperature even when running in warmer climates. Out of all of the features included in these running shoes, this is perhaps the most impressive, even if some parts of the upper are more breathable than others.
      Most of the major design choices implemented in these Nike shoes are for the purpose of providing superior comfort. The upper part of the shoe is built primarily for the purpose of keeping the total weight as low as possible, ensuring that runners don’t feel weighed down with heavy shoes. A minimal degree of effort has been put into the extra padding meant for encouraging proper foot motion and preventing injury. However, this aspect of the Nike Tri Fusion Run is fairly lacking due to the strict weight limitations imposed on the design. As a result, these are far from the most comfortable running shoes you can buy but they still offer enough cushion to get you from point A to point B.
      The style of the Nike Tri Fusion Run is appropriate for multiple settings, feeling right at home whether you’re at work, running errands, or running around the track. Nike offers these shoes in numerous colors, helping runners to coordinate with other aspects of their outfit. The image is an important part of an individual; Nike recognizes this truth of modern living and it is why they are frequently referred to as the most stylish athletic apparel designers. While this shoe does give you the opportunity to present themselves in a comfortable way, it is far from the most fashionable Nike shoe. However, even the ugliest Nike shoe is leagues above the nicest New Balance in terms of visual aesthetics, so you really can’t go wrong with these.
      It’s important to consider the life expectancy for a pair of running shoes when deciding on a final purchase. The Nike Tri Fusion Run offers a decent lifespan, all things considered. The cushioning system was designed to absorb shock over many hundreds of miles, thanks to the durable material used in its construction. However, the overall durability of these shoes leaves a bit to be desired, with many customers remarking that its cushioned responsiveness tends to degrade over time. In addition, a few individuals have noticed the outsole peeling away from the rest of the shoe in a time frame considerably shorter than they would have expected. These shouldn’t be major issues for all customers but they are certainly worth considering.
      Protection and comfort have been made design priorities for the Nike Tri Fusion Run. Firstly, the lightweight mesh upper provides protection from both road debris and calf strain due to excess weight. Secondly, the insole provides protection from injury as a result of repeated foot impacts. Thirdly, the excellent fit and traction will protect runners from slipping and losing balance, even while running downhill. As a result, a truly impressive level of protection is present in these shoes considering just how lightweight and low-profile they are.
      The injected Phylon midsole present in these Nike running shoes ensures a proper cushioned and amazing response, resulting in a general good feeling. The shock absorption provided by the Tri Fusion’s outsole helps on longer runs, providing the efficient return of energy needed to get through half marathons and 5Ks. Something to consider, however, is that these features may diminish over time with the wearing down of the midsole and outsole over time and use.
      You can’t go wrong with the Nike Tri Fusion Run whether you’re walking, jogging or running. It has a secure and supportive heel fit whether your feet are narrow or wide, thanks in part to the dynamic webbing on the upper. Both men and women have a variety of sizes to pick from and can choose the most suitable size for their feet, although accommodations for different foot widths are unfortunately absent. Generally speaking, the secret behind these shoes’ support is their excellent tight fit, although the cushioned midsole certainly contributes as well.
      These shoes are ideal for running sessions on flatter, low-intensity terrain such as roads, tracks, or treadmills. The carbon outsole is conducive to these kinds of environments, but anything with a higher level of complexity, such as a rough trail or steep incline, will likely prove difficult for the meager cushioning and durability of the Tri Fusion to handle. This is a bit of a disappointment, but runners can take comfort in the fact that what surfaces these Nike shoes are best suited for will be accommodated with a level of expertise that is second to none.
      One of the main reasons for this shoe’s popularity aside from brand recognition is the affordable price for which it is sold. Despite upgrading the design of the Nike Tri Fusion, one thing that hasn’t been souped up is the price. This makes these running shoes incredible affordable and an excellent value when considering the features included, such as its snug-fitting inner sleeve.
      As these running shoes from Nike are lighter than many others on the market, customers have observed that they help them to increase speed and reduce tiredness when running in them. Thanks to the decent traction offered by the outsole when running on roads and tracks, it also provides safety for runners by securing the heel. You won’t get the same level of traction in these shoes that you would in a solid pair of trail shoes, but these Nike running shoes won’t weigh down your foot like those shoes would so it essentially evens out.
      The Nike Tri Fusion’s midsole flex grooves provide excellent forefoot flexibility when running. Although this may sound like a limited benefit, the fact is that the benefit of this flexibility can be felt whether running, jogging, or walking in these shoes. Compared to other brands, the flexibility to stability ratio for the Tri Fusion is on point, thanks in part to the rigid heel support.
      Despite being comfortably flexible and lightweight, these running shoes manage to provide an excellent degree of flexibility. Nike Tri Fusion offers this superior stability by aligning the body correctly through its construction, encouraging a natural stride. This protects you from injury while running and will improve general responsiveness. Additional stability is provided by a snug fit both in the upper and along the heel, though enough wiggle room is present to avoid feeling trapped in these Nike runners.
      A fairly drastic heel drop of around 10 mm can be seen in the design of these Nike shoes. This large discrepancy allows for more cushion around the heel than in the forefoot, which serves two purposes. First, extra cushion near the rear helps to absorb impact from heel strikes, which are common among runners who would most benefit from these shoes. Second, less cushion near the front allows for greater flexibility and a more intimate connection with the ground beneath your toes, helping to boost responsiveness as well. The result is a shoe that doesn’t do anything particularly different or noteworthy but manages to be competent in an important design aspect.
      Key Features

      • Single mesh layer that provides proper fit and support

      • Phylon midsole system provides high resistance and support

      • Waffle pattern on the outsole accommodates smooth transmission from heel to toe

      • Zonal sandwich mesh upper allows optimum breathability in key areas

      • Dynamic webbing design on the midfoot

      • Dual-density midsole is lightweight and supportive

      • Traction is enhanced by flex grooves and a pressure-mapped outsole

      Bottom Line
      The Nike Tri Fusion is one of the most famous shoes around and Nike has built a brand that rolls off everyone's tongue. This particular model might serve as an excellent addition to the palette of affordable, stylish and durable shoes. This pair of shoes is not just a regular pair as it comes with great comfortability. Its highly-cushioned design makes the shoes unique and they are conveniently lightweight too. The Nike Tri Fusion Run comes in a variety of colors to match anyone's personal taste and style.
      Where to Buy
      By Ryan Sabin
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