Nike Air Max Tailwind 7 Reviewed & Compared

Nike is a name known around the globe in the realm of sports, popular for its wide range of athletic products stretching from trainers to clothing. In the running department, Nike generally makes quality shoes that are also very fashionable, but they also tend to be a bit more expensive.

The Nike line known as Air Max Tailwind features shoes that are a bit on the heavier side, and are designed to give a good bit more cushioning. They also have a unique design featured outside the bottom of the shoe. Nike Air Max Tailwind 7 is a very solid shoe that would be a great choice for everyone looking for a shoe with heavier cushioning for training or everyday use.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Breathable mesh upper design
  • Unique midsole material
  • Good traction
  • Heel overlay for extra support
  • Cons
    • Heavier than some popular trainers
    • Less suitable for speedy workouts
    • Upper mesh tends to suffer from wear & tear easily
    • Not suitable for people who like a firmer run.
    • Key Features
      The Nike Air Max Tailwind 7's outsole is primarily made up of a Nike carbon rubber blend known as BRS 1000. BRS 1000 is a special blend of rubber with carbon built into it. Building in the carbon gives more resistance to shocks and impacts than traditional rubber, which is useful in extending the lifespan.

      Also, the outsole contains deep grooves, which are included to increase flexibility. The grooves are found in many outsoles because flexibility is a big benefit to a runner’s stride.

      Last, the outsole also features some treads which add some extra overall traction. These treads have been decreased in size from the previous model, in order to make them more efficient. The Tailwind 7's outsole is fairly solid, offering decent technology to mitigate wear and tear and provide traction.
      Nike makes use of their special Cushlon foam inside the Tailwind 7's midsole, as they have done for their previous iterations as well. Cushlon is made of several compounds but is mostly made of a special form of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate foam known as Phylon. EVA foam is frequently chosen for soles, thanks to the fact that it is light and does a solid job of returning energy with every stride.

      Additionally, the midsole contains Air Max pods, which are Nike designed pockets that add some extra cushioning and protection from impacts. Overall, the midsole is pretty good, having quality materials that promote durability and responsiveness.
      The Nike Air Max Tailwind 7 has an upper that is mostly mesh. Mesh is an extremely popular choice, mostly because mesh, through its inherent design, makes for a very well circulated environment for the foot. Also, the mesh has the added bonus of allowing good flexibility, because of how it is woven.

      The upper also contains heel support, with fused on materials of the upper. However, the shoe does not contain overlay cables which are pretty common in Nike shoes. This gives the shoe a slightly more relaxed fit as opposed to a more snug one. As a whole, the upper of the Tailwind 7 is quite solid and serves its purpose well.
      The Nike Air Max Tailwind 7 weighs around 13 oz. 13 oz is probably a bit on the higher edge of running shoe weight, which frequently ranges near 10 oz. Recently, most shoes have started to shift even towards weights below 10 oz.

      Though it might not immediately be apparent, weight plays a fairly important role in the effectiveness of a shoe. Lighter weight shoes generally give a bit less cushioning, but in return offer a more natural and efficient feeling stride, whereas shoes that weigh a bit more often have more cushioning at the cost of being less specialized for quicker running. Being a bit heavier, the Tailwind 7 is probably more suited for long distance training, but overall there shouldn't be any major issues using the shoes for most endeavors.
      The Nike Air Max Tailwind 7 is pretty good when it comes to circulation. The most influential factor that determines breathability in a shoe is usually the upper. Luckily, the upper of the Tailwind 7 is well designed, and its mesh does its job and allowing air to flow freely all around. This is very handy for mitigating sweat buildup near the feet and also odor. Overall, the breathability of the Tailwind 7 is good, and should not be a major issue.
      The Nike Air Max Tailwind 7 has fairly good comfort overall. A strong contributor to this fact is the midsole's material. Again, the EVA foam design is a big part of this. EVA foam is fairly cushioning and offers great spring which is comfortable while running for sure. The upper also adds some good comfort with, because of its flexibility and also its breathability, both of which again originate from the mesh design. Overall, comfort is a strong part of the Tailwind 7, mainly because of the midsole and upper.
      Nike is very well known for fashion around the world, and offer shoes that see usage for general wear in addition to running. The Air Max Tailwind 7 is another well-designed shoe put out by Nike. It is visually appealing and the special bottom design allows the shoe to separate itself from others a bit. The Tailwind 7 is available in 12 different colors that are a bit less eye-popping, though this is useful for making them more usable as everyday shoes.
      The Nike Air Max Tailwind 7 is very solid in the durability department. The outsole, as discussed prior, is very long lasting, and does well protecting from abrasions because of its unique material. The midsole and mostly the EVA foam that it is made of is pretty good in this department too. EVA is a long-lasting material that keeps its original shape and responsiveness, even after large amounts of use. Lastly, the upper adds on to the durability through its construction, which is quite solid. Overall, the Tailwind 7 is pretty durable, but not exactly exceptional.
      Tailwind 7 is fairly good when it comes to protection. Once again, the outsole's material comes in, providing protection from its durability. The midsole's main contribution to protection is through the Air Max cushioning pods, and its Ethylene Vinyl Acetate foam. The upper also gives a bit of protection above the foot, though a lack of overlays hinders this a bit. Overall, the Nike Air Max Tailwind 7 offers decent protection.
      The Nike Air Max Tailwind 7 is good at responding, but not exceptional. The main factor in determining responsiveness tends to be the midsole. EVA foam is the primary component of the midsole in this case, which has solid, though not amazing responsiveness. Heavier shoes often tend to be a bit less responsive, and the Tailwind 7 adheres to this pattern. That said, the responsiveness is still solid and very usable in the Tailwind 7.
      The support in the Tailwind 7 is probably a bit stronger than most common trainers today, which generally lean toward the more minimalist side. Mostly this is because of the Air Max pods in the midsole, which add cushioning to each stride and help to prevent bad twists or sprains. The main upper contribution is its solid design, but again, the lack of overlays hurts a bit in terms of support. Overall though, support throughout the Tailwind 7 is strong mainly because of the midsole and upper.
      Similar to many running shoes in today's market, the Tailwind 7 is quite usable on pretty much all commonly ran on terrains. The performance will likely be greatest on city terrains such as sidewalks or roads, however. The shoe also should be totally usable in rain, but they are not fully waterproof, so some caution should definitely be used.
      Price is a strange area for Tailwind 7 because it is not the most recent model. Discounts can sometimes be found for very good prices, but can also be found a bit overpriced. In both cases, the shoe definitely provides solid design and good technology. Runners likely would prefer to purchase the shoes when they are cheaper though, as most people would prefer.
      Traction of running shoes refers to the grip of them on various surfaces. The Tailwind 7's traction is good, mostly because of the outsole. The special material's carbon rubber composition is a big factor of this. The modified treads that are also present on the bottom of the outsole help provide some extra grip too. Again, the shoes will fare best on the city like terrains, but grip definitely should still be pretty good on trails, or grass, or dirt.
      The Nike Air Max Tailwind 7 is pretty good at flexing. The upper contributes to this through the mesh it employs. Mesh materials tend to be very flexible because of their woven nature. The flex grooves present in the outsole also are a contributing factor to flexibility in this shoe. Lastly, the midsole's material is flexible, mostly due to its special EVA foam mixture material. The key pieces that create the flexibility of the shoe do a good job overall of natural and efficient movement.
      This is a fairly stable shoe as a whole. The upper is the first proponent of this. It fits fairly well and is well constructed, giving stability to the top of the foot. The midsole lends itself to stability through its Air Max cushioning once again, which provides solid cushioning and protection while running. The Tailwind 7 is a stable shoe, mainly thanks to its midsole and upper.
      The heel measurement of the Nike Air Max Tailwind 7 is 10 mm. This is fairly common for these types of shoes. Too low of a drop can lead to a higher risk of injuries, whereas too high drop promotes an unnatural stride. Neither should be an issue in this case, however, and the drop of the Tailwind 7 likely will not create any problems for most.
      Key Features
      •BRS 1000 carbon rubber outsole

      •Cushioned and durable responsive foam midsole

      •All-around mesh upper

      •Well styled with 12 color choices

      •Grooves for added flexibility
      Bottom Line
      This is definitely a very solid shoe overall. Despite the fact that it is not the most recent model of the Tailwind, it still has a great deal to offer in its own right. In terms of technology, in particular, the midsole, upper, and outsole are quite solid.

      For its lower end prices, it is definitely a good buy. The overall design and stylishness of the shoe are definitely strong bonuses as well. The only major thing to consider is the 13-ounce weight of the show, which, for some, can be a bit off-putting. The Nike Air Max Tailwind 7 is a great shoe for those seeking a well cushioned and sturdy trainer that is on the slightly heavier side.
      Where to Buy
      By Abbie Copeland
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      Where to buy
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