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Editor’s Conclusion
If you have never heard of On Running shoes before, let me quickly introduce you to the new kid on the block. This brand was founded in 2010 with the primary goal of crafting street-style shoes with advanced performance for running. Overall, ON is a brand that has high-performing shoes that work for all running. Their lineup includes minimalist shoes as well as high cushioned stability trainers. The On Cloudstratus falls somewhere in the middle between speed and stability.

They are composed of high-quality supportive features in the midsole and outsole that help support your feet and joints while offering a smooth and speedy ride. They may cost a little bit more than other designs out there on the market, but the heightened durability, performance, and cutting-edge style are well worth it.

Below, I wanted to dive into some of the advanced features that make the On Cloudstratus worth checking out.
On Running Cloudstratus Review Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Wide toe box for natural toe splay

Asymmetrical lacing system for a customized fit

Dual-density midsole provides cushioning and energy return

Helion foam outsole feels like running on a cloud

Excellent lockdown



Too wide for some runners

Key Features

Key Features


Looks can be deceiving when admiring this shoe. While it looks like a casual walking shoe, the midsole is packed with multiple layers of On’s proprietary EVA foam padding to provide a cushioned ride, as well as reduce the shock to your joints. The top layer of foam provides a nice cushioned step-in feel that cradles your foot and feels ultra-plush.

Further down the midsole is a layer of On’s CloudTec cushioning. This cushioning system is slightly stiffer than the top layers of foam, and it is what is responsible for that fantastic energy return when you start to pick up the pace. These multiple layers of cushioning worth together to give you a cushioned ride that is also energetic, which is something that isn’t found in a lot of stability trainers.


The midsole is pretty impressive, and the outsole of this design is equally impressive. It is made from On’s special Helion-enriched foam that is incredibly springy and just as durable. The patter in the cut of the foam and rubber outsole works to give you an incredibly energetic ride while cutting down on the overall weight and bulk of the shoe. This Helion foam is also temperature resistant and works to regulate the temperature of your foot so you aren’t left with hot and soup socks at the end of a run on a hot day.

What I also love about the cut of these shoes is the inclusion of the speed board. If you notice on the underside of the heel, there is a deep groove cut into the rubber. This speed board helps you to pick up the pace as needed without weighing you down with heavy and bulky materials. It cuts down on the weight, but it also allows for a more stable heel strike and higher speeds.


There was a lot of thought put into the construction of the upper of this design. One of the very first things that I noticed is that the lacing system boasts an asymmetrical design. While it looks sharp and unique, the asymmetrical design is made to create a better overall fit. When laced, the stretchy upper really contours to the shape of your foot and give your toes plenty of room for natural toe splay for all sizes and shapes of feet.

The upper is also composed of a thin layer of mesh knit that really stretches over your foot for excellent lockdown. Runners that love hilly terrain felt that this shoe really stayed locked in place and didn’t shift around on their feet. The blend of mesh with synthetic overlays worth together to move hot air up and away from your feet while promoting lockdown for quick and snappy movements.


So, who is this shoe for, exactly? In the On lineup, this shoe lives somewhere in between a stability trainer and a neutral runner. It possesses all of the advanced supportive features found in a stability trainer, with a few design features that make it great for speed. The dual-density midsole with cushioning and springy features offers excellent energy return like a speed trainer, while the EVA foam boasts a nice and soft step-in feel.

I would suggest this shoe for runners that like to dabble in a little bit of everything. The cushioned features make it great for distance, while the Helion foam outsole offers excellent energy return for quick and snappy movements. This is a great shoe for sidewalks, hilly trails, weight lifting, and even CrossFit. There are quite a few users also use this shoe as their casual everyday shoe for walking or running errands.


What can I say, I love the styling of On trainers, and the ON Cloudstatrus is no different. One of the hallmarks of the On brand is that they love to play with modern styling that looks like a casual street shoe with the performance of a high-end stability trainer. While it has one killer silhouette that doesn’t look like anything else out there on the market, the color options are a bit limited. If you love bright and punchy colors that can be seen from space, you may be a little disappointed with the neutral black and white color options of this shoe.


If I could describe the fit of the On Cloudstratus in one world, it would be ‘lockdown’. One of the things that runners love most about this brand is that their shoes are designed to fit a wide variety of feet. It is able to achieve this by utilizing a unique lacing system that contours to the shape of your foot to hold it firmly in place. It also boasts a lower profile that provides a good deal of movement and flexibility, making snappy movements a breeze.

It’s important to note that these trainers run a little bit wide. While the fit works great and provides a ton of natural toe splay, some users that have narrow feet feel that the fit is just a little too wide. You may find that in your first initial runs that they fit a little tight along the forefoot, but this fabric offers a good deal of stretch, so it will take a little bit of time to fully break in. Just be patient!


I hope you are sitting down because these shoes clock in at a pretty steep price point. In fact, the On Cloudstratus is one of the more expensive stability trainers out there on the market. However, there are a few reasons that make these shoes a great investment. The first feature is the overall durability - these shoes are made to really take a beating, and are really made to tackle hundreds of miles before breaking down. The versatility of this shoe also makes it worth the price tag. This is a pair of trainers that is much more versatile than other stability trainers and is a great choice whether you are tackling distance, speed, CrossFit, or hitting the weight room.
Comparisons to Other On Running Shoes

Comparisons to Other On Running Shoes

I love that On doesn’t complicate things with the naming conventions of their shoes. When they come out with a new design, they simply give it a new name. So, I wanted to take a moment to discuss the different types of trainers in the On Running lineup, and discuss why the Cloudstratus is a great fit for those that want to give this brand a try.

These shoes range from zero-drop neutral trainers, and also include high cushioned stability trainers. The Cloudstratus is unique because it possesses a little bit of everything. Runners can expect a high level of cushioning and stability while still getting a good deal of energy return for speedy runs. If you are looking to give these shoes a shot, the Cloudstratus is the perfect entry point!


I know that the price tag is pretty intimidating, but if you can swing the cost the On Cloudstratus is sure to impress. Unlike other high-end stability trainers, this design is much more versatile than the other brands out there on the market. While other stability trainers are heavy and bulky and only really designed for distance, the Cloudstratus is made to tackle just about anything. It’s a great shoe for sidewalks, trails, treadmills, or high-intensity training. Plus, it boasts heightened durability that will last for hundreds of miles before the cushioned foam starts to break down.

One of the best features of this shoe is that while it’s made to provide high-end stability for heavier runners or those that just need a little bit of extra support, it doesn't look like a stability shoe. It boasts a slim frame that looks like a casual everyday shoe that is packed with internal features to make your runs feel like you are coasting along on a white, fluffy cloud.