Patagonia Fore Runner Vest 10L

The Patagonia Fore Runner Vest is an all-weather hydration vest that's easy to pack thanks to a simple drawstring top-closure design. The pack comes with a 2L bladder and is made of super durable fabric, but it's also lightweight and breathable. It's intended for trail runners but is suitable for a variety of other activities as well. Whatever you're in the mood for, the Patagonia brand vest provides the option for hydration and plenty of extra room to pack additional supplies. It has a fair bit of storage room and thanks to the bag's drawstring design, it's super easy to stuff things inside or grab whatever you need from the interior.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Easy to pack
  • Versatile
  • Very roomy
  • Comes with 2L bladder
  • Very durable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Comfortable fit
  • Lightweight
  • Bladder is easy to clean
  • Great value
  • Cons
    • Chest straps lack vertical adjustability
    • No weatherproof top zipper
    • Front pockets are a little small
    • Key Features
      The 10L Patagonia pack is made for trail running but there's really no reason this vest couldn't be used for anything else. Its design isn't so specific that it would be a poor choice for other activities. Thanks to its weather-resistant construction, it's a great piece of hydration gear for all types of conditions and seasons. It is odd, though, that Patagonia has gone for a top that cinches closed instead of a zippered system, considering the water repellent design of the rest of the bag. If you cinch the bag and properly compress it, water shouldn't infiltrate the pack, but otherwise, there's the possibility that water could get in via the not-so-secure opening. Reviewers didn't have any glaring issues with the top-closure in the rain, but it's something to think about.

      The bag's top positioned drawstring opening provides an advantage, though. The bag's wide open compartment makes it super easy to retrieve items from inside when needed. Packing the bag is also a breeze since there's no need to fiddle with zippers that won't close.

      The pockets on the bag are stretchy enough to hold a decent amount. There are also pockets positioned at the front of the body but reviewers complained that although they're within easy reach, they're a little small to be very useful. Most phones should fit inside, but there will be very little room to play. Worried about keeping valuables safe and secure? There's a small zippered pocket near the bag's opening where you can stash your keys. The bag also features a big open mesh pocket that's useful for packing a lightweight layer that can be grabbed while on the move.

      The included 2L bladder is super easy to use, too. The tube can detach so cleaning is simple. Drinking from it is easy and the nozzle has a valve to stop the flow of water when you're done drinking.
      The pack features a nylon construction that is resistant to the elements. Reviewers loved this feature and thought it was a major bonus. A foam material covers the back of the bag and atop the foam there is a simple mesh material for enhanced breathability. Reviewers liked the mesh portions of the bag saying that it provided adequate ventilation, even on hot days.
      The bag's body-hugging design helps to minimize bounce and a compression system also helps to keep movement at a minimum. You can pack quite a bit into this bag and use the compression technology to minimize the size of everything on your back. It doesn't reduce the weight but it keeps the bag from moving around unnecessarily. Reviewers liked the design of the drinking nozzle, saying it was comfortable to drink out of. They also found the compression system and fit of the bag were great at preventing bounce and extra movement.
      The total capacity of the Patagonia vest is 10L. A 2L hydration bladder is included; it's also BPA-free. 2L is enough for most excursions and since the bladder is easily refilled it's really suitable for almost any type of running event. The bag comes in two sizes S/M and L/XL and weighs a total of 11 ounces. The bag really shines when it comes to additional storage, though. The unique drawstring construction means that it's easy to pack quite a bit into this bag. On its own, the bag is super lightweight, so you have the opportunity to pack a few extra items without having to worry about the bag's initial weight. The bag's straps can be adjusted but some found the adjustability a little limited. If you're a female trail runner, depending on your body type and the way the bag sits on your body, the chest straps might not fall where you want them. Larger chested women may find the placement of the chest strap incompatible with their body type since the straps cannot be adjusted vertically. The low down? With this pack, you can fit everything you need and more in this bag. Reviewers were impressed with the amount of storage provided by the Patagonia vest and appreciated how easy to was to stuff things inside.
      The bag is made of ripstop nylon and features a reinforced base. A weather resistant covering keeps your items safe and ensures a longer lifespan for the bag itself. Reviewers were impressed with the sturdy construction of the Patagonia vest.
      The bag comes with a 2L hydration bladder and a handy whistle for emergencies. Otherwise, the pack lacks options for adding accessories. It's a good choice for those who find packs like those from Osprey a little too overwhelming in terms of their bells and whistles. Want something a little more minimalist? This bag will do the trick.
      The Fore Runner is a small sized pack with plenty of space that features a close to the body fit. A unique drawstring design looks different than other more traditional hydration packs and allows users to get more inside their pack. The bag is available in a design that combines bright and burnt orange. It's also available in blue.
      The vest is priced fairly for a bag that has so much storage space and comes with a bladder. It's a really great option for all sorts of activities. It's also a great choice for anyone who participates in activities all year round who needs a hydration solution because of its weather-resistant design.

      Key Features
      - Water-repellent coating
      - Stretchy pockets for extra storage
      - Main compartment with drawstring opening
      - Breathable design
      - Includes a 2L BPA-free bladder
      - Compression system to hold things down and reduce bounce
      - Durable ripstop nylon construction including a reinforced bottom
      - Weighs 11 ounces
      Bottom Line
      Long story short, the Patagonia Fore Runner hydration vest is an excellent hydration pack that features a clever, smart design. The drawstring closure is super easy to get used to. A zippered stash pocket keeps your valuables safe, so don't worry about the non-zip opening. Once stuffed, the bag can be rolled down and compressed so that items inside don't bounce around. The pack comes with a 2L hydration bladder that's a breeze to refill and clean. The best part, though, is probably the weather-resistant construction. The versatile design paired with the pack's durable ripstop covering make the Patagonia vest a great choice for users who want a bag that will work all-year round for all types of activities.
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      By Steph Coelho
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