Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats 2 Review

The Powerbeats2 is the first set of wireless earphones that Beats by Dr. Dre have designed and released. Although many of this brand's earlier headsets have received mixed reviews, this one has shown that they've made many improvements since their founding. Multiple buyers have complimented its enhanced sound quality, which is complete with stronger bass and better noise isolation.

Its secure fit comes courtesy of an in-ear design and large adjustable hooks, which prevent both slippage and irritation. The headset's lightweight design ensures that buyers will never feel achy or fatigued, and cord controls provide a secure fit behind the buyer's head.

While all of these features are impressive, they still might not fully justify the set's expensive $200 price tag. And the fact that its battery life only lasts as long as six hours really causes buyers to second-guess their potential purchase. However, if one is able to find an incredible deal from a reliable retailer, they can enjoy everything that this set has to offer without hurting their wallet.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
-Secure fit
-Very comfortable
-Appealing design
-Great sound quality
-Ideal for active lifestyles
-Expensive price tag
-Unimpressive battery life
-No power-saving features
Key Features
The Powerbeats2 was designed for those who enjoy the Beats sound quality yet want something that’s more fit for their active lifestyle. It’s small and lightweight enough that it won’t interfere at all with the buyer’s workouts, along with help from the attached cinch, yet it’s also easier to keep track of and store away. It makes a terrific accessory for everything from an intense gym workout or running session to traveling and even a day at work.

Even though this set is designed to be sweat-resistant, and it can continue to function even after minor splashes, its IPX4 rating does limit its overall usability. Buyers won’t be able to wear this set in the shower, while swimming, or during runs through heavy rain or snow, so those who find themselves in these environments frequently should look for a different pair of earphones. Those who stick to different types of land workouts, on the other hand, shouldn’t have anything to worry about.
Basic Features
The Powerbeats2 relies on an in-ear earbud design, as well as a large hook that fits behind the ear, in order to stay secure for hours. A flattened wire runs in between each earphone to keep them from getting lost or misplaced, and a cinch is attached to provide a more secure and customized fit behind the buyer’s head.

As with all other in-ear headsets, this one comes with three different sizes of ear tips to help the wearer achieve their ideal fit. A micro USB cable is added for easy and efficient charging, and some sets even include a small carrying case to help the buyer safely store away their earphones when they’re not in use.
Advanced Features
The Powerbeats2 comes with an IPX4 rating against water and sweat, which means that it can withstand sweaty workouts and small splashes in any direction. While this doesn’t make it an all-weather headset, it does mean that it’s fit for multiple indoor training sessions over a very long period of time.

This set also relies on Bluetooth connectivity in order to be fully functional, just like all other wireless models on the market. Its listing and information on the Beats website show that it’s able to pair with up to eight different devices, and it will always automatically pair with the last used device.
Sound Quality
According to most review websites, the Beats sound quality can be very hit-or-miss. While it’s fine enough for the average consumer, a large number of audiophiles have stated that it lacks the bass and clarity that one would expect from an expensive pair of headphones. Ratings have shown that it’s improved in recent years, however, and the Powerbeats2 is an excellent proof of this.

Listings state that it features dual-driver acoustics, meaning that its bass is noticeably strong and noise-isolation is easy to achieve. Some reviewers do recommend switching up the ear tips if they ever want to achieve better noise-cancellation, but this isn't necessary for those who want to maintain a safer outdoor workout.
The Powerbeats2 relies on Bluetooth connectivity, specifically version 4.2, in order to be fully functional. After their first charge, the LED light will flash white to indicate that it’s ready to be paired. All the buyer has to do is turn the headset on by pressing the middle button on the remote, and the light will turn solid white once it’s been paired to the chosen device.

This headset can be paired with up to eight different devices, including Androids and different types of Apple products, although several listings indicate that only one can be used at a time. It also has a wireless range of up to 30 feet to keep buyers from feeling tied down to their smartphone or tablet. Reviewers haven’t commented specifically on how well this quality functions, although it should stay consistent as long as this set is used and maintained properly.
Although some of its features are up for debate, almost all reviewers agree that the Powerbeats2 provides them with very comfortable wear. It hooks fit behind the ear and is completely smooth to prevent irritation, and its silicone ear-tips stay secure without causing any form of discomfort. As with all in-ear headsets, the ear tips come in three different sizes to ensure that everyone finds their ideal fit.

Other features, such as its incredibly lightweight build, add greatly to this set’s satisfying wear. Its light and small design prevent aches and fatigue after a full day of wearing it, and the attached cinch keeps the wire from getting caught on passing objects for even greater convenience.
The Powerbeats2 has an almost identical design to several other headsets created by Beats, especially those within this same line. A large hook is designed to fit comfortably behind the buyer’s ear, and the name of the set and brand logo are both prominently featured on each earphone. A flattened wire runs in between them to ensure that neither one gets lost, and an attached cinch makes for a completely customized fit behind the wearer's head.

Buyers have a wider range of color schemes to choose from than they would with most other headsets. Not surprisingly, the all-black and black/red versions seem to be the most popular options for buyers. Yet they can also pick between much more vibrant options such as Flash Blue, Siren Red, Shock Yellow, and Lime Green if they want that extra pop to go along with their daily look.
Most reviews don’t go into detail about the Powerbeats2’s level of durability and a lot that does clearly indicate that the set was bought second-hand. Everything about its build indicates that it should be a sturdy set, as its ear tip and hooks never wear down and its tangle-free wire keeps the sound pristine. And its IPX4 rating means that it will easily hold up against multiple sweaty workouts.

Of course, this does mean that buyers should still be careful when using this set if they really want it to last. They should avoid runs and workouts in heavy rain or snowfall and keep it away from showers, pools, or any form of open water. It should be kept as clean as possible and stored away neatly whenever it’s not in use.

In addition, buyers should absolutely check the listing’s ratings if they’re about to purchase this set from Amazon or eBay. If a large number of reviewers claim that it barely works or has fallen apart after only a few uses, pass on it and look elsewhere.
Ease of Use
The Powerbeats2 seems like a very easy headset to use, even for those who aren’t used to wireless models. Buyers only have to charge it fully and then turn it on it order to pair it with their device, and a three-button remote makes for a simple calling and music-listening experience. As an added bonus, basic instructions for set-up, usage, and troubleshooting are readily available to everyone on the Beats website.

The only time when things could get difficult is when it comes to the headset’s battery life, as many buyers now expect theirs to last eight hours or longer. Constant calls and music could drain its battery life quickly, and those who are out all day don’t want to rely on consistent charging in order to use their wireless headphones.
Power Source
Just like most other wireless headsets, the Powerbeats2 comes with a micro USB cable for efficient power-ups. Buyers can plug it into their laptops or even a portable charger if they’re on the go. It can even be attached to an adapter and plugged into a wall outlet if it’s most convenient.

Many reviewers do wish that its battery life was a lot longer, as they only get six hours on a single charge. Although this is standard for similar headsets on the market, and a 15-minute charge does provide an hour of playback, it’s still disappointing for those who are used to eight hours or longer. What’s even more disappointing is the fact that is doesn’t turn off automatically when it’s disconnected, so there are no power-saving features available.

This set might be more than enough for workouts or even a certain amount of travel time, yet those who want more would be better off looking elsewhere. Its successor, the Powerbeats3, has a 12-hour battery life and will definitely make these buyers very happy.
Even though the Powerbeats2 is known to be an extremely expensive headset, great deals can still be found on several different websites. All other models within this line are priced at around $200 on the Beats by Dr. Dre site, but Amazon is known to sell this set for as little as $52. And several listings on eBay sell is for just over $40, although checking the listing’s reviews is always recommended.

Most ratings and reviews indicate that buyers are happy with their purchase, although it’s not entirely clear if they’ve paid full-price. While they’re definitely happy with its comfortable fit, sound quality, and durable yet stylish design, its unimpressive battery life does leave something to be desired. Therefore, it might be best for consumers to find a very good deal, or even research the outlet’s return policy when purchasing this headset.
Key Features
-Dual Driver Acoustics
-Bluetooth connectivity
-30-foot wireless range
-IPX4 rating against sweat
-Hooked and in-ear fit
-Three sizes of ear tips
-Six-hour battery life
-Expensive $200 price tag
Bottom Line
With the release of the Powerbeats2, Beats by Dr. Dre has shown that it can hold its own among all of the wireless headsets that are available today. Those who purchase this pair of earphones are offered a very secure yet comfortable wear as well as a lightweight design that comes in a wide variety of eye-catching color schemes. Buyers are also happy to report how much it's sound quality has improved from the brand’s previous headsets, and how easy and efficient it is to use during their workouts.

Of course, there are still some factors that are known to turn potential buyers away. Not many reviewers can justify this set’s $200 price tag, especially when its design and features are so simple. Many are also put off by its relatively short battery life, claiming that it’s not enough to last them through both their workouts and everyday activities.

Fortunately, a number of amazing deals can be found on Amazon, eBay, and several other discount websites. As long as the buyer checks the listing’s reviews first, they’ll still be able to enjoy this set for a long time to come.
Where to Buy
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Where to buy
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