Apple Watch Edition Series 2

Apple Watch Edition Series 2 is a premium Smartwatch option for those who want a versatile top fitness watch that still manages to be stylish. It's the second edition of the Apple Watch. The Edition watch component is made of a ceramic casing that looks a lot more delicate than it actually is. The band, on the other hand, is made of a less premium material. It's a beautiful watch, but is it really the best choice for dedicated runners looking to train for a race? Read on to find out if the Apple Watch Edition Series 2 is a good option for someone like you.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Ceramic construction is lovely and durable
  • GPS is fairly accurate
  • Loads faster than the previous version of the watch
  • Simple interface is easy to use and navigate
  • Band is interchangeable
  • Screen is bright, easy to read, and looks great
  • Can track a variety of activities
  • Provides Smart notifications (calls, texts, etc.)
  • Versatile
  • Cons
    • Very expensive
    • Band that comes with watch is bland
    • Not all reviewers found the watch comfortable
    • Battery life is not ideal for most runners
    • Poor HR tracking accuracy
    • Touchscreen not always easy to use when on the run
    • Key Features
      The Apple Watch Edition Series 2 comes loaded with an iOS that's the same on all Series 2 watches. The watch can thus track walking, running, cycling, and a variety of other activities if you decide to load additional apps onto the watch. The watch also functions as a 24/7 activity tracker. It's good for virtually anything you're interested in pursuing. But it may not suit those who are training for endurance activities like Ironmans or Ultramarathons.
      Basic Features
      If we dig deeper in the capabilities of the Apple Watch Edition Series 2 we'll quickly find that it can do what most high-end GPS watches can do. With GPS and GLONASS it can track pace, speed, duration, and distance for runs and bike rides. The watch is preloaded with a workout application that features different workouts for various activities like swimming and cycling. You can also add apps using your iPhone.

      The watch also works as a 24/7 activity tracker. You can check on your progress throughout the day by looking at the rings on the watch face. It's a nice visual representation of goal setting. You'll also get some Move reminders to keep you from sitting on your butt all day, common to many activity trackers.

      In addition, the watch is also water resistant up to 50 meters.
      Advanced Features
      The watch also features an optical heart rate sensor on the back of the device. Apple even provides detailed instructions on how to tighten and wear the watch to get the most accurate HR readings.

      Activities recorded on the device are easily shareable which offers a nice way for users to get social and show their workouts to friends and family.

      An interesting feature of the Apple Watch Edition Series 2 is that it's also wheelchair compatible meaning that those who use a wheelchair are able to track their movement throughout the day to be able to record 24/7 fitness data. It's one of the only watches on the market that does have this kind of accessibility feature.

      You can also talk to your watch. can talk to Siri! Since the Edition also functions as a Smartwatch you'll be able to get your calendar alerts, phone call notifications, and text messages on your wrist. You can't actually answer a call on the watch but it alerts you with a gentle buzz when you've got an incoming call.

      There's also a neat 'wet mode' for those who want to hit the pool and train. Since the watch is a touchscreen device, the 'wet mode' enables a no-touch feature so things are not automatically activated in the water.

      The watch is also able to playback music. It can't actually store your music files, though, so you'll need to be connected and near your iPhone to play your desired tunes. Keep in mind that enabling this feature does drain the battery quite rapidly.
      The GPS on the Apple Watch Edition Series 2 is fairly accurate. Most folks who used this function didn't have any complaints.

      Unfortunately, the heart rate monitor on the wrist is a whole different story. Even with Apple's detailed instructions on how to get a good reading, the heart rate monitor just doesn't measure up. It seems that little improvement has been made since the last version of the watch.

      The watch tracks steps using the device's internal sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope) and is pretty accurate with its step counts. Always keep in mind that even the best devices can't get your steps and calorie burn info exactly right, though.
      The Apple Watch Edition Series 2 can connect via WiFi and Bluetooth. You'll actually need to connect the watch to your phone to do any kind of customizing. There's little ability to customize stuff right on the watch itself. Some users found this a little tiresome. When connected to your phone you can also decide whether or not you want to download additional apps for the device.
      A big complaint from users who tried the Apple Watch Edition Series 2 was that there were just too few interesting applications available for download.

      The apps that are already on the watch function okay, although some runners were unhappy with the dedicated run app. The swim tracking app was deemed a lot better.

      The watch works in tandem with the Apple Health App, which some found a bit complicated to use and get used to. One saving grace is that navigating apps is pretty simple and switching between them is no problem at all.
      The beautiful ceramic casing of the Apple Watch Edition Series 2 looks a bit bland next to the stone colored sports strap included with the device. The band is perhaps meant to increase the comfort when wearing the watch 24/7. Except, users found the band just wasn't very comfortable at all. Reviewers explained that it was not easy to forget they were wearing a watch. The watch itself is actually thicker than before (due to the addition of the GPS component) and for some this meant it was less comfortable overall.
      The Apple Watch Edition Series 2 features a gorgeous ceramic casing that definitely looks expensive. It falls a bit flat sitting next to such a bland band. The majority of reviewers were disappointed with the lackluster. It's true, you can purchase additional bands and swap them out, but it seems a bit strange that the Edition was packaged with such a lame strap. It looks cheap and plasticky. Thankfully, the watch face makes up for all of it. With the appropriate band, the ceramic has a nice sheen and looks super fancy.
      You'd think that a ceramic watch wouldn't be too durable but apparently ceramic is an extremely tough material. It's scratch resistant and is meant to last a long time. Here's the thing, though, it won't get scratched up but it can shatter. If you're out there doing some extreme fitness activities, you might want to think twice about choosing the Apple Watch Edition Series 2. Especially considering its high price.

      Another potential durability issue comes with the battery. It's a built-in rechargeable. Like your iPhone, you'll eventually see the battery life go down quicker and quicker.
      The watch face of the Apple Watch Edition Series 2 is really good looking. The shiny screen is brightly lit and customizable. You can easily change up the design of the watch face according to your taste. The brightness of the screen has actually been improved since the first version of the Apple Watch.
      As mentioned previously, the band is the low point of the Apple Watch Edition Series 2. It's made of a material that looks shabby against the ceramic construction of the device and it's not particularly comfortable according to reviewers. Reviewers also pointed out that the band actually comes undone very easily. This is a problem for such a high priced watch. You don't want to lose it while out and about just because the strap doesn't secure itself properly.
      Sizes Available
      The Apple Watch Edition Series 2 is available in two different sizes: 38mm and 42mm. These two sizes refer to the actual watch case so those with smaller wrists can actually get a watch option that's a tad smaller for increased comfort.
      With regards to the band size, reviewers had no complaints in this area, no one had trouble finding a good fit.
      Ease of Use
      Navigating and switching through the apps on the Apple Watch Edition Series 2 is fairly simple. You'll probably feel most comfortable using the device if you've already had experience with Apple's iOS. You do need an Apple iPhone to use the device and customize the applications available and the watch face, though.

      Navigating via the touchscreen is fairly simple and like other Apple devices, the watch is easy for newbies to pick up and use. Think of it like an iPad. The more tech savvy you are, the more you might get out of the device, but overall it's pretty straightforward.
      Power Source
      The Apple Watch Edition Series 2 comes with a couple of different charging options in its package. It comes with a charging cable and charging puck and also a magnetic charger that allows you to easily plop your watch down to charge.

      The battery life of the Apple Watch Edition Series 2 leaves something to be desired. Quite a few folks were pleased with the battery life and compared to an iPhone it is pretty impressive. But for a fitness device, it's definitely not that great.

      When using the GPS function the watch can last about 5 hours. For the average marathoner, that's cutting it close. Without GPS, the maximum battery life is less than a day. That's not even with heart rate monitoring turned on or music playback enabled. Unless you're a short distance runner, chances are the watch just doesn't have enough juice to support your training needs.
      The Apple Watch Edition Series 2 is an expensive watch, no doubt. It's more than a $1000. That's a lot of money to spend on a Smartwatch. If you're a fitness junkie looking for a watch that can track different activities but still look fashionable, it might be a good option. But keep it mind, it struggles to provide accurate heart rate data, it comes with a sports band, the running app isn't stellar, and the battery life is subpar. This watch is really meant for the leisurely runner or exerciser who wants everything in one pretty package.

      This isn't a watch for the serious marathoner. You'd be better off spending your money on shoes and a decent GPS watch that provides informative metrics.
      Any accessories that are compatible with the Apple Health app are feasibly going to be compatible with the Apple Watch Edition Series 2. The same goes for anything that works with your iPhone. You'll be able to get notifications on your wrist for anything you'd be able to get notifications for on your phone. Also, there's no need for a heart rate chest strap since the watch takes a reading optically via the wrist.
      Key Features
      - GPS and GLONASS enabled
      - Ceramic casing is scratch resistant and durable
      - Water resistant (50m)
      - Comes equipped with WatchOS 3
      - Dual Core Processor
      - Optical HR sensor on the back of the device
      - Works as a 24/7 fitness tracker
      - Wheelchair compatible
      - Works with Apple Health App
      - Provides Smart notifications
      - Touchscreen with special 'wet mode'
      - Accelerometer and gyro sensors
      Bottom Line
      The Apple Watch Edition Series 2 is indeed a good looking Smartwatch but the beautiful design does come at a high price. It's an excellent choice for the fashion conscious runner who is casual about data collection and doesn't need a long battery life for endurance events.

      It's not the right watch for the runner who is hungry for data and who needs a long battery life for long distance events.
      Where to Buy
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