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10 Best Running Songs to get you motivated

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10 Best Running Songs to get you motivated 10 Best Running Songs to get you motivated www.runnerclick.com

What do you often do while running? Most runners always listen to music when they run. But, do you know what the advantages are to listening to music while you run? Let’s talk about those benefits that we can get from music in our life generally and in running particularly.

What are the good impacts of music on running?

Listening to music is one of the most popular leisure activities. Music is a familiar complement to people’s everyday lives. In other words, Not only for running but for all activities, we also need the comfort and the excitement to distract from tiredness. According to research, music affects many different areas of the brain. You may even agree that when you feel tired or even bored, you often put on some music to wake pump yourself up and get a little more energy. Energy and excitement is really important during exercise, and especially when running. Research on the effects of music during exercise has been done for years. American researcher, Leonard Ayres, found that runners actually ran faster while listening to music than they did in silence. This often happens because listening to music can drown out your brain’s cries of tiredness. As your body realizes you are tired and wants to stop exercising, it sends signals to the brain in order to stop for a break. Listening to music competes for your brain’s attention, and can help you to override those signals of fatigue, although this is mostly beneficial for low- and moderate-intensity exercise. During doing exercise in high-intensity, music isn’t as powerful to pull our brain’s attention away from the pain of the workout. We can not only push through the pain to do exercise longer and harder when we listen to music, but it can also help us to use our energy more efficiently. A 2012 study reported that runners who listened to music required 7% less oxygen to do the same work as those who run in silence. Some recent research has shown that there’s a ceiling effect on music at around 145 bpm, where anything which is higher doesn’t seem to add much more motivation, so keep that in mind when choosing your workout playlist. Therefore in the same way that running makes us happier, it’s not surprising if music adds significantly to your work-out success.

So, I want to recommend my 10 best songs for running. Whether you love running with all your heart or just do it to stay healthy, it’s the mix of music in your ears that can make or break your attitude while running. From thumping hip-hop beats to high-energy guitar jams, I’ve found the very best songs to keep you going mile after mile, in the gym or on the trail. So load ’em up and head out! As music is a great motivator, many runners compile an iPod playlist to give them a boost as breathing gets harder and legs start to ache. I referenced Runner’s World readers on Twitter, on Facebook, and in the forums to nominate their favorite running song, and I got more than 1000 nominations. However I just selected the 10 best songs with the most nominations to battle it out here for the title of “Best Running Song.”

1.  “The Distance” by Cake

Can there be a better way to start your run than with John McCrae’s deadpanned beginning words? When the bass kicks in on Cake’s 1996 track, it’s the time to go. The driving jam (pun intended) is a wonderful lead-off track—you might not be going for speed, but you’re definitely going for the distance.


2. “Race with the Devil” by Girlschool

Forget your fancy Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 shoes. You really want to fly down the sidewalk? Pouring this scorching she-devil headbanger into your intake valves. Girlschool- a London with all female hair metal outfit, slays as a halberd coated in strawberry pink acrylic on this 1980 cover of an equally ripping 1968 proto-punk blazer by the Gun. For those who jog as they’re being chased, it’s run as the same as sprinting on hot coals.


3. “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac

Really, most classic California driving songs—their pop sound usually equated with cruising down the PCH in the mandarin haze of a sunset—could secretly be running soundtracks. A series of Mac tunes seem as the whispers of a zen personal trainer: “Never Going Back Again, “Skies the Limit.”, “don’t Stop,”  or “Go Your Own Way” read as an anthem for a cross country race. Attack that hill! Blaze that trail!  Listen to this song and try not to think of kicking up gold dust at Griffith Park.

Download “Go Your Own Way” BY GIRLSCHOOL

4. “Runnin” by Sinkane

Yeasayer and Sudanese percussionist, Caribou collaborator Ahmed Gallab jumped out of the solo career to start blocks with this slice of confectionary Afrobeat. he sang “runnin” in a sweet falsetto over funky wah-wah and cassette tape warble. The secret for the best jogging music is that it’s interchangeable with wonderful dance music. Nothing Gallab has made in the years since this 2012 debut has matched its irresistibility—but nothing has to. He has earned a place on every running mix.

Download “Runnin” by SINKANE

5. “Wolf Like Me” by TV on the Radio

This 2006 track is the band’s most successful single here in the U.S. it has a driving beat and propelling lyrics, that makes it easy to pick up your pace and focus on the task at hand. Or foot, rather. The song is as a mini-workout in itself, with a more subdued and slower midsection in order to give your legs a break before picking back up and compelling you to fly through the very last second.

Download Wolf Like Me

6. “Running up that hill” by Kate Bush

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for fast beats, inspiring lyrics or thumping bass, motivational tunes can be found in just about any musical type.

But sometimes, we only might find ourselves looking for a more literal uplift. The next time you will realize yourself needing someone to tell you to get out there and run already or some extra oomph in order to help get you up and over that next hill.

Download Running Up that Hill

7. “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen

Get in the headspace of Bruce’s nameless protagonist: stuck in turnpike traffic with many people who are trying to flee in the same depressing Jersey town, trying to sweet talk Wendy who is really probably doing just fine thanks so much. It’s about as out-of-sorts and frazzled as the Boss gets a state of mind that reflects how you’re feeling right before the runner’s high kicks in.

Download “Born to Run”

8. “Run Run Run” by the Who

Just watching Keith Moon drum takes your breath away—it is impossible to imagine maintaining that level of gonzo energy for an entire song, let alone a gig. Slip this opening was cut from the Who’s 1966 sophomore album, A Quick One, into your running mix and some of this manic force transfers to your limbs. the Bounding along to Moon’s splashy racket keeps those arms pumping, those knees high… okay, yes, sometimes we air drum while we are jogging.


9. “Antichrist Television Blues” by Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire can have intended to make a big statement about the absurdity of modern life and its attendant joys and tragedies, which in fact, they did—but the Montreal rockers also delivered a solid gold running album with 2007’s Neon Bible, which is driven by propulsive teary and beats, go-faster drama. Inspired by Jessica Simpson, “Antichrist Television Blues” plays as an amped-up, wild-eyed, super-dark Springsteen anthem. If you are beginning to flag on your run, it’ll give you the extra boost which you need and then some.

Download Antichrist Television Blues

10. “Such Great Heights” by the Postal Service

Was your pace lagging? Do you feel a little drained? Perhaps there is a hill ahead. Don’t worry—this song was much-loved 2003 hit from the Postal Service hits the sweet spot of running cadence. In the layman’s terms: let your foot hit the pavement on the beat of this song, you will be out of your mid-run funk in no time.

Download Such Great Heights


Music is really helpful in our life, generally, and in running particularly. It is said that without music, our life would be a mistake, I completely agree with this idea. With 10 best songs I have recommended above, I hope that you can enjoy your running in the best way.

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