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Editor’s Conclusion
The Puma Velocity Nitro is the dark horse the demands to be noticed. It may look like a stylish casual shoe, but it is packed with advanced features to make your workouts cushioned and snappy. This neutral running shoe is surprisingly supportive, and offers runners excellent arch support, cushioning, and responsiveness in one slim and sleek package.

What I love most about this shoe is that is it insanely versatile. It is a great daily trainer to take out on the sidewalks or the treadmill and can transition to weight training and WODs quite easily. Few daily trainers are able to achieve such a high level of cushioning and support without adding a lot of extra weight and stiffness to the overall design. Plus, it boasts a unique outsole the grips the ground like you’re Spiderman!

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into some of the advanced features that make the Puma Velocity Nitro one of the most versatile daily trainers currently out there on the market.
Puma Velocity Nitro Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Super grippy outsole is great for slick sidewalks

Breathable mesh upper

Stable heel counter for excellent lockdown

Great for distance or speed

Slyish design

Designed for speed or long distances



Not ideal for colder temperature

Limited color options

Key Features

Key Features


The Puma Velocity Nitro midsole is what gives this shoe its bouncy and energetic ride that will inspire you to pick up the pace. It is composed of a responsive foam and a carbon-fiber plate that is infused with nitrogen to keep the weight low and your agility high. It offers a super plush step-in feel that you can appreciate by simply stepping down into the midsole. On the road, it feels like tiny trampolines are propelling you forward while cushioning and protecting your joints.

The design of this midsole is perfect for heel strikers, or forefoot strikers. It is built with an extra layer of cushioning in high-impact zones that make your gait cycle even and energetic. One important thing to note is that this higher level of cushioning is light and flexible, so you won’t have to trade cushioning for flexibility. The Nitro midsole material is really made to move.


Where is Velocity Nitro really shines is in its unique outsole. If you aren’t held back by a little rain or snow, the construction of this grippy outsole is the perfect companion for slick surfaces. It is composed of Puma’s PUMPGRIP rubber that has a slightly tacky finish that really grips the ground under your feet. The outsole sounds squeaky when walking on smooth floors, but that just means that the rubber is working overtime to really ground you down to the floor.

What I also like about the outsole of this design is that it is built with flex grooves built right into the rubber. These flex grooves allow the outsole to really bend, which makes it the ideal shoe for face-paced workouts such as CrossFit. The rubber outsole is a little thin (and lightweight), but many runners found that even after 100 miles, the rubber outsole showed little signs of general wear and tear.


I also love that the mesh upper is both breathable and secure. It is composed of a stretchy mesh material that contours to the shape of your foot for a more personalized fit. This mesh material is incredibly breathable, making it the ideal shoe to wear on super hot summer days. While it may feel like a minimalist running shoe, this design hides a few key stability features in the upper that keep your foot cradled in place without adding a lot of extra bulk.

One thing that runners love most about the upper of this shoe is that while it’s lightweight and breathable, it offers additional cushioning and stability features in all the right places. The heel counter, for instance, is slightly rigid and surrounded by light foam that cuts down on the overall break-in period while also locking your foot in place so your shoe won’t shift around on your foot as you run.


Overall, I would recommend this Puma shoe to just about anyone. If you are new to running, this shoe will provide you just the right amount of stability and cushioning to really help you rack up the miles. More experienced runners will really appreciate the lightweight design, breathable upper, and snappy performance features to help you shave a few seconds off of your PR. Plus, the surprisingly grippy outsole is built for slick surfaces, whether is it rain-soaked sidewalks, or even snow.

Often, daily trainers are typically built for running for speed or running long distances. What makes the Puma Velocity Nitro unique is that it is built for both. It provides runners with lightweight and snappy design features in the midsole and outsole with a good deal of flex and excellent energy return that is ideal for speed. It also has a supportive midsole, modest stability features, and a durable outsole that is also built for long distances as well.


Puma put a lot of thought and care into the fit of this shoe, and it shows. Overall, it runs true to size. If you are a size 8 in other Puma shoes, the same can be said for the Velocity Nitro. What makes this shoe ideal for all types of feet is the construction of the stretchy upper. This upper is designed to comfortably stretch over your foot for a more personalized fit, and the stretch laces help to really boost lockdown. While the upper is nice and stretchy, the rigid heel counter helps to stabilize the foot to hold it securely in place.

I typically suggest that runners head to their local shoe store and give them a test run before making a purchase, but I don’t think that’s necessary with the Velocity Nitro. It has enough customizable features built into the upper, as well as a wide and roomy toe box that is perfect for most sizes and shapes of feet. To ensure you get the right length, be sure that you take good measurements of your feet and compare them to Puma’s sizing chart!


Puma doesn’t skimp on the style in any of their shoes, and that is certainly true when it comes to the Velocity Nitro. While this shoe doesn’t boast and new or experimental design features, there is real beauty in the simplicity of this shoe. It boasts a low profile that doesn’t look heavy or bulky and has modest branding along the top and side of the shoe.

The only downside to this design is that it isn’t offered in a wide variety of color options. Although, the black design is perfect for those that want an understated running shoe, and the bright orange is great for those that want to be seen from space! Whether you opt for the basic black or bright orange, it is built with reflective panels to help other runners or motorists spot you on the street when running in low light conditions.


The Puma Velocity Nitro hits that sweet spot in terms of price. It costs just a little bit more than budget-friendly running shoes but is far from the more expensive running shoes out there on the market. While it is priced competitively with similar designs from Nike and Hoka, it’s important to note that it doesn’t quite have the same durability (or bang for your buck) as some of the other designs. It’s able to clock up to 300 miles, which is quite impressive, but not quite as impressive as Hokas that are built for 500+ miles.

When compared to similarly priced neutral trainers, you are certainly trading off style and versatility for overall durability. While the Velocity Nitro is quite durable, it won’t last quite as long as some of the other brands out there on the market. For some, this may not be a great trade-off, especially for long-distance runners. However, if you love to float from running to WODS, this shoe is well worth the price tag!


In a world where Hokas, Nike, and Altra seem to dominate the running shoe conversation, the Puma Velocity Nitro slipped in unnoticed. And I want to change that. This neutral running shoe is one of my favorites in terms of performance and design. It’s a shoe that I can wear to the gym while lifting weights, and slip right onto the treadmill without the need to switch out my shoes.

The super grippy rubber outsole is built to tackle slippery sidewalks, and the build of the midsole is insanely responsive and cushioned. Weighing in at just over 9 ounces, it can somehow deliver plush cushioning and a responsive ride while keeping the overall weight low. It’s a quiet little overachiever that I don’t think enough people are talking about. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced runner, this shoe is worth checking out!