Puma Ignite

The Puma Ignite is a neutral running shoe that is designed to be extremely responsive.  Puma has a history of making products that are designed to be fast with fast athletes in mind.  Usain Bolt, the fastest human in the world, wears the Puma Ignite.  Wearers may find this running shoe to feel heavier than a traditional racing flat, but the high energy return and flexible forefoot make runners go longer and faster.

The Puma Ignite line of running shoes was built for Usain Bolt, which guarantees they will give runners peak performance.  This is the first shoe to feature Puma’s IGNITE Foam high-rebound cushioning.  The midsole is sturdy and includes a compression molded EVA sockliner for added cushion and comfort.  The Puma Ignite is built with a seamless AirMesh upper for ventilation and a roomy Toe Box.  The EverTrack rubber used in the outsole gives the Puma Ignite superior traction and durability.  This running shoe is designed to last through high mileage whether you are running on the track, treadmill or road.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Excellent energy return that makes runners feel faster
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Comfortable enough for long distance running
  • Great traction in wet or dry conditions
  • Affordable price
  • Cons
    • Heavier shoe
    • Narrow fit
    • Key Features
      The Puma Ignite features a Transition Line along the outsole. This is similar to the Guidance Line in Asics running shoes. This Transition Line guarantees a smooth and natural transition from heel to toe. The outsole of the Puma Ignite is covered entirely in rubber that includes Puma's EverTrack. This high-abrasion rubber material is featured on the heel and forefoot of the Puma Ignite.

      This EverTrack technology used in the outsole enhances the durability of the Puma Ignite and is designed to withstand the regular pounding of the pavement. There is also a section of ForEverFoam in the heel of the shoe. This added feature helps spread the impact and increase outsole durability.
      Polyurethane (PU) is the base compound used in the midsole of the Puma Ignite. The midsole of the Puma Ignite is constructed by pouring liquid PU into a midsole-shaped mold. The Puma Ignite features a compression molded EVA removable sockliner, which provides the runner with midsole cushioning. The sockliner hugs the arch of the runner’s foot, making it a comfortable ride for longer miles. The midsole of the Puma Ignite is very firm thanks to the PU compound. This firmness gives runners quality stride stability and is perfect for cadence seeking runners. The midsole is designed with a deep ridge around the circumference of the shoe. This ridged depression features a forward-facing Chevron design. This is similar in design to the Nike Pegasus 31. The Puma Ignite utilizes IGNITE Foam high-rebound cushioning, which reviewers described as smooth and solid. The midsole of the Puma Ignite is heavy, but flexible. This IGNITE Foam gives the shoe the superior energy return that reviewers enjoyed. A few wearers found the IGNITE Foam to be similar to the Boost technology used in Adidas models.
      The upper of the Puma Ignite offers runners plenty of room in the toe area. The upper features a seamless synthetic leather material over flexible AirMesh. This flexible, seamless mesh is open around the toe area but hugs the runner’s foot. The interior lining of the upper is also seamless. The Puma Ignite features a standard tongue design with 75% of it padded with foam. The foam padding is placed behind the laces, which prevents pressure from the laces. The tongue is very slim and features a suede piece at the top. Reviewers found the tongue design to create a soft feeling against the skin. A few reviewers did comment that the tongue slid while in use. The Puma Ignite features heavy synthetic overlays through the midfoot. These overlays give the shoe additional structure and support. This shoe also features padding through the heel, which minimizes the occurrence of blisters.
      The Puma Ignite is a lightweight running shoe but feels very heavy. Many wearers thought this particular shoe would be lighter in feel because it is advertised as a faster running shoe. However, the rubber on the outsole and the density of the midsole give the Puma Ignite a heavier feel. The men’s version weighs 9.6 oz and the women’s weighs 8 oz. One reviewer did say the size 10.5 men’s Puma Ignite weighed 11.65 oz. Another wearer found the Puma Ignite to be heavier than other daily trainer and support shoes. The AirMesh upper is very lightweight and airy.
      The Puma Ignite features a breathable AirMesh upper that keeps the foot cool and free from moisture. Your foot will not overheat while wearing the Puma Ignite.
      Overall, most reviewers found the Puma Ignite to be a very comfortable running shoe. According to data from the Runner’s World Shoe Lab, the Puma Ignite is firmer in the forefoot and heel area. A few reviewers found the Puma Ignite to require some break-in time, saying it takes time for the shoe to adapt to the runner’s foot while others found it comfortable right out of the box. The IGNITE Foam utilized through the midsole provides the runner with instant comfort. The interior of the Puma Ignite makes for a comfortable ride. Reviewers liked the softness of the sockliner.
      The men’s Puma Ignite running shoe comes in 4 different color patterns. It is available in Black/Turbulence/Silver, White/Strong Blue/Fluorescent Green, Deep Blue/Navy/Fluorescent Peach, and High Risk Red/Black/Silver. 82% of Amazon customers who purchased the men’s Puma Ignite said it fit as expected. The women’s Puma Ignite running shoe is also available in 4 different color patterns. Runners can choose from Omphalodes/Hot Coral/Ultramarine, Black/Silver/Turbulence/Patina Green, Deep Blue/Team Italia Navy/Fluorescent Peach, and Vapor Blue/Blueprint/Fluorescent Pink. Wearers were drawn to the vibrant, eye-catching colors of this particular shoe. They liked the bold look of the Puma Ignite. The Puma Ignite is available in normal width and some reviewers found it to be a narrow fitting running shoe.
      Puma designs shoes that are built to last. There is a lot of rubber on the outsole, which enhances the durability of the Puma Ignite. The EverTrack rubber used on the outsole is a high-abrasion rubber compound that slows the wear and tear of the shoe. The ForEverFoam piece included in the heel of the Puma Ignite adds to the durability of this shoe.
      The Puma Ignite features a reflective strap in the rear of the shoe. The padded tongue protects the top of the foot from feeling lace pressure. The padded heel collar shields the foot from blisters and irritation. The breathable mesh used throughout the upper protects the foot from overheating when being used in hotter running conditions. The heavy synthetic overlays featured in the upper keep the foot secure as it hugs the foot. The ForEverFoam built into the heel of the outsole of the Puma Ignite protects the runner from overuse injuries as it evenly disperses the impact.
      The Puma Ignite is known for being a high rebound running shoe. According to testers in the Runner’s World Shoe Lab, this particular shoe gives runners the most energy return of all shoes tested. The Puma Ignite is in the 97th percentile for Energy Return. Reviewers liked the bounce back the Puma Ignite offered during a run and the excellent energy return made wearers want to go out and run. The high responsiveness made runners feel faster on the road. One runner achieved a marathon PR while wearing the Puma Ignite.
      The Puma Ignite offers runners neutral arch support and the right amount of support for daily running. The synthetic overlays included in the upper support the midfoot as the runner moves through a gait cycle. The Puma Ignite also features heavy overlays on the heel, which keep the runner’s foot in place. The molded PU midsole supports the runner’s foot as it naturally moves with the ground. Additional stride support is provided by the Transition Line through the midsole, which imitates a natural heel to toe movement. This Transition Line guarantees a smooth movement from heel to toe.
      The Puma Ignite is a great shoe for running on the pavement, logging some miles on the treadmill, the track or just moving through a workout. One particular reviewer wore the Puma Ignite during a run on the sand and found the shoe to perform well. There was no sinking into the sand while wearing the Puma Ignite. While the Puma Ignite performs well during long distance runs, this is not your best option for interval training or speedwork.
      The Puma Ignite is an affordable daily running shoe. Reviewers found this shoe to be very versatile, using it for a variety of activities. Some runners commented that the Puma Ignite is a more affordable version of the Adidas Boost. The Puma Ignite is built to last so wearers can go longer before replacing this particular running shoe. Wearers of the Puma Ignite will get the most out of every dollar spent on this shoe.
      The high-abrasion rubber used across the outsole gives the Puma Ignite a good grip on the road. Runners can focus on maintaining a good pace and finishing their run strong while wearing the Puma Ignite. The EverTrack outsole performs well in wet and dry conditions.
      The Puma Ignite is a very flexible shoe. It is in the 85th percentile for flexibility. The Puma Ignite features a very bendable forefoot and a structurally rigid midsole. The flexible forefoot gives runners good acceleration at the toe-off while the structurally rigid midsole supports the foot through a natural stride progression. This level of flexibility and shoe design is ideal for running shoes.
      The IGNITE Foam used in the midsole is very dense, with gives the Puma Ignite a sturdy feel. The midsole is designed for a neutral runner who doesn't require a lot of arch support. The Transition Line, along with the ForEverFoam, embedded in the outsole helps the runner stay strong through each stride. The Puma Ignite offers the runner excellent stability thanks to the synthetic overlays in the upper, padding through the tongue and padding in the heel collar.

      The Puma Ignite features a very high heel-to-toe drop of 12-mm with a heel height of 31-mm and a forefoot height of 19-mm.
      Key Features
      • Transition Line in the outsole
      • EverTrack high-abrasion rubber through the outsole
      • ForEverFoam built into the heel for impact protection
      • IGNITE Foam high-rebound cushioning
      • Molded Polyurethane midsole
      • Seamless, breathable AirMesh upper
      • Compression molded EVA removable sockliner
      • Ridged depression with forward-facing Chevron design through the midsole
      • 12-mm heel-to-toe drop
      Bottom Line
      The Puma IGNITE is built to perform whether you are running a 5K or a marathon. The superior energy return and unparalleled comfort offered by the IGNITE Foam makes the Puma IGNITE an ideal shoe for achieving a long distance PR. The rubber outsole is built to last and provide runners with great traction on the road. The Puma IGNITE gives runners excellent grip in wet and dry conditions. While the construction of the midsole makes for a heavier running shoe, the Puma Ignite gives runners a sturdy and stable ride. The AirMesh upper provides runners with a ventilated running shoe. The upper offers a roomy toe box and a foot-hugging fit through the midfoot. The Transition Line guides the runner’s foot through a gait cycle that is more natural. The removable foam sockliner adds cushion and comfort under the runner's foot.
      Where to Buy
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