Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0

The Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0, originally released in 2012, was recently re-released in late 2017. The super popular shoe was a hit among CrossFitters back in the day and still remains in high demand. Specifically designed for CrossFit activities, the Nano 2.0 features an attractive modern design that's grippy and stable. It has just the right construction for CrossFit. There's a reason it flew off the shelves and has now been reintroduced. This release introduces four new colorways to the mix. It's also a limited edition, so those interested in getting their hands on a new pair of Nanos will want to snatch them up quick. There's no set date for when they'll be out of the rotation, but expect that when they're gone from the shelves, they won't be returning anytime soon.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Super comfortable
  • True to size
  • Attractive colorways
  • Incredibly durable construction
  • Very breathable
  • Lightweight yet supportive
  • Grippy outsole
  • Flexible 
  • Great fit 
  • Versatile design
  • Reasonably priced
  • Cons
    • Not enough colorways
    • Key Features
      It's important that a CrossFit shoe provides a lot of traction underfoot. Slipping and sliding during activities is a dealbreaker. A CrossFit shoe should feature a solid, durable outsole with plenty of grip to ensure wearers remain stable when doing heavy lifts or box jumps. The Nano 2.0 features a resistant rubber outsole, so there's no need to worry about wear and tear shredding up the bottom of the shoe. The sole also provides plenty of traction for CrossFit activities. Reviewers were impressed with the shoe's sturdy construction along with the stable grip provided by the outsole.
      The CrossFit shoe doesn't have a chunky midsole like you might find in many running shoes. For CrossFit, cushioning isn't a main concern. While runners are likely to want some kind of impact protection, it's not as necessary with a pair of CrossFit trainers. The Reebok shoe features a standard EVA midsole. There's just enough cushioning in there to make sure you don't feel like you're walking right on the hard ground. The cushioning provides additional support and a little bit of comfort, which reviewers appreciated.
      The Reebok Nano's upper is made of a breathable open mesh. It's lightweight but supportive and like the rest of the shoe features a super durable construction. The upper is also soft and slightly stretchy to enhance comfort. Reviewers appreciated the breathable mesh design and found it quite comfortable. Users also noted that the Nano 2.0 fit true to size. The wide toe box also helped not only with comfort but with stability when lifting. The shoe also features what's called a 3D Fuse Frame. This frame provides great support without adding a ton of extra weight to the shoe.
      Unfortunately, we couldn't find a listed weight for the Nano, but nearly every reviewer commented on the fact that the shoe was super supportive, yet comfortably lightweight. The shoe is solid enough to last for countless workouts but still remains lightweight enough to feel great when worn.
      The open mesh upper of the Nano is extremely breathable. Reviewers found the shoe comfortable in all types of conditions and liked that even when things got hot and sweaty, their feet stayed cool and dry. The large toe box area also helps to encourage air circulation in the forefoot area. A true to size fit also aids in ensuring a good fit that promotes adequate ventilation.
      Reviewers LOVED the Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0. Is it partly nostalgia that has everyone raving about the 2.0? Maybe. But users also couldn't stop talking about how comfortable the shoe felt. It's got a true to size fit, which is not often the case with second editions and shoe updates. It's hard to get the perfect fit right a second or third time. But Reebok has done it with the Nano. The EVA midsole cushioning provides a bit of padding in between the ground and your foot and provides ample support underfoot. A wide forefoot area feels roomy and accommodating but also helps users to ground themselves while lifting heavy. The lightweight design is also super breathable thanks to an open mesh upper. Reviewers also said that the Nano was more comfortable than other more traditional lifting shoes they tried.
      This reintroduction of the Nano 2.0 comes with four brand new colorways. Each provides a fresh new spin on a classic, well-loved shoe. Colors included in the re-release are grey, grey/blue, teal, and black. The colors are fresh, modern, and a welcome style update. Each option features a bright contrasting Reebok logo. The colors are new but the shoe otherwise features the same classic CrossFit style, a favorite of many CrossFitters.
      This second edition of the Nano features a super durable construction. The overall design is lightweight, but it's clear the shoe isn't flimsy. The open mesh upper is solid and the outsole is incredibly resistant. Reviewers were super impressed with the shoe's design and ability to withstand wear and tear. Some users even mentioned that they have been using their previous Nanos for years without replacing them.
      There's little protection in a pair of CrossFit shoes like these. The reason? CrossFit doesn't involve the same type of continual impact forces as running does. Instead of cushioning for impact protection, the Nano 2.0 features a very supportive design to prevent users from losing balance when lifting or performing other types of CrossFit workouts. The design also features a grippy outsole, also to provide stability so wearers stay grounded at all times during a workout. Lastly, the upper circulates air to prevent excessive heat buildup and discomfort for the wearer.
      The Nano isn't too responsive, but that's because it doesn't need to be. Reviewers didn't have anything much to say about this aspect of the shoe.
      This is where the Reebok CrossFit Nano shines in particular. The shoe is incredibly supportive. The great fit ensures users get the benefit of a supportive shoe. In fact, the shoe features a 3D Fuse Frame design. This aspect of the shoe ensures structural integrity so users get support without having to deal with any excess weight. The 3D Fuse Frame also provides much needed lateral support. The midsole layer, too, provides a supportive base for users. Reviewers loved that the Nano 2.0 was so lightweight yet incredibly supportive.
      The Nano is meant to be used for CrossFit, so the intent is that the shoe will mostly be used indoors at a gym or CrossFit box. You could get away with using the shoe outdoors for summer runs, but expect faster wear and tear if that's what you choose to do with it. Reviewers found the shoe worked well for indoor workouts. It provides enough traction and breathes well even when it gets warm indoors.
      The Nano has been brought back and is being sold at a reasonable price. Most reviewers were ready to pay top dollar for the shoe because of how much they loved it. Many reviewers admitted that they were interested in or had already purchased multiple pairs of the Reebok CrossFit Nano. Though, some users complained that they would have liked even more color options and were disappointed that there were only four options to choose from or purchase in total.
      The CrossFit shoe provides mighty good traction. Grip is an important factor when lifting weights. Imagine lifting a heavy barbell above your head and feeling your feet sliding out from underneath you. Your focus is sure to be broken and your perfect form will certainly be ruined. A grippy outsole, like that of the Nano 2.0, keeps users grounded and allows them to harness even more strength to achieve and smash their goals. The outsole of the Nano is covered in resistant rubber. Reviewers said the shoe had great grip, which provided incredible stability.
      The Nano 2.0's outsole features Flex Grooves on the front of the outsole for a bit of added flexibility. Reviewers noted that compared to the old Nano, the second iteration features a softer more flexible feel and design. This makes the shoe a lot more comfortable. It's different than a traditional lifting shoe, though. But reviewers liked the flexible feel. It makes the shoe perfect for CrossFit. CrossFitters don't only lift weights. A flexible design ensures that the shoe works well for other workouts and doesn't feel hard and rigid underfoot when the time comes to put down the barbell and do sprints or plyometric workouts.
      The CrossFit Nano is incredibly stable, according to reviewers. The shoe's 3D Fuse Frame design certainly helps with this. It provides structural support to the shoe and keeps wearers stable overall. The open mesh upper isn't just breathable, it also fits beautifully around the foot and provides a secure wrap. The wide toe box isn't just for comfort, a wide design allows users to splay their forefoot naturally. This helps users achieve greater stability when lifting. The rubber outsole, too, provides stability. Reviewers loved the super grippy sole for all kinds of CrossFit activities. The grip really helps when lifting weights, though. It keeps wearers from sliding forward and losing balance and allows them to really focus on the movement at hand.
      The CrossFit shoe has a low 4mm drop. The low to the ground design is not insignificant. It helps with stability. Being closer to the ground ensures a greater level of stability. When doing any type of CrossFit activity, users will feel grounded because of the lower heel to toe drop.
      Key Features
      - 4 NEW colorways (grey, grey/blue, teal, black)
      - Limited Edition release
      - Breathable open mesh upper
      - 3D Fuse Frame design provides all-around support
      - EVA midsole cushioning
      - Rubber outsole for durability and traction
      - Flex Grooves for enhanced comfort and natural movement
      - Specifically designed for CrossFit
      Bottom Line
      The limited edition release of the CrossFit Nano 2.0 is sure to be snatched up by many longtime loyal fans and CrossFit newbies. It's tough to find much of anything wrong with the Nano 2.0. Reviewers really love this shoe. It's comfortable, true to size, and looks great. The four new colors are attractive but still feature the same well-loved classic Nano design. Users were actually disappointed that there weren't more color choices since many folks wanted to buy multiple pairs. The shoe is durable, incredibly stable and supportive, yet lightweight. A soft flexible outsole keeps the shoe from being too much of a lifting shoe. Instead, the Nano is a versatile CrossFit trainer. Supportive and stable enough for lifting but supple enough for quick runs. All these features along with a reasonable price, make the CrossFit Nano 2.0 an excellent buy. If you're a CrossFitter looking to replace your old sneakers or you're looking to get a second pair of shoes in addition to your rigid lifting shoes, don't hesitate. This reintroduction won't be around forever!
      Where to Buy
      By Steph Coelho
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      Where to buy
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