Salomon Spikecross 3

The Salomon Spikecross 3 is the ideal shoe for tackling winter weather terrains. The Contagrip rubber lug system and nine metal spikes will dig into the soft ground and even ice to keep you safe and trekking forward. The shoe features a proprietary water-resistant membrane throughout the upper which will keep you warm and dry in even the coldest conditions. The cushion provided through the EVA midsole will keep you cushioned and supported and works in conjunction with the Speedlace system resulting in a comfortable and solid winter running shoe. 

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Gripping lugs grip the ground easily and provide excellent traction
  • Nine metal spikes help you to cross over snow and ice easily
  • Water-resistant liner keeps your feet warm and dry
  • Sensifit system delivers a snug fit
  • Speedlace system allows you to quickly and easily adjust the shoe to your foot
  • Cons
    • Comes with a high price tag
    • Metal spikes are not replaceable
    • Tends to run narrow
    • Key Features
      This rugged trail running shoe is equipped with an impressive outsole made of an extremely durable rubber compound called Winter Contagrip. The protruding lugs featured on the sole run the length of the shoe and some include extra grip with the help of metal spikes embedded within. Specifically, nine of the lugs feature metal spikes and are strategically placed in order to deliver the best grip possible in highly technical terrain and even snow and ice. If you take a look at the outsole, you’ll notice that it resembles a high-traction tire and performs just like one. The raised lugs deliver tons of grip and the rubber throughout the outsole give this shoe lots of durability.
      The midsole of the Salomon Spikecross 3 absorbs shock, especially when your foot strikes the ground. This EVA material is firm yet responsive and will cushion your foot as well as supply adequate protection. The heel and forefoot portions of the shoe boast Salomon’s Cushioning System or SCS. This technology is designed to provide more energy return and delivers more cushioning. The interior of the sneaker features an Ortholite sock liner which provides even more cushioning and support as well as anti-microbial qualities which help to prevent smelly bacteria from forming.
      The upper of this tough-looking trail shoe is made up of ripstop nylon and features the unique qualities of excellent breathability toward the heel and water-resistance towards the forefoot. The main portion of the upper is welded rather than stitched which helps to reduce the weight of the shoe. The heel does not boast as many water-resistant capabilities because it allows heat to release from the shoe. Even if the shoe does get wet, several reviewers commented on the fact that it dries very quickly. The water-resistant area of the forefoot features ClimaShield which is a highly breathable material and is designed to protect the interior of the shoe from snow and wetness. This also gives the shoe high marks for cold-weather running. The midfoot area of the upper boasts Salomon’s Sensifit system which helps the shoe to hug your foot snugly allowing for a secure fit. The unique lacing system on the Spikecross 3 is called Quicklace and allows you to tighten and loosen the shoe in one quick motion.
      These are some pretty technical-trail-tackling sneakers and they feature lots of great technologies to help carry you over the trails easily and safely. For that reason, they are a little heavier than your typical running shoe and weigh in at 11.5 ounces for a men’s size 9.
      Even though these trail shoes feature a decent amount of water-resistant capabilities and are made up of ripstop nylon in the upper, they are surprisingly breathable. The forefoot of the shoe boasts most of the water-resistance while the heel is the more breathable part. Many reviewers said that if you stepped in a big puddle, chances are the interior of the shoe would become wet, especially in the back, but that it was able to dry amazingly fast. This points to the fact that she is very breathable and allows for a decent amount of airflow into and out of the foot chamber. The Ortholite sockliner will also aid in keeping your feet dry because it has moisture-wicking capabilities.
      The Salomon Spikecross 3 is designed to be a winter or cold-weather trail running shoe due to the warmth and protection it offers from the cold. A large number of reviewers commented on how great they perform in the cold and snowy conditions of colder climates and they had no complaints with how warm and dry they kept their feet. There is nothing worse than having cold wet feet in the snow and these are a great tool to prevent that. The Sensifit system of the upper helps the shoe to hug your midfoot snugly and will keep you secure but it does fit tight so if you do not like that kind of feeling, you may consider going up a half size. The EVA midsole delivers a decent amount of protection and cushion against harsh underfoot conditions so your feel should feel warm, dry, and comfy.
      These trail shoes are definitely on the rugged-looking side with their aggressive protruding lug system and unique lacing capabilities. With that said, they are also aesthetically pleasing and feature a black upper with pops of color throughout. Even if you don’t try them on, you will look at them and think that they look pretty tough.
      One thing these trail shoes have going for them is the fact that they are built to last. The Contragrip rubber that makes up the outsole is designed to carry you over the toughest and coldest of terrains and it is built to last. Nine of the lugs also feature metal spikes so this will not only help the keep you sure-footed, but it will also help the lugs to last since they will take the brunt of the force. The upper is made up of ripstop nylon which is naturally a durable material. The overlays on this sneaker and the rugged engineering that went into making it give these shoes high marks for durability.
      If you plan on tackling harsh terrains and cold conditions, then the Salomon Spikecross 3 is definitely a shoe to keep on your options list. The durable Contagrip rubber outsole, complete with its impressive lug system and metal spikes will protect your feet against slipping for certain. These lugs also continue up over the toe so you can grip rock faces with assurance as well. The water-resistance of the upper is also very impressive. Although these shoes are not waterproof, they will withstand lots of wet conditions and will also dry quickly. The midfoot area is designed to grip your foot securely so you will be protected against your foot leaving the foot chamber.
      Although these shoes are not meant to deliver a super-springy ride, they are relatively responsive thanks to the durable Contagrip outsole and EVA midsole. The outsole will move and grip with each step while the EVA midsole will absorb shock and release the energy to help move you over the terrain. The forefoot area is the most responsive in this trail shoe and will deliver an impressively smooth ride over rocks and tree roots.
      The Salomon Spikecross 3 provides support through a couple of areas of the shoe. The outsole will definitely support you by gripping soft or packed surfaces and snow with ease. The EVA midsole offers adequate support and shock absorbency for taking on tough trail terrains but is cushioned enough for comfort. Salomon’s Sensifit system in the upper will help the shoe to hug your foot snugly and keep it nice and supported as well. The removable Ortholite insole provides decent arch support and will be fine for people with normal or higher arches.
      One look at the Salomon Spikecross 3 and you will know that these are not wimpy little sneakers. The rugged design of the shoe lends itself to being a shoe you’d want on your side when tackling rough terrain. The protruding Contagrip rubber lugs alone will allow you to grip wet snow and packed ground without any problems. On top of that, you have nine strategically placed metal spikes throughout the lugs which exponentially change the capabilities of these shoes on such surfaces. However, because the sneakers do contain static metal spikes, walking on tile, wood floors, laminate, or attempting to scale granite rock faces may prove to be a problem. Therefore, these shoes are best worn in the dirt or the snow.
      The Salomon Spikecross 3 is definitely not an easy-on-the-wallet shoe but that may be due to the fact that is a specialty sneaker. This shoe is specifically engineered to tackle a certain outdoor element and has a smaller niche market. For that reason, you’ll be shelling out anywhere from $160 to $200 for these.
      When it comes to snow and ice, the Salomon Spikecross 3 will deliver superior traction time and time again. Thanks to the rugged Winter Contagrip rubber lugs and nine metal spikes interspersed throughout, the outsole is one lethal weapon against slipping. Several users commented that these shoes work well on packed trails and slushier conditions as well but they won’t deliver the same superior grip once the snow melts.
      Being that these shoes are not meant to deliver an incredibly flexible running experience, they don’t necessarily need to be that flexible. The heavy-duty outsole and aggressive lug system do not give this shoe a lot of flexibility in the outsole but it will move with your foot enough so that they don’t feel too stiff underfoot. The EVA midsole is on the firmer side but is cushioned enough to flex with you as you move. The upper is mainly made up of ripstop nylon which is weather-resistant and adaptable to your foot. This makes the upper portion of this shoe the most flexible of the three parts.
      Most of the stability offered in the Salomon Spikecross 3 comes from its upper. The ripstop nylon fabric and Gore-Tex water-resistant lining work together along with the synthetic overlays to secure your foot within the sneaker and keep you stable. The heel counter adequately grabs onto the back of your heel to keep it stable and supported. The unique lacing system allows you to pull the permanent laces tightly in one easy motion which will grip the shoe even tighter to you, delivering even more stability. The outsole of this shoe is rugged and sturdy so your foot will feel stable on uneven terrain.
      These shoes feature a 20mm heel stack height and a 9mm forefoot stack height, giving them a drop of 11mm. This is an appropriate drop amount for these specialty trail sneakers and will allow them to deliver the best trail performance possible in winter conditions.
      Key Features
      - Winter Contagrip rubber outsole and metal spike system make these shoes highly capable of tackling winter weather conditions easily
      - Unique Speedlace lacing system allows you to adjust the shoes tightly to your foot in one fast and easy motion
      - Water Resistant upper helps to keep feet warm and dry in cold and wet conditions
      - Heel portion of the shoe is extremely breathable and dries quickly when wet
      - Considering all of its heavy-duty support and traction technologies, it is a fairly light winter trail sneaker
      Bottom Line
      If you are looking to go running or hiking in the great cold outdoors and plan on coming across snowy and wet conditions, then you will want some great shoes on your feet to keep your warm and safe. The third generation fo the Salomon Spikecross is a great shoe for those looking for a reliable and solid shoe to tackle such terrains. The Spikecross 3 has been hailed as a sure-choice in terms of winter hiking, despite the fact that you will not be able to use them once the warmer weather hits. This specialized hiking shoe comes with lots of great supportive and reliable technologies but also comes with a bigger price tag. In the end, however, it is a highly acclaimed shoe and since it is designed for a specific market, the price may not even deter you.
      Where to Buy
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