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what are the best trail running shoes on the market and what should you look for in a pair? Buying Guide
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10 Best Trail Running Shoes Reviewed & Tested
Bored of running on roads? Ready to try something different? Trail running just might be your niche! If you are looking for a more challenging workout and to branch out of your normal routine, give trail running a shot. Trail running comes with many benefits and presents you with new and challenging ...
our list of the 10 best hiking boots fully reivewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Hiking Boots Tested and Fully Reviewed
A good pair of hiking boots is essential for anyone regularly hitting the trails. Although typically a little bulkier, some of the benefits of boots can be preferable to hiking shoes.  Boots will improve the comfort of your feet and can protect your joints from the impact of the rugged terrain. The h...
10 Best Tough Mudder Gloves Buying Guide
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12 Best Tough Mudder Gloves Reviewed & Compared
Tough Mudder courses were created for the singular purpose of being challenging, to push its runners to their limits and to have them walk away knowing they are better for having tried. A good athlete knows their body’s limits and a veteran knows that the right equipment will help them go just that l...
10 Best Obstacle Course Racing Shoes Reviewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Obstacle Course Racing Shoes Reviewed
If you’ve never done an obstacle course before, or are new to it, it’s important to remember that our average daily running shoes (even if they are trail running shoes ) are not meant for the extreme terrain, exercise, and overall environment hat an obstacle course requires. Obstacle courses requi...
10 best Scarpa shoes reviewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Scarpa Running Shoes Reviewed
The trail runners from Scarpa our some of the toughest and most enduring shoes available to runners today. The protection they provide can help the adventurous conquer even the most rugged of mountain trails and have them on their feet for work the next day. Runnerclick has done in depth research on ...
List of the best snow Running Shoes Buying Guide
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10 Best Snow Running Shoes Reviewed
If you’re committed to running year-round you need shoes that can keep up. Runners who are familiar with white winters and trying to adjust their routine to snow will already know the value in finding a good pair of running shoes that can stand up to the weather. It can be a little overwhelming tryin...
List of the Best Cross Country Shoes Buying Guide
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10 Best Cross Country Shoes Reviewed & Tested
For cross country runners, it's important to invest in the right pair of cross country shoes. These shoes need to stay in good shape no matter the distance or the terrain. Some types of running shoe fare better than others, so picking out the specific shoe matters. Cross country shoes need to have th...
The top rated trail running shoes from La Sportiva Buying Guide
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10 Best La Sportiva Trail Running Shoes Reviewed
Are you looking to run a trail and in the need of some trail running shoes? If you are, then La Sportiva Trail Running Shoes is the perfect brand for you! When you hear the name La Sportiva, you wouldn't be surprised to learn that this company is rooted in Italy. In fact, this brand can trace it's or...
Our list of the best fell running shoes around Buying Guide
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10 Best Fell Running Shoes Reviewed & Fully Compared
Trail running can already prove to be one of the toughest things a runner can put themselves up to. So what do you do if you want to push even farther? What if your standard trails just aren’t enough? Fell running is about finding the roughest, hardest, most unpredictable terrain and making it carry ...
The best running gear for the winter months Buying Guide
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Best Winter Running Gear Reviewed and Compared
If you're an athlete and you're looking for the best winter gear for running then you came to the right place! We have the best winter gear for 2018! We've provided a detailed list of what you will need to know and need to look for when buying these products for the perfect winter set up.  A lot of a...
In depth review of the Adidas Terrex Trailmaker
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Adidas Terrex Trailmaker
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In the Terrex TrailMaker, Adidas has created a versatile shoe that is protective and durable, as well as fast and comfortable. From the upper to the outsole, Adidas includes protective details that are designed to keep runners safe on the trail and comfortable regardless of the terrain and weather co...
In depth review of the Hoka One One Challenger ATR 4
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Hoka One One Challenger ATR 4
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The Hoka One One Challenger ATR 4 provides runners with the security and minimal cushioning of a traditional Hoka One One, but this shoe ups the ante by adding aggressive traction, a redesigned upper, and more overall grip to make it a great trail running option. Hoka made some key changes to the ATR...
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