Salomon XA Pro 3D CS WP

Salomon has become one of the most popular and trusted trail shoes brands on the market. It seems each edition they put out has a new feature, invention, or else additional promise that makes buying one of their trail shoes an attractive investment. Perhaps this is due to their stellar warranty, which promises to replace a runner’s shoes if any damage is incurred under 400 miles of use. Or maybe they just make a solid, durable trail shoe that can’t be beaten.

With their varied approach to constructing a fantastic product, Salomon strikes again with the XA Pro 3D CS WP, which encapsulates a number of its proprietary technologies. This model is a solid upgrade from the standard version, as it includes ClimaShield lining, a comfortable, warm, and waterproof material that runners running in cold weather will appreciate.

Stability is another factor- the stability of this shoe is superior and is thanks to two separate technologies. The first is its Sensifit overlays that heavily enforce the upper to provide excellent support and hold after lace-up, and the other is its midsole stability, made of a TPU that runs from heel to forefoot and helps guide the foot across uneven topography.

The CS WP is a trail-specific shoe that is built to hold up to rugged outdoor conditions. With a thick mudguard, toe guard, and lace garage, these elements add durability and offer the runner extra protection against potential hazards while trail running.

With its ClimaShield, high stability, and superior durability--all backed by Salomon’s warranty--trail runners looking for a shoe that will stand up to the manifold dangers present when running over rocks, through water and uneven terrain, and will retain its integrity even after hundreds of hard-charging miles are put on them. Trail runners who have previously experienced difficulty finding a shoe that can keep up with them may want to give the Salomon XA Pro 3D CS WP a chance--they may have met their match.

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Pros & Cons
  • Exceptionally comfortable 

  • Offers a great amount of traction

  • Excellent midfoot 

  • Highly durable 

  • Great stability 

  • QuickLace system 

  • Self-cleaning lugs 

    • Some runners have complained of its stiffness

    • Tends to run a little small and narrow

    • Breathability compromised by ClimaShield lining

      Key Features
      The XA Pro 3D CS WP’s outsole is made of Contragrip, a combination of carbon rubber that cover high-wear areas of the outsole for durability and sticky blown rubber for exceptional traction.

      With moderately sized lugs designed for multi-directional grip, trail runners will not only feel the difference when out on the trail but when the going gets tough and snow, ice, and sludge present themselves as obstacles to conquer.

      Tenacious without being overwhelming, trail runners will find its outsole something they can depend on when the going gets tough.
      The Salomon XA Pro 3D CS WP has a midsole made of full-length injection-molded EVA for solid cushioning, responsiveness, and durability. Covering the whole midsole, this allows for great landings and easy take-offs.

      To enhance the overall stability of the CS WP, a TPU shank--known as the 3D Advanced Chassis system--is included in the midsole, which also helps the runner transition quickly and more efficiently throughout the gait cycle.

      With durability, stability, and comfort, the midsole of the 3D CS WP is another stellar element of this well-constructed trail runner.
      Perhaps the central feature of the CS WP’s upper is its thick Sensifit overlays. These make up both the heel support and midfoot hold, which is noticeable, along with acting as an effective mudguard.

      With a thick mesh that offers breathability, the CS WP technology beneath the mesh--which translates to its ClimaShield tech--offers great protection against winter elements and waterproofing.

      The lacing system is Salomon’s QuickLace that allows for a customized fit that helps every shape of foot find a comfortable cinching. In addition, its heel tab helps foot entry and exit.
      For a trail runner that’s as durable and offers as much protection and traction as the CS WP does, it’s certainly not going to be a lightweight shoe, especially since it’s also designed to hold up to winter conditions.

      Coming in at 15.6 ounces/442 grams for men’s and 12.6 ounces/357 grams for women’s, the CS WP is a somewhat hefty trail runner. But considering the kind of overall protection and performance demanded of it, this weight is understandable.
      As with many things, some sacrifices need to be made in some areas so that others may find strength. And this holds true for the breathability of the CS WP: although its mesh upper tries to offer as much breathability as possible, its ClimaShield lining--which is waterproof and offers warmth in extreme climates--cuts down on overall breathability.

      One has to decide whether they’d like their foot to be warm and dry during a hike in cold conditions or if they’d sacrifice that security for breathability, but that’s a decision the CS WP has already made.
      With an EVA midsole and Ortholite insole and ClimaShield lining, the Salomon XA Pro 3D CS WP is guaranteed to be both comfortable and warm throughout any trek a trail runner may embark upon. Combine this with the excellent amount of protection both its upper and outsole provide and trail hikers and runners alike will feel comfortable and secure every step of the way.
      When you’re shopping for a trail shoe that’s durable and offers a great amount of protection, most likely you don’t want a thin, lightweight, and frankly flimsy-looking shoe. Here’s where the CS WP gets their aesthetic right: there is no way to mistake this for a lightweight shoe.

      With its thick, sturdy Sensifit overlays that cover the upper and similarly tenacious outsole made of blown and carbon rubber, combined with its tenacious lugs and overall solid look and feel, the CS WP is a trail shoe that looks like it means business--which it does.

      While it may not be the most subtle shoe on the market, for a trail runner that weighs in at nearly a pound apiece, runners will know just from one look that this is a trail shoe that will stand up to whatever the great outdoors throws at it.
      Salomon has a reputation to live up to and one that it’s rarely let runners down on--the durability of its product. And with the CS WP’s overall sturdy construction--from the Sensifit overlays to its mixed rubber outsole to ClimaShield liner--hikers and trail runners alike can look forward to many hundreds of miles with this show keeping its integrity together.

      It doesn’t hurt that its backed by Salomon’s standard 400-mile warranty that guarantees the replacement of the CW SP if it comes apart before such a milestone. Considering this is a guarantee that Salomon attaches to all of its shoes, it’s less than likely that it will.
      Made to withstand harsh winter conditions and get the trail hiker and runner safely across the uneven terrain and unpredictable turf encountered when out in the wild, the Salomon XA Pro 3D CS WP keeps the runner’s feet safe, dry, and warm in a number of situations they may find themselves hiking or running in.

      Its thick Sensifit overlays provide great protection to the upper of the foot while its carbon and blown rubber outsole, complete with earth-gripping lugs, keep the soles of their feet safe from a number of hazards.
      The Salomon XA Pro 3D CS WP’s midsole is where its responsive nature lays. With an EVA midsole that’s springy and responsive and a TPU shank that offers superior stability, runners will feel connected to their movements and able to navigate the tough terrains of nature.

      Add to this the sticky grip of the outsole, multi-directional lugs, and the shoe’s overall low profile, and runner and hikers will feel secure as they traverse the unpredictable topographies that necessitate quick thinking--and even quicker footwork--from one step to the next.
      The CS WP is straightforward in the support it offers: this is for neutral runners with neutral arch support offered. Although runners have commended the CS WP’s relatively strong arch support in this regard, this is not for over- or under-pronators, who may need to add extra support options to this shoe to address their needs.
      Of course, this wouldn’t be a trail runner if it wasn’t made for a variety of terrains. However, unlike many lightweight trail running shoes, the Salomon XA Pro 3D CS WP is made to tackle even tougher outdoor climes and situations. Are you a winter runner who’s looking to tear up snow-covered fields?

      The CS WP has you covered. Or maybe you can stand the rain and enjoy the challenging mud and sludge present the runner? Your feet will be dry and secure through this, as well. With a sticky outsole and well-protected, waterproof upper, the CS WP is a trail runner for all seasons.
      With everything the CS WP has to offer, its price isn’t going to be cheap. Particularly since the Salomon brand makes serious trail running shoes for serious trail hikers and runners, specificity often carries a bit of a price tag.

      But knowing that your feet are in shoes made from a company that specializes in creating a product to take on often dicey terrains, the extra few bucks that the CS WP may cost is well worth the investment.
      Two elements of the CS WP give it a powerful amount of traction and they’re both found in the outsole. The first is the sticky blown rubber that covers much of the outsole for superior traction, and the second is its moderately sized multi-directional lugs that will grip a variety of surfaces--from snow to sludge to slick grass--that will keep hikers and runners firmly connected to the ground.
      One minor complaint some runners have voiced about the CS WP is its lack of flexibility. Perhaps this is due to its somewhat stiff upper, which is covered with Sensifit overlays, or its thick outsole, which offers little in the way of flexibility. However, this is a small conceit for superior traction and protection.
      A surprising feature of the shoe is its stability. Thanks to the 3D Advanced Chassis system (which, for shorthand, could be referred to as a TPU shank) in its midsole, this allows runners to transition smoothly and offers a great amount of stability. However, this is not specifically a stability shoe.
      Trail running shoes tend to have a nominal, if not slightly higher, drop than the average running shoe, and the CS WP is no exception. Offering a 12mm heel to toe drop, runners and hikers will appreciate the slightly higher than average drop as they traverse inclines and negotiate tough terrains.
      Key Features
      - ClimaShield waterproof liner provides warmth and protection
      - 3D Advanced Chassis offers greater stability on the trail
      - SensiFit overlays provide a snug, comfortable fit
      - Quicklace system ensures a secure and customized fit
      - Contagrip outsole made of both carbon and blown rubber for superior grip and traction
      Bottom Line
      Durability, traction, protection, and comfort. That’s what the Salomon CS WP offers hikers and trail runners alike. With the ability to stand up to a variety of conditions and elements in the wild, and with warranty-backed durability, serious trail hikers and runners should seriously consider purchasing a pair.

      Not only will they last a long time but depending on how extreme one wants to go in their pursuit, they offer superior protection in moments when you need them most. For adventurers and dreamers alike, the Salomon XA Pro 3D CS WP is made to keep up the pace and never let their guard down, no matter the conditions in which one finds themselves.
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