Saucony Cohesion 9

In 1898 the first Saucony factory was founded in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Over the course of the following century, Saucony effectively established themselves as a prominent figure in the worlds of active footwear, fitness accessories, and sports apparel. Perhaps best known for their athletic footwear, the Saucony Cohesion is a recent and fairly popular addition to their robust catalog of running shoes. With the Cohesion 9, Saucony provides an excellent and highly affordable running shoe perfect for long training sessions.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Very affordable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Breathable mesh upper provides terrific airflow.
  • Highly flexible
  • Cons
    • Less durable than other brands
    • Somewhat disappointing arch support
    • Flexibility may be too extreme for some
    • Some runners noticed problems with the shoe's stability.
    • Key Features
      Using Saucony’s proprietary XT-600 material for its construction, the Cohesion 9’s outsole is lightweight and protective. In addition to these important features, this material also manages to provide a bit more comfort thanks to the forgiving flexibility. Because of these caveats made for the sake of cushion and a lighter weight, this outsole won’t last as long as more expensive and heavy-duty running shoes and trail shoes. However, it will function beautifully for the purposes of training and can help ease first-time runners into a routine with its gentle feel.
      Injected molded EVA foam, also commonly referred to as IMEVA, provides the material for the construction of the Saucony Cohesion 9’s midsole. In addition to keeping the total shoe weight low, this material offers a pleasant springiness which helps the shoe respond more efficiently to each stride. While this material can be a bit less shock absorbent due to its forgiving pliability, a decent amount of it has been added to the midsole in order to compensate for this potential shortcoming. The result is a thicker middle section of the shoe with decent stability and a lightweight.
      The most noticeable changes made to the Saucony Cohesion’s design can be seen here, in the shoe’s upper. To improve the comfort and durability from previous models, a more tight-fitting build has been implemented with thicker material. The standard breathable mesh fabric is still on display, helping to provide decent ventilation throughout the foot, but the addition of an extra synthetic fabric layer diminishes the upper’s breathability somewhat in the pursuit of higher durability. It will ultimately be up to your preferences and environmental factors to determine whether or not these changes are worth making the upgrade from previous Cohesion models.
      If the primary purpose of a particular shoe is exercise then the weight of the shoe is extremely important. Heavier shoes can cause discomfort over longer running periods and may accumulate extra sweat from exertion. However, the Saucony Cohesion 9 weighs approximately 10 ounces and was designed to avoid these troublesome issues. It is so cleverly designed that the substitution of heavier material for lighter synthetics doesn’t affect its comfort in any noticeable way. This is an excellent justification for purchasing these shoes, even if the durability takes a hit as a consequence.
      According to reviewers, its breathability is quite high. The high-quality carbon rubber used in the construction of the Cohesion 9’s upper sole keeps your feet dry, sweat-free and hygienic even when running for a long time. However, some users have noticed that this high ventilation can start to diminish throughout its lifespan. After a few months of frequent and heavy use, these running shoes can lose their breathability and begin to feel slippery. Furthermore, the purportedly sweat-proof mesh used in the upper’s construction is limited slightly thanks to the extra layer of synthetic material placed on top.
      Extremelly lightweight material was used when making these shoe. This is to ensure that the wearer doesn’t experience any discomfort due to chafing or unnecessary weight that can impede continuous running sessions. According to the manufacturer, an ‘advanced cushion integration system’ has been implemented in its design for the express purpose of comfort. Though this shoe fits the foot nicely, the quality of materials used to manufacture the upper sole is nothing extraordinary. Regardless, the comfort felt in these shoes is quite impressive given their lower price.
      The Saucony Cohesion series always come with numerous color options, and the 9th iteration is no exception. With an interesting conjunction between darker grays, blues, and blacks with brighter neon greens and yellows, these shoes manage to look appealing and distinctive while coordination with your outfit beautifully. The closure laces with a padded collar and tongue not only look dignified but are made from high-quality material. Even the outsole, which was intended solely to handle running on hilly terrain, features an appealing aesthetic of cascading colors.
      The rubber that used in manufacturing this shoe, known as XT-600, is an extremely high-quality carbon material well known for its durability. The rubber is designed in such a way that no pain or discomfort should be felt from wearing it for a long time. Though almost all of the users feel that the Cohesion 9’s are extremely well made, a small minority have experienced severe deterioration in the very first month of wearing them. It appears to some customers that Saucony has been gradually downgrading the quality of their shoes in order to keep the price and weight down.
      Beneath the heel of this shoe is a small depression in the foam, giving the sole a very comfortable and protected feel. In addition, this subtle design choice also helps to prevent your feet from suffering too much shock with impact. The high-quality carbon used for the construction of the sole’s entirety also helps to protect your feet from shock as well as preventing any cramping caused by sudden motion changes. Because of how protective this particular aspect of the shoe manages to be, these are some of the best running shoes for individuals suffering from plantar fasciitis.
      Saucony is generous enough this time around to add a few more millimeters of foam across the midsole than in previous models. As a result, the shoe has a really responsive ride. This surprisingly high energy efficiency is definitely unconventional among other shoes in the Cohesion 9’s price range, and it is one of the strongest positive aspects of its design. In fact, the responsiveness in these shoes is so high that it may end up actually detracting from stability in many runners’ cases.
      The support offered by the Saucony Cohesion 9 is fairly decent but not the best. Initially, running for longer distances with these shoes will not cause any undue aches or discomfort thanks to ample cushioning and a lightweight. In particular, the implementation of a heel cup provides terrific support to the back of the shoe, ensuring a snug fit. Speaking of the heel support, the midsole even has a ‘heel grid system’ to provide extra support and stability. In the pursuit of a tight fit, these shoes’ laces are also designed in a manner so as to avoid any discomfort or excessive pressure on the wearer’s feet.
      Though it is potentially capable of managing hills and trails, the recommended terrain for these Saucony shoes is roads flat concrete, and running track. The lugs of the shoe are certainly able to handle the muddy, sandy, dirty, rocky and hilly terrain, but other aspects of its design make it a bad idea to use the Cohesion 9 in these environments. In order to facilitate flatter running surfaces, a drastic heel drop makes incline running more difficult. Additionally, lower durability for the sake of breathability and a low weight means these shoes are unable to handle the wear and tear that would be sustained by off-road running.
      This is a budget shoe for certain, being listed at a much lower price than many other running shoes available. This below-average price is justified in part due to some disappointing features, like a questionable durability and somewhat diminished stability. However, many aspects of these shoes seem much better than their modest price might suggest, such as their responsiveness to your stride and their comfortable cushioning. Because of the Saucony Cohesion 9’s high affordability, it makes for a terrific short-term running shoe best suited for individuals recovering from a foot injury or wanting to just get into recreational jogging.
      As previously mentioned, the outsoles of these Saucony shoes are competently designed to the point that they can handle uneven or inclined surfaces easily. Despite the fact that other design aspects will discourage using these shoes in rougher environments, the traction offered can still be useful on flatter surfaces. One particular environment in which the Cohesion 9 offers terrific traction is during mild to moderate rain storms. In addition to ensuring a solid grip, breathable mesh fabric prevents warping from excessive accumulation of moisture, contributing additional traction by maintaining a snug fit.
      Due to the presence of several grooves and flexing points on the sidewalls of these shoes, the Cohesion 9 is highly bendable. The sidewall grooves are placed in the foam portion on the shoe, and they work beautifully in conjunction with the lighter midsole to provide a highly efficient stride. This high flexibility makes these Saucony shoes capable of performing well with a variety of surfaces, especially when accounting for the extra forefoot grip from its high heel drop. However, these shoes can feel so forgiving that it detracts from the overall experience, crossing the line from efficient to sloppy.
      Saucony decided to use its advanced grid technology in the heel area for this iteration of their Cohesion series. The heel grid system provides high-class stability and cushioning to a significant extent that will likely surprise some runners simply looking for a budget training shoe. While some users have no doubt about the authenticity of this feature, other have questioned whether or not any real difference can be felt from this new feature. One thing that can be immediately noticed is the heel cup, which helps add heel stability due to how firmly it can keep your heel in place while running. Ultimately, the addition of these features is terrific for the sake of heel strikers, but midfoot or forefoot strikers won’t feel a big difference.
      With a 12 mm drop, the Saucony Cohesion 9 is par for the course in the realm of running shoes. What may be surprising to some, however, is just how much cushion is used to facilitate the heel elevation. In order to achieve the ideal trifecta of low cost, high cushion, and excellent flexibility, Saucony used several mm of IMEVA material for the midsole of this shoe. The result is a sheer drop that is favored by flat runners with a neutral gait. However, thanks to the extra cushion, runners with foot issues such as plantar fasciitis can feel relief from pain even with the extreme drop.
      Key Features

      • Stack height of 29mm

      • Wide variety of color options.

      • Heel Cup ensures tight heel fit

      • Extra foam placed across the midsole

      • Reflective material on the lace holds up the shoe’s tongue

      • Small depression under the midsole in the foam provides comfort and protection

      • Manufactured with XT-600 high-quality carbon rubber

      • Advanced cushion integration system

      Bottom Line
      So long as you don’t expect some miraculous king of running shoes, the Saucony Cohesion 9 will meet your running needs. Out of Saucony’s popular series of reasonable and budget-friendly shoes, this ninth iteration contains many features that are to be expected from its low price and a few that surpass these expectations. With clear signs of care in the design and construction of these running shoes, the end result is a set of footwear perfect for runners on a budget looking for something comfortable and stable. One thing worth noting, however, is that these shoes won’t be able to provide this comfort and stability for a very long time; you will need to replace them much quicker than more expensive premium models.
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