Saucony Hurricane 23

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Editor’s Conclusion
Stability running shoes are evolving in the roaring ’20s, and the Saucony Hurricane 23 is a great example of the changes being made. Stability shoes have a reputation of being stiff like scaffolding for your feet. While this older style is effective for those who need extra padding and guidance systems to help with overpronation, they can really slow down your pace. The Saucony Hurricane 23 is the new wave in supportive yet flexible trainers.

It boasts an updated midsole that provides a good deal of cushioning that feels plush and an 8 mm drop for an added boost in the heel without being too steep. They are still fairly heavy, but the even distribution of weight keeps your stride light and bright.

I love these shoes because they provide excellent lockdown in the forefoot and the heel without feeling too tight and restrictive. Plus, they offer a wide and roomy toe box that allows your toes to naturally splay inside of the shoe.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into the advanced features that make the Saucony Hurricane 23 one of the better stability running shoes currently out there on the market.
Editor's Pros & Cons

PWRRUN+ midsole is incredibly plush yet responsive

Flexible carbon rubber outsole with additional flex grooves

Great for running long distances

Hidden stability features in the medial side of the foot

Extra eye loop for a customized fit

Heel locks in place

Reflective stitching on upper


Upper can run hot

Heavier than expected

Slightly expensive

Key Features

Key Features


Saucony utilizes their new and improved PWRRUN+ for the midsole of this stability trainer. While PWRRUN foam is great, runners find that it is a little on the stiff side, and doesn’t provide that plush cushioning that many runners prefer. The PRWRUN+ offers runners the same level of responsiveness for light and bouncy ride with additional cushioning to help soothe tired joints and reduce the impact when running on hard surfaces.

To be a real stability shoe, you need some type of guidance system to help even out your gait cycle. Saucony opts for a hard plastic medial post that runs along the inside of the shoe to help with overpronation.

Guidance systems are great, but can sometimes rub up against your foot and become quite uncomfortable. Saucony works to correct this problem by sandwiching its guidance system between two layers of plush PRWRUN+ foam. The guidance system is there, but you most likely won’t even notice it!


There is very little exposed foam in the build of the outsole of this stability trainer. This outsole is composed of a full-length carbon rubber outsole that adds a little extra spring to your step. This rubber is insanely durable and is made to withstand heavy gait cycles and longer distances. Even after 100 miles, the outsole of this design shows little signs of overall wear and tear, making it an excellent long-distance shoe even for heavier runners.

There have also been some pretty big updates made to the overall design of this outsole. Innovated flex grooves built into the rubber serve two distinct purposes. Firstly, they help enhance your overall grip on the pavement. This rubber is slightly tacky, which makes it ideal when running on slick sidewalks or bumpy trails.

The grooves in the rubber also work to boost flexibility. Your stride will just feel more natural and allows you to engage in higher intensity workouts with a fuller range of motion, which is unique for a stability trainer.


The upper of this design walks that fine line between a stability trainer and a neutral runner. It boasts a blend of mesh materials and synthetic overlays that really help boost lockdown. The heel is firm with added cushioning to prevent heel slippage and really lock these shoes to your feet.

While the upper is composed of comfortable mesh and padding, it feels a little on the stiff side. Some runners felt that it contoured easily to the shape of their feet, while others had to tinker with the laces to find that perfect fit. The good news is that Saucony added an extra eyelet hole in the laces for a more customizable fit.

While this upper is nice and cushioned, some runners found that it runs a little hot. It is composed of multiple layers of mesh and synthetic overlays that boost lockdown but traps hot air against your feet as you train.

For runs in cooler weather, this won’t be much of an issue and may even help keep your feet warm on cooler days. In the summer, be prepared for hot and sweaty feet!


While it may resemble a neutral trainer, the Saucony Hurricane 23 is a tried and tested stability shoe. The plush PWRRUN+ cushioning, thick rubber outsole, and structured upper work together to lock your feet into a nice and even gait cycle.

It’s an ideal shoe to take out for nice and easy tempo runs and is also built for long distances as well. What makes this stability trainer unique is that the more flexible build of this shoe is also ideal for more high-intensity workouts such as cross-training or HIIT.

With newer stability trainers adopting a more neutral style, could this shoe be worn by those that typically wear neutral trainers? The short answer is no. While this shoe performs similarly to a neutral runner, the higher weight and hidden stability features may slow you down too much.

If you want the extra cushioning and responsiveness offered by the Hurricane without the hidden stability features, you may want to check out Saucony’s Triumph series.


There were a few fit issues with Hurricane 22, but Saucony has worked to fix those problems with Hurricane 23. Previous iterations of this shoe were slightly too long, but the newest model runs the to size. If you are a size 10 in previous Saucony running shoes, the same can be said for the Saucony Hurricane 23.

If you have never tried Saucony shoes before, be sure that you take good measurements of your feet and compare those numbers to their detailed sizing chart to save yourself a trip to the return counter!

While these shoes fit true to size, some runners have run into issues with the overall fit of the upper. If you have the option, I suggest taking these shoes for a test drive at your local shoe store. Some runners found that the upper fits a little too tightly along the top of their feet which can cause rubbing and hot spots.

Saucony added an extra lace loop to this design that allows runners to tinker with the overall fit of this shoe. If it doesn’t fit quite right out of the box, be sure to play around with the laces to craft that per locked-down fit.


To me, the styling of this shoe is pretty average. It comes in a variety of color options, but all of the color palettes offered are fairly neutral. If you like fun and poppy colors, you may be a little disappointed with the colors offered in this lineup.

Overall, it’s not a bad design albeit a little bit boring. What I do appreciate about the shoe, however, is that it’s a tried and tested stability shoe that looks like a neutral runner. Stability shoes are often big and clunky, and the Hurricane 23 is super sleek and slim, which is nice.


The Hurricane 23 is one of Saucony’s more expensive daily trainers, and for a good reason. Sure the price tag is a little intimidating, but you are getting a big bang for your buck with this design. Heavier runners often burn through running shoes fairly quickly, and the durable rubber outsole of this design is made to take a beating.

Even if you are someone that is incredibly hard on your running shoes, Hurricane 23 is ready for the challenge. If you can swing the higher price point, this shoe is well worth every penny!
Comparisons to Previous Versions

Comparisons to Previous Versions

There have been big changes made to the Saucony Hurricane 23, and they are all for the better. This updated design somehow boosts the stability offered while slimming down the overall weight and bulk of the shoe. One of the biggest changes made to this shoe is the construction of the outsole.

Saucony swapped out the crystal rubber and replaced it with a full carbon rubber outsole with flex grooves. This updated design makes the shoe more durable, bouncy, and flexible for a more natural fit.

Overall, this shoe is lighter than Hurricane 22 and provides more cushioning than previous versions as well. Saucony has also improved the overall fit of this shoe. The Hurricane 22 ran long, while the updated version is true to size.


If you are on the hunt for a great stability shoe that doesn’t feel heavy and bulky like old-school stability shoes, the Saucony Hurricane is an excellent choice.

Runners love that it boasts a super cushioned PWRRUN+ midsole with a hidden guidance system that naturally corrects your gait cycle to help with overpronation. An 8 mm drop propels your feet forward while still providing a modest ground feel.

It’s a perfect option for long distances or tempo runs, and it is versatile enough to wear when engaging in quick movements such as HIIT or weight training. Stability shoes no longer need to be heavy and clunky, and the updates made to the Saucony Hurricane 23 are proof of that.