Saucony Ignition 5

The fifth iteration of the Saucony Ignition was redesigned to provide a much more comfortable and cushioned experience for runners. This neutral running shoe is ideal for heavy runners and everyday runners looking for a trainer or competition shoe. This lightweight shoe is fast and versatile enough to accommodate most runners. The newest version of the shoe combines technical features with comfort making it an ideal shoe for beginner and experienced runners alike. Improved from previous versions, the Ignition 5 improves many existing components including durability, cushioning, comfort and support. The shoe boasts a breathable mesh upper, removable insole, heel grid technology and a foam midsole that combine to create a highly comfortable, efficient shoe. The improved outsole also creates additional durability and traction. The 8.5-ounce shoe makes the running experience fast, efficient and comfortable – all at an affordable price.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
• Lightweight
• Durable outsole
• Affordable price
• Breathable upper
• Good cushioning
• Toe box is a little narrow
• Plastic look of upper is a bit unappealing
Key Features
The outsole helps to support the foot from underneath. The outsole of the Saucony Ignition 5 has many features designed to make this shoe a great option for heavy and everyday runners alike. Saucony uses XT-600 on the outsole, a carbon rubber material that covers the sole unit. The outsole not only protects the foot, it also provides reliable durability and traction so that runners can maneuver better. Wear and tear are minimal with this strong outsole. The shoe also uses a triangular lug design to provide added traction. The Ignition 5 also uses a grid system on the heel, protecting the heel during impact and providing a comfortable landing. Flex grooves along the forefront section allow toe-off to follow the natural movement of the foot. Overall, the strong outsole of the Ignition 5 offers excellent durability, traction and protection.

The Saucony Ignition 5 uses IMEVA on the midsole to provide an underfoot cushioning that is enhanced from previous versions. The lightweight cushioning absorbs shock during impact allowing toe-off to be more natural. The shoe’s foam is also more durable and comfortable than previous versions of the Ignition. There is a grid design on the midsole that balances the ball of the foot so that there is more stability and support for the foot, while also protecting the foot from impact. The Saucony Ignition 5 also has deep flex grooves that provide the shoe with flexibility so that the platform can bend with the foot. Most reviewers enjoyed the amount of cushioning and thought it helped with the overall comfort of the shoe. Overall, the midsole is above average.

The Saucony Ignition 5 upper uses Air Mesh to offer a comfortable, breathable atmosphere for the foot. The upper uses mesh material to provide ventilation to keep the feet comfortable. There are also synthetic overlays that offer support and stability to the midfoot. The overlays are welded onto the upper so that there is a snug fit. Additionally, the lacing system is connected to the overlays proving more stability and comfort. The shoe also boasts a padded tongue and collar. Overall the upper ranks above average with the security and comfort that it provides.
With a weight of 8.5 ounces for men and 7.9 ounces for women, the Saucony Ignition 5 is a lightweight running shoe. Noticeably lighter than the previous version, Saucony uses technology to decrease the weight of this still cushioned shoe. Reviewers were pleased with the weight of the shoe because they did not feel like they were being dragged down by a heavy, clunky shoe. With this shoe, there is no worry that you lose cushioning with the weight, as the shoe provides strong on both ends. Overall, this is a relatively lightweight shoe.
Breathability does not seem to be an issue with the Saucony Ignition 5. The shoe has many features that contribute to the overall breathability. The Air Mesh upper is designed to keep the foot cool and dry. Additionally, the mesh material has an open construction that allows for air to come into the shoe seamlessly providing a well-ventilated experience. The removable sockliner also contributes to the shoe’s breathability.
As mentioned in many of the other featured sections, comfort levels for the Saucony Ignition 5 is high. The shoe’s cushioning provides a very comfortable running experience. Saucony uses the IMEVA midsole to give the foot cushioning that optimizes the running experience. The lightweight cushioning helps to create a much more efficient running experience as well by providing a bounce-back ability that creates a more responsive ride. The cushioning on the shoe is more enhanced and consistent than previous versions as noted by many reviewers. The shoe’s grid system in the heel allows the shoe to protect the heel during impact adding to the comfort of the shoe. In addition, the Ignition 5’s inner sleeve, tongue, and collar use a soft fabric on the lining, keeping the foot padded and comfortable. While Saucony states that the shoe is true to size, many reviewers felt that the shoe was a bit too snug. Some reviewers felt that the shoe needed to be ordered a half size larger. Other reviewers felt that the toe box was too narrow. Once sizing was addressed though, reviewers felt that the shoe was lightweight and comfortable. The shoes were noted as being flexible and comfortable without being clunky. Overall the Saucony Ignition 5 uses many features to create a comfortable running experience.
With colorful running shoes being the trend as of lately, the Saucony Ignition 5 is lacking a bit on style. While the shoe offers a variety of colorful options and a sleek design, there is a lot of white on the foam cushioning that makes the shoe look a bit dated. If bold colors are not your style, though, this shoe offers a simple design. There are also reflective details that are there to provide added visibility but also contribute to the style of the shoe. Some reviewers did not like the plastic appearance of the upper. Depending on your taste, this shoe could be just what you are looking for – or a bit too simple.
The redesigned Saucony Ignition 5 was created to be more durable than previous versions. In particular, the redesigned outsole unit uses XT-600, a carbon rubber outsole material that covers the length of the sole unit. This material is designed to prevent the shoe from the wear and tear associated with abrasive surfaces encountered while running. There are also flex grooves on the forefront of the shoe that contribute to the shoe’s durability, along with its triangular lug design. Reviewers said that the shoe not only offers excellent comfort but also durability. Overall the Saucony Ignition 5 is a highly durable shoe.
Saucony has many features that contribute to the shoe’s protection quality. With a strong amount of foam cushioning throughout the shoe and the redesigned rubber outsole, there is an added level of protection from tough surfaces. The overlays provide structural support to the foot, while the flex grooves not only allow the shoe to be more flexible, they also allow the shoe to move with the foot. The Ignition 5’s heel grid technology on the rear section of the shoe is designed to protect the heel during impact. Additionally, the shoe’s grid design balances the ball of the foot so that it remains in a stable, supported position, while protecting the foot during impact. Overall, the Saucony Ignition 5 offers a good amount of protection.
The Saucony Ignition 5 offers a good amount of responsiveness. The shoe provides support and balance to the foot, allowing a smooth transition from the heel to the forefront. This helps create a much more efficient running experience. The foam cushioning helps minimize shock during impact, allowing for smoother transitions. The foam is still light enough to give the shoe a lightweight midsole. There is also the shoe’s grid system in the heel that allows the heel to land more comfortably, lessening the force of impact, while also helping with bounce back. The flex grooves also contribute to the shoe’s responsiveness by allowing the shoe to bend with the foot so that each toe-off is more natural. Overall, the Saucony Ignition 5 creates a smooth, responsive experience for runners.
Support is average for the Saucony Ignition 5. The shoe is made to support both heavy and everyday runners in and out of competition. The use of the carbon runner on the outsole provides enhanced cushioning and support. The shoe also uses a foam cushioning system to support the foot during impact. The IMEVA midsole contributes to a more supportive running experience than previous versions. The shoe’s grid system in the heel supports the heel during impact. Reviewers felt that there was an adequate amount of arch support as well. Additionally, welded overlays provided support to the midfoot and forefront areas. The overlays help protect the foot during impact, while also helping to create a smoother transition. Despite the fact that some reviewers felt that the shoe was a bit narrow, the shoe is designed to accommodate a range of foot shapes, while providing support. Overall, for a neutral shoe, the Saucony Ignition 5 does a good job of providing support.
The Saucony Ignition 5 is designed to be used on roads, as well as for competition and everyday use. The shoe’s outsole, made from the XT-600 carbon rubber material, provides adequate protection against abrasive surfaces. The shoe also has a triangular lug design. These features combine to provide a strong amount of traction so the shoe could potentially be used on some light trails. The durable shoe’s traction ensures that the runner has great traction while running, turning and stopping.
The price for the shoe is definitely affordable. Originally retailing for approximately $70, the shoe can be found online at around $45. With the cushioning, strong outsole, and versatility of the Saucony Ignition 5, this shoe is a great buy. No matter how many miles are put on this shoe, runners will be pleased with the cost and durability of this shoe.
The Saucony Ignition 5’s redesigned outsole uses durable rubber that delivers strong traction on the roads. The XT-600 is a carbon rubber outsole material that spans the length of the shoe, protecting from wear and tear and adding traction. Combined with the shoe’s triangular lug design, the outsole makes sure that the runner has adequate traction to run, turn and stop effectively. Overall, the Saucony Ignition 5 is above average when it comes to traction.
Shoes with additional cushioning often don’t provide a very flexible running experience. However, this is not the case with the Saucony Ignition 5. The shoe has deep flex grooves that move with the foot, allowing toe-off to follow the natural movement of the foot. The flex grooves are located on the forefoot area of the shoe, encouraging natural flexibility. One reviewer said that the shoe felt sturdy, but still flexible and cushioned. The shoe’s upper also adds to the shoe’s flexibility while keeping the foot secure as well.
The Saucony Ignition 5 offers a lightweight, yet cushioned design that helps the foot feel stable. The shoe’s structured overlays provide support to the midfoot and forefront areas while maintaining a snug, stable feel. The shoe’s grid design balances the ball of the foot, which keeps it in a stable position and protects it during impact. The shoe’s upper also keeps the foot feeling secure with its inner sleeve, tongue, collar, and lacing system. While stability is a strong point for this shoe, the Ignition 5 is still a neutral shoe. This means that if stability is a key element in the purchasing decision, it would be best to explore the options in the Motion Control category of shoes.
The Saucony Ignition 5 has a midsole drop of 8mm. This is a good drop for runners who are a bit more seasoned. While the shoe offers strong cushioning, it is more spread out, rather than being focused on the heel.
Key Features
• 8mm heel-to-toe drop
• IMEVA midsole
• Heel Grid System
• XT-600 Carbon Rubber outsole
• Heel crash pad
• Triangular lug design
Bottom Line
The Saucony Ignition 5 is a neutral shoe with enhanced features from previous versions and with an affordable price that makes it a great option for heavy and everyday runners looking for a shoe for competition or just a trainer. The updated cushioning, outsole and upper use new technology that have improved the running experience. The shoe uses molded foam, XT-600 carbon rubber, and structured overlays to make the shoe comfortable yet supported. While some reviewers felt that fit was an issue, ordering a half size larger seems to fix that. Overall, the Saucony Ignition 5 is a lightweight, cushioned shoe that will last for many miles.
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