Saucony Triumph 19

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Our Conclusion
The Saucony Triumph 19 is a great cushioned daily trainer that is designed to conquer long distances. This design boasts a lightweight and breathable upper to keep your foot cool and dry and provides a customized fit that contours to the shape of your unique foot like a glove. The PWRRUN+ midsole walks that fine line between max cushioning and responsiveness to keep your stride light and bright.

Many runners found that this shoe is so kind to their legs on long-distance daily runs that they felt fresh enough to get out there on the trails the next day. Previous versions of the Triumph often fell a little flat, so to speak, and this updated design offers the same level of cushioning and responsiveness with a little less overall weight and bulk.

Overall, I would recommend this running shoe for those that need a little extra cushioning when running long distances, for those that like to go out for nice and easy tempo runs.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into the advanced features that make the Saucony Triumph 19 a really great highly cushioned daily trainer.
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Pros & Cons
Gusseted tongue
Articulated laces for an adaptive fit
PWRRUN+ midsole is cushioned yet responsive
Lightweight design
Great for easy tempo runs or for running long distances
Articulated lacing system for a more adaptive fit
Slighty expensive
Key Features
Key Features

The midsole of the Saucony Triumph series has always been one of its best features. The Triumph 19 is composed of Saucony’s PWRRUN+ which is considered to be 28 percent lighter than PWRRUN foam. Overall, this midsole offers runners nice step-in feel that is soft and squishy and tightens up while you run for a super-responsive ride.

Classic PWRRUN is composed of closed-cell EVA foam which is nice and bright but runs a little heavy and lacks durability over time. PWRRUN+ isn’t just an updated EVA compound, but rather a whole new cushioning material.

It is composed of expanded TPU, which gives you the cushion and feel of EVA foam but with a more responsive ride with an added layer of durability.

Even after 100 miles, this midsole won’t squish down into a pancake and feels just as bright and responsive as it did right out of the box.


Just like the midsole, the outsole of this highly durable shoe has remained the same when comparing it to previous versions. It is composed of XT-900 carbon rubber that is known for its excellent traction and durability. This full-length rubber outsole is ideal when running on slick sidewalks due to the slightly tacky nature of the rubber.

Some runners feel that the grip of this outsole is great for running on modest trailheads as well. Whether you like to stick to the treadmill or take it out on the trails, this outsole really delivers.

What I also love about the design of this outsole is that the carbon rubber runs the full length of the shoe. It boasts a few peeks of exposed midsole materials along the arches and along the medial side of your foot for added flexibility.

While this outsole is insanely durable and built for over 300 miles, you won’t lose a whole lot of agility or flexibility underfoot.


The biggest change made to the design of the Saucony Triumph 19 lies in the construction of the upper. Unlike previous versions, this upper feels incredibly lightweight and agile.

It provides runners with just a little bit of extra padding and cushioning along the heel counter and tongue, but this extra cushioning isn’t overly bulky and won’t limit your full range of motion. The gusseted tongue is a welcome addition and locks the tongue in place so it won’t shift around as you run.

The upper is composed of Saucony’s new engineered mono mesh that works to move hot air up and away from your feet to keep them cool and dry.

The lacing system has also been reworked to help runners create that perfect locked-down fit that really contours to the shape of their feet.

To help boost safety when running in low-light conditions, Saucony even added a few reflective panels along the sides and rear of the shoe to keep you noticed out there on the roads or the trails.


Overall, I would recommend this shoe for runners that want something that is light and bright but also provides an excellent level of cushioning that is not often found in long-distance daily trainers.

Neutral running shoes are great for runners that want to log in a lot of miles, but they are often lacking in overall cushioning, leaving your legs screaming the following day.

The high level of cushioning found in this easy daily trainer helps to absorb the impact when running on hard surfaces and can make your legs and feet feel rested and ready to go the following day.

For runners that need a shoe for clocking high speeds, this shoe may fall a little flat. While the overall weight of this shoe is less than previous versions, it’s still a little on the heavy side for a daily trainer built for speed. It weighs in at 10.2 ounces, which may slow you down a bit when speed is the name of the game.

Due to the overall weight, I feel that it is best to stick to nice and easy tempo runs or long distances. For speed, the Saucony Endorphin Speed might be your best option.


The FormFit mono-mesh upper is designed to fit your feet like a glove. Many runners felt that the overall fit of this shoe helped to boost lockdown without cutting off the circulation to their feet. Saucony also reworked the design of the laces that allow runners to craft that perfect fit along the top side of their feet.

This shoe runs true to size, which means that if you are a size 10 in other Saucony trainers, the same can be said for the fit of the Triumph 19. If you have never tried Saucony shoes before, be sure to take ample measurements of your feet and compare them to Saucony’s sizing chart to spare yourself a trip to the returns counter!


The price of this running shoe is just slightly more expensive than your average pair of neutral trainers, but not by much. However, if you are on the hunt for a durable pair of daily trainers with a high level of cushioning and energy return, this shoe is an overall excellent value.

The outsole of this design is made from high-end carbon rubber that is built to tackle hundreds of miles while showing very few signs of wear and tear. Plus, the revamped PWRRUN+ midsole won’t squish down into a pancake after a few hundred miles.

It may cost a little bit more than your standard daily trainer, but I feel that it is well worth every penny.
Comparisons to Previous Versions
With the previous version of the Triumph, the midsole and outsole were solid. They were cushioned yet responsive and offered runners a great ride for long distances. However, the Saucony Triumph 18 had an upper that was just a little too cushioned and heavy.

For a lightweight daily trainer, runners don’t want to be bogged down with a lot of extra bulk and weight. The good news is that the Triumph 19 left everything that was good about the previous versions, and updated the upper for a more fine-tuned ride.

Overall, the tweaks made to the upper of this shoe shaved off nearly a full ounce of overall weight to make this shoe more lightweight and agile. It is also reinforced with an improvised lacing system with an adaptive fit that allows you to tinker with the overall fit of this shoe.

This lacing system boosts the overall lockdown of the shoe, as well as helps contour to your feet for a more comfortable overall ride that is perfect for long distances.
For runners in the market for a great daily trainer that is built to conquer long-distance training, the Saucony Triumph 19 is an excellent choice. If you are someone that is incredibly hard on your running shoes, this option is well worth the initial investment.

The combination of the durable full-length carbon rubber outsole with Saucony’s PWRRUN+ TPU foam creates a durable yet comfortable ride that keeps your legs nice and fresh when running long distances.

As a shoe that is built for distance and easy tempo runs, it is important to note that these super comfy features make this shoe a little on the heavy side. While it is much more agile and lightweight than previous versions, the 10+ ounces of weight to this shoe will hold you back a bit when speed is the name of the game.

Overall, I would recommend this super comfortable daily trainer for runners that like to go out on nice and easy meditative runs, or for runners that want to go the distance.
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