Saucony Omni 20

The Saucony Omni 20 is a great stability shoe that likes to push speed boundaries. It’s nice and supportive and offers more agility and movement when compared to similar stability trainers.

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Pros & Cons
FORMFIT upper fits your foot like a glove
PWRNRUN midsole cushioning is the perfect combination of cushioning and responsiveness
Blended rubber outsole is very flexible and nimble
Heightened beveling in the heel counter and forefoot for better impact absorption
Incredibly durable
Great for long-distance running or agility work
The shallow heel counter is prone to slipping
Upper is not very breathable
Key Features
Key Features

The midsole of this design is composed of Saucony’s patented PWRRUN midsole cushioning for a soft yet supportive ride. When you slip your feet inside of this shoe, it provides a slipper-like softness that helps to protect your knees and joints throughout your gait cycle.

This blend of cushioning is composed of both EVA foam for softness as well as TPU to add an extra spring to your step. What runners love most about this unique cushioning is that it is the perfect marriage between high-end comfort and energy return. As you pick up the pace, this midsole material firms up to feel like you are running on tiny trampolines.

What I also love about this midsole design is that it boasts medial side posts to naturally correct your gait cycle. If you tend to overpronate (which means that the weight of your feet bends inward) these posts naturally push up against your feet to evenly distribute the weight throughout your entire foot instead of just one side.

When your gait cycle is neutral, it takes undue pressure off of your knees and joints. This helps to eliminate knee and lower back pain that can lead to injuries, or just make running longer distances difficult.


There have been some pretty big improvements made to the structure of the outsole. It’s composed of a blend of two different types of rubbers that include iBR+ and XT-900. It has a higher concentration of iBR+ in the forefoot, and XT-900 in the heel counter. IBR+ rubber is much more lightweight and nimble than your standard rubber outsole.

By utilizes this style of rubber in the forefoot, it helps to naturally propel your forward for snappy toe-offs, which is something not often seen in stability trainers.

The XT-900 rubber is a carbon-based rubber that is known for its high traction and durability. By placing this style of rubber in the heel, this rubber increases your shoe’s overall durability (essential for heel-strikers) and boosts your overall traction when training on slick surfaces.

It’s a little bit heavier than your standard rubber, but the added weight is well worth the impact absorption and heightened durability over time.

It’s also important to note that the TRI_FLEX design of this outsole boosts flexibility and agility. The rubber pattern built into the outsole helps runners maintain a natural range of motion that is perfect not only for running but agility work as well.

In fact, runners that prefer super-stiff stability trainers felt that the flexibility of this outsole was just a little too flexible for their needs.

Overall, the outsole of this shoe feels like a neutral trainer underfoot while maintaining high-end stability features in the midsole.


The FORMFIT upper of this design is made to cradle your feet in 360 degrees of comfort. Mant stability trainers build their upper like scaffolding for your feet, which locks them in place but doesn’t offer much in terms of a natural range of motion.

A stiff upper is great for walking or standing on your feet all day but can feel a little awkward while running. The FORMFIT upper in this design boasts an internal carriage system underfoot that locks your foot in place to prevent slippage. It also contours to the shape of your foot for a secure fit that fits like a glove.

This upper allows runners to maintain a natural range of motion that feels quick and nimble while locking their feet in place.

It hosts a pillowy soft tongue and heel collar that wraps your feet in 360 degrees of comfort, but that added comfort comes at a cost. The high-end cushioning and FORMFIT upper design feels great, but it’s not very breathable.

When running in cooler climates this upper performs quite well but can cause your feet to sweat in those hot summer months.


Overall, I would recommend this shoe for runners that like a good stability shoe, but don’t want to sacrifice movement and agility. Stability trainers often bog your feet down in a massive amount of stiff cushioning and guidance systems.

These designs are great for some but can feel a little too stiff for runners that like to pick up the pace. The Saucony Omni 20 walks that fine line between the control of a stability trainer and the performance of a neutral running shoe.

I recommend this shoe for runners that are carrying a bit of extra weight, heavy heel-strikers, or runners that overpronate.

If you like to keep your training fresh and versatile, this shoe is a great choice. The flexibility found in the outsole and upper help to increase your overall range of motion, making it a great option on and off of the treadmill.

While this shoe really shines when running long or short distances, the added flexibility also makes it great for weight training, CrossFit, or HIIT as well.


After reading through quite a few users reviews, I found that the Saucony Omni 20 runs true to size. If you are a size 11 in previous Saucony shoes, the same can be said for the Omni 20.

For runners that are new to Saucony, be sure to take good measurements of your feet and compare those numbers to their detailed sizing chart to save you a trip to the returns counter!

While this shoe runs true to size, there were a few runners that found that the fit of this shoe was a little off. The biggest complaint that I found with the overall fit of this shoe was that the heel counter was a tad shallow. This shallow heel counter made this shoe prone to slippage and didn’t quite hit the mark in a secure heel fit.

The heel counter might be shallow, but the footbed of this design is nice and wide. The wide toe box allows toes to naturally splay inside of the shoe and prevents toes from jamming run running downhill.

Overall, the wide footbed is perfect for runners that have wide feet and provides ample room to add your customized orthotics with ease.


There are no surprises here when it comes to the price of this shoe. It’s not exactly a budget-friendly design, but I found that the price of this shoe runs par for the course. Stability trainers often clock in at a pretty steep price point that’s often much more expensive than your classic neutral running shoe.

When you compare the price tag of the Omni 20 to other similar stability shoes out there on the market, it comes in at a much better value.

If you are on the hunt for an affordable stability running shoe, the Omni 20 is one of your overall better values.
Comparisons to Previous Versions
Saucony maintained all of the things that runners loved about the Omni series and simply improved upon them. Some of the biggest changes made to the overall design of this shoe make it a little less stiff and a lot more agile. Stiff stability trainers are fine, but they lock you into one specific range of motion.

With the updates made to the Omni 20, you can fit in quick-paced sets, CrossFit, and weight training in this very adaptive updated shoe.

While it maintains its high level of support to even out your gait cycle, Saucony improved the beveling in the heel and forefoot. Previous designs offered slight beveling, but the Omni 20 turned the dial up to an 11.

This improved beveling helps to reduce the impact on the heel and forefoot when running on hard surfaces, with limits the impact to your knees and joints.

Overall, many of the features that runners loved about the Omni series remains the same. Saucony simply improved upon many of the lukewarm features to provide runners with an excellent and affordable running shoe that is more agile and durable.
The Omni series is one of Saucony’s most popular running shoes, and for a very good reason. This running shoe provides users with high-end stability features such as medial posts that help to naturally guide your feet into a nice and even gait cycle. These stability features are very modest, and will not hinder your full range of motion in the slightest.

What makes the Saucony Omni 20 unique is that it walks that fine line between a stability trainer and a neutral running shoe.

It provides users with all of the agility and versatility of a great neutral running shoe that is great for long distances for quick agility work while still offer great stability features to help protect your joints when your gait cycle is uneven.

The part feature of this running shoe is that it comes in at a really great value. Other stability trainers can get quite expensive, but the price tag of the Omni 20 is much more affordable when compared to similar designs.
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