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Editor’s Conclusion
I’ll be honest-I never really considered Skechers as a contender when shopping for running shoes. When I think Skechers, I think of unique casual and walking shoes. In recent years, however, they have really stepped up their running shoe game that gives some of the biggest brands a run for their money. The Skechers Go Run Forza 4 is a modest stability trainer that is lightweight, incredibly comfortable, and a great shoe for a wide variety of runs as well as runners.

What I love most about this shoe is the feel of Skechers Hyperboost midsole. This midsole is incredibly responsive yet comfortable and provides a good deal of energy feedback without a lot of extra bulk. If you want a good stability trainer that doesn’t look or feel like a beefy stability trainer, this shoe is worth checking out. It expertly walks that fine line between neutral running and stability, making it a great shoe for just about anyone.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the advanced features that make the Skechers Go Run Forza 4 worth adding to your running shoe arsenal.
Skechers Go Run Forza 4 Review Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Incredibly responsive Hyperburst midsole

Dual-density cushioning for added support and stability

M-Strike rocker crafts a nice and even gait cycle

Surprisingly lightweight

Excellent lockdown

Great for speed or long distances


Runs a little hot

Some runners do not like sewn-in tongue

The toe box is longer than expected

Very stiff heel counter can slide around

Key Features

Key Features


What runners love most about this shoe is the build of the midsole. It utilizes Skechers Hyperboost foam that offers a super supportive and cushioned ride. To add stability and help with overpronation issues, it boasts a dual-density insert that provides soft and energetic cushioning on the outside of the foot and firmer materials towards the inside of your foot. This design helps to naturally guide the foot into a nice and easy gait cycle without the use of very hard TPU plates or inserts.

For even more stability, it also includes an M-strike rocker in the midsole that provides a little more stability. This plate works like a rocking chair that guides your foot into a nice and easy gait cycle for energetic toe-offs. What I found in the design of the dual-density midsole and M-Strike rocker is that they are effective, yet are modest enough to be worn by runners with a neutral gait as well.


The upper on this design has undergone quite a few changes over the life cycle of this shoe. While it still has a few issues worth noting, I find that it’s built well and is made to move. It is composed of a mono mesh polyester material that stretches to contour to the shape of your foot for a nice and comfortable ride. It lacks heavy and cumbersome synthetic overlays, which results in an upper that is really made to move.

One of the downsides that I found in the construction of this upper is that the polyester materials can run a little hot. The fabric passes the see-through test, but polyester just doesn’t breathe the same way a knit blend would breathe. Also, many users found that the very stiff and shallow heel counter shifts around on their foot a bit while running.


The outsole of this design is made from high-quality Goodyear rubber that is built to last for hundreds and hundreds of miles. This rubber outsole provides runners with a little extra spring in their step, and has higher concentrations of rubber in high-impact areas to help even out your gait, and works to absorb impact on hard surfaces to protect your knees and joints.

What I also love about the construction of this outsole is that it really grips the ground under your feet. It boasts a 6 mm drop, which is surprisingly shallow for a stability shoe, which provides an excellent ground feel. Even if the sidewalks are a little slick from rain, the slightly tacky feel really grips the ground so each and every step feels secure against the ground. This outsole is perfect for sidewalks or tracks but doesn’t perform quite as well on the trails.


The Go Run Forza 4 is a shoe that aims to please. While it’s classified as a stability shoe, these features are modest enough that neutral runners get a lot out of this shoe as well. The stability features are fairly modest, and many runners don’t even notice them in the same way as high-end stability shoes (such as a Hoka or a Brooks shoe). It also is quite light for a stability shoe, allowing runners to engage in more styles of runs and workouts without being held back by their beefy stability trainers.

I would suggest this for anyone that gravitates to a neutral runner but wants just a little bit of extra cushioning and support. It’s a great shoe to take out on those nice and easy tempo or recovery runs, but it is also built to tackle quite a bit of road. The lower drop even makes this shoe really shine in the weight room, or as a comfortable casual shoe as well.


There are a few issues runners ran into regarding the fit of the Go Run Forza 4. Overall, the materials are lightweight and comfortable and provide good flex and movement. It has a stiff heel collar that provides extra support to your ankles, but some runners found that the stiffness caused it to shift around on their feet. This shifting heel collar can be remedied by tightening the laces to increase lockdown, but then may feel a little too snug in the forefoot.

Another thing worth noting is that these shoes run a little large. When compared to other trainers in the Skechers lineup, the toe box is just slightly longer than expected. While I feel that a large toe box is much better than a shallow toe box that squishes your toes, you may want to opt for a half size down for a snug and secure fit.


The style of this shoe doesn’t set out to do anything new or experiments in terms of design. It boasts a pretty classic silhouette, which means that it won’t go out of style any time soon. I feel that the outsole looks a little blocky, and really stands out against the minimalistic upper. However, what it lacks in basic design it makes up for it in unique color options. I love that this shoe is offered in your basic neutral tones, but also adds in some bright and punchy colors that are sure to get a few envious stares at the gym.


The price of this shoe was a little higher than I expected. It runs about the same price as a higher-end Hoka or Brooks stability shoe, but the overall performance and durability make it well worth every penny. If you were considering opting for the previous version to say a bit of money, you may want to reconsider. While the Go Run Forza shares a similar style, it doesn’t utilize the Hyperboost midsole and it is also quite a bit heavier.
Comparisons to Previous Versions

Comparisons to Previous Versions

There have been some pretty big changes made between the Skechers Go Run 4 and previous iterations. While the two shoes may look similar, the similarities end there. The biggest change made to the Go Run Forza 4 is the construction of the midsole. While previous versions used FLIGHT GEN for their midsole, the newest version drops that and replaces it with the Hyperboost. I found that many runners compared the Hyperboost to midsole foam found in high-end brands such as Hoka, so the newer version of this shoe far outshines the previous iteration.

The newer design also is also constructed from a lightweight knit upper that is much more breathable and comfortable than previous versions. This design performs better, is much more comfortable, and has shaved a few ounces off of its total weight.


The Skechers Go Run Forza 4 is a shoe that is often overlooked, but it shouldn’t be! When compared to other stability trainers out there on the market, this shoe goes about things very differently. While other stability trainers lock you into a stiff gait cycle, this shoe offers a little bit more freedom. It is made from lightweight materials that help to guide your foot into a nice and even gait cycle that is perfect for overpronators, but modest enough to be worn by neutral runners.

It’s a great shoe to wear on those nice and easy tempo runs, and can also be worn to the gym for weight training or CrossFit as well. What makes this shoe unique is that it boast modest stability features that help even out your gait, but they aren't so aggressive that they can even be worn by those who want a more neutral trailer. If you want a stability trainer that doesn’t look or feel like a stability trainer, this is a great choice.