Skechers GOrun 400

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Skechers GOrun 400 Review Facts
While some may know Skechers as a lifestyle shoe brand, they have recently been building a reputation in the running shoe market and doing a good job at it. The GORun 400 continues the success of their GORun line and is presented as a versatile, lightweight training shoe that will appeal to a wide swath of runners. Skechers has tried to pack as much cushioning as possible into this lightweight package. The firm, supportive midsole helps to make the 400 a great choice for runners training for middle distance races as well as everyday fitness purposes. Being offered at an attractive price tag and subtle style cues serves to make this shoe a popular choice among runners of all types. Although, we can’t expect every shoe to be immaculate can we? There are issues that have been presented in regards to the longevity of the shoe, and seems it has a bit narrow fit. Specifics below.
Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Great cushioning from heel-to-toe. 
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Innovative heel-fit system
  • Amazing GOImpulse traction
  • Slightly narrow fit for wide feet
  • Durability could be a concern
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  • I was recommended these shoes from my trainer. I had been wearing a really expensive pair that gave me serious issues. Not only were these very affordable, they fixed all the issues I had as a result of the other sole. These are light, comfortable, flexible and absorb well. I have been going 6 miles a week with no pain; I am so pleased with these.
  • These are way more comfy than my old Nikes and a fraction of the cost. They are not as great as the memory foam in other skechers but they are good. They are incredibly supportive. They do make my feet stink a bit, never had that issue.
  • These have lots of cushion, which works great for my knees. They are true to size if you wear thin socks or no socks. They are nice to look at too.
  • I have been wearing Skechers for around 16 years now and they have never been beat in comfort. They always fit to size and are super light and flexible. They always support my long runs, which I do daily. Great shoe.
  • I ended up buying multiple pairs of these due to ho wonderful and comfortable they were. They are light and I bought some elastic lock shoelaces on Amazon and they work beautifully with these shoes. I am able to slip these on and of like houseshoes. I use them for daily use and for my runs and they support me so well.
  • I am an Army vet and run a lot. I have never had a better shoe than kecher and for the rice, they cannot be beat. They are so shock absorbing it’s unreal. I have no issues in my old joints at all.
  • Skechers just fit me the best out of all the shoes I have tried. They fit to size and I never have any pain. They needed no breaking in. They have a nice absorbing soft landing when I strike. I look forward to buying these again.
  • I tend to get shin splints and really bad ankle pain. These have prevented all that. They are probably the most comfort I have ever had in a shoe. I am able to run and walk for days with no issues. I really love this shoes and highly recommend it.
  • I followed the reviews and bought a bit larger and perfect! They are light and comfortable all over. I am pleasantly surprised that Skechers makes such a great shoe, I always thought of them as a bobo.
  • If you are looking for a shoe to absorb pain and keep you light on your toes, these are it. They are really light and flexible and have helped me in my running and daily walks. These are really great shoes.
  • I am usually standing and walking at work for 12 hours +. These are so supportive and help me so much with my joint pain. It is pretty much non existent with these shoes. They are very light and look great. Super comfortable well made shoe.
  • I use these shoes for everything. This is my 3rd pair and I plan to buy them until they are discontinued. They have a cool airy mesh and are really light. I have no fatigue at the end of the day. It has a nice solid sole for all my daily moves.
  • I have chronically achy feet. These are the only shoes I have found that make it go away. The soe is really soft and these have tons of cushion. They are light which heels with the fatigue factor. They hold up well, which is just an added bonus.
  • There is no way you can find a better sneaker for the price. It looks great but runs a half size small. I didn't have enough toe box space for my distance running, however, they are phenomenal shoes and I will be using them for recovery and walking. They did not give me any issues out of the box. Great shoe.
  • These need a little extra support in the arches, barely any. Otherwise, they are great. They are comfortable and light and flexible. They fit to size for me.
  • I do not feel like the mesh material is very durable. They are really comfortable and will work for now.
  • CUSHION, CUSHION , and more CUSHION. I love this shoe. It offers exactly what it says it does and at a price that doesn't make me cringe.I have flat feet and these really allow for my feet to do their thing I thought pain or restriction. They are so comfortable and flexible, I would give them 10 starts if I could.
  • The price is good and the product is good. They are comfortable and they look nice on. I have been using them for a month with no issues or pain. I am happy with them.
  • I am blown away with the absorption factor, so good. They are super lightweight and my knees are so happy with me and these shoes.
  • These are lacking support in the ankles and sometimes when I am running, My feet go a bit numb. If this isn't an issue for you, thee are great and comfortable shoes.
  • I am 60 and need extra cushion and support. These are giving me hope for my future of running. I feel with these Ill be able to keep up my hobby.
  • These are really soft on the inside and make for a good comfy walk. They are light and comfortable. These helped me at work where I stand all day. They have tons of support and are flexible, did I mention the comfort. Boy, are they comfortable.
  • I am ashamed about how much money I have spent on shoes that just didn't meet the standard of absorbency I need. I did some research and these rated top in this. I was shocked at the price. After trying these, I will never buy another brand. These are so absorbent and have helped my pain from al of the HIIT I do. I bought 3 pairs of these as soon as I tried the first pair on and used them. Shoes tend to discontinue and I need these shoes. I got one pair 1.5 size larger to wear with extra fluffy socks in the winter. I feel these were sent from heaven , they are the closest to supportive clouds I have ever found.
  • Fresh out the box fantastic feel. I didnt get any pain from thees. They ft great. They have good support nad give me a little pep to my step. I am so happy with thes price. It is my hugest selling point. you can not get a better shoe for the price, I bet on that.
  • These shoes wore completely down after a MAP MY RUN 350 miles. They are cushy and soft but I have never seen a pair of shoes wear down so badly. There is virtually no toe left to the sole.If you are a full time runner, I would suggest a shoe with a more durable sole. It will affect your run.
  • These were my second pair and just reordered. They changed! These are so much wider than the last pair. THey feel really loose and wiggle around a lot. I had to return them. I loved my older pair, the same exact pair.
  • II loved the old pair I had. I bought them in a store and when I went back to get more, they didn't have them, I decided to buy online, the same exact size and color. It was a completely different fitting shoe. They insoles were faulty and not as cushioned. These killed my back and legs at work, my old ones never hurt me. I am not sure what is going on. I am really disappointed.
  • I loved my old pair. These are so narrow and way too short. I ordered the same size as before. Nope. This what these are a whole lot of Nope!
  • These shoes fit like an 8 not a 10. I am so unhappy with this. Why can’t shoe companies keep consistency with their sizes. I ordered the same exact shoe as last time 8 months prior.
  • These made me suffer terribly. I work in a hospital and need support and comfort. These gave me some serious heel pain. They felt amazing so I am really confused. So full of cushion.
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The importance of the outsole comes from the fact that it is what constantly comes into contact with the ground and is the protection your feet have from it. The ideal outsole is able to withstand the beating of many miles on the road while still offering support, traction and cushioning. For the GORun 400, Skechers has once again relied on their GOImpulse technology which can also be found on the GORun Ultra 2. This technology is designed to help runners remain grounded during their run while providing enough traction to avoid slippage. The lugs along the bottom of the outsole are spaced in a way that should minimize the amount of dirt and debris that gets trapped. The raised lugs offer just enough traction without feeling too obtrusive.


The midsole is an area where Skechers has really been successful with their latest round of products. All of the shoes across the Skechers line have been equipped with some impressive midsole cushioning. The GORun 400 is no exception. In this shoe, Skechers is using their 5GEN™ midsole material. This is their 5th generation of midsole cushioning and each version outperforms its predecessor. Skechers claims that runs will see more comfortable cushioning along with a responsive feel. The energy return from this material is remarkable. The midsole is also constructed with biometrics in mind to replicate the natural shape and stride of the foot. Support and stability are greatly increased with this impressive midsole technology.


The upper material of a shoe is vitally important. You want the upper to be breathable, flexible, supportive, and sometimes even waterproof. Unfortunately the upper of the Skechers GORun isn’t waterproof, but there are some other great waterproof running shoe options out there if that’s what you’re looking for. Skechers uses a breathable synthetic upper material here to go along with their Sandwich mesh inserts. This makes the upper very well ventilated and breathable. It’s important to note that this breathability does come at the expense of additional airflow that could make the shoes tough to wear in colder climates.


Skechers has done a great job of keeping the weight down in all of their running shoes. The hallmark of a good running shoe is to balance comfort and durability with lightweight materials. The GORun 400 wouldn’t be considered one of the top lightweight running shoes out there, but it does have a lot going for it. It weighs in at just 8 oz. and is perfectly suited for speed work and shorter races. Runners will feel confident that they’re not weighed down by excessive bulk with this shoe. It feels svelte and lightweight on the foot with a fairly minimal silhouette. The lightweight design also makes it a solid option as a travel shoe that will fit nicely in your bag without weighing you down.


Breathability is so important for any type of shoe but particularly when it comes to lightweight training shoes. Runners will want to log a lot of miles in these shoes and they need to be assured that their feet will be able to breathe. The GoRun 400 does a solid job of maximizing airflow into and out of the shoe. The upper of the shoe is made of a breathable synthetic material that is accompanied by Sandwich mesh inserts. This will make the shoe breathable whether the runner is wearing socks or not. Those who often find their feet sweating excessively may find a solution with a more breathable sock, but this shoe will do a fine job of minimizing internal moisture.


Skechers has long made some of the most comfortable shoes you can buy. Their longtime success in the casual shoe marketplace has translated well to the running shoe world. The GORun 400 will be one of the more comfortable shoes on the market. There are a number of features that Skechers has inserted to achieve this. First is the Goga Run® insole in the shoe. This provides additional shock absorption and midsole support for a comfortable stride. The biometric midsole is well-designed and allows the foot to feel the ground and establish a natural stride. Also, Skechers has added a Quick-Fit Portal at the heel of the shoe that provides a comfortable fit and an easier on-and-off experience. Finally, the cushioning found in the 5GEN™ midsole material will provide comfort for mile after mile in this shoe.


Skechers has always been a maker of stylish lifestyle shoes. They were making stylish shoes long before they got into the world of performance running gear. This style still shines brightly with the GORun 400. The four color options provided here give a nice variety to runners. Those looking to stand out from the crowd can opt for one of the more vibrant colors. Those who want to blend in a bit more can choose the subtle black or gray options. Regardless of the chosen color, the subtle Skechers branding and svelte silhouette make the shoe attractive for most runners. These shoes wouldn’t even feel out of place in a casual environment. The Skechers attention to style detail is much appreciated and a breath of fresh air in the world of running shoes.


Durability has been a concern in some of Skechers other running shoe models and that concern remains with the GORun 400. While the sandwich mesh material is great for breathability, it may have a tendency to wear down faster than most runners would like. The outsole material as well should hold up better than that found on the GORun Ultra 2, but it will still break down after heavy mileage on rough terrain. Fortunately, the 5GEN™ midsole cushioning seems to hold pretty well compared to previous iterations of midsole cushioning. Runners who are training for shorter, faster races will be pleased with the durability of this shoe but those training for half-marathons and longer may be disappointed.


Protection is extremely important when trying to remain injury-free as a runner. You want a shoe that allows the foot to connect with the ground while still protecting it from the surface and elements. The GORun 400 is equipped with a number of features to protect the foot. The Goga Run® insole does a great job of absorbing excessive force and shock from the impact of the ground. Without this, the runner would feel soreness throughout the bottom of the foot with each stride. The GOImpulse sensors found on the outsole of the shoe are great protection from uneven or slippery terrain that a runner may encounter. With the construction of this shoe, Skechers has added synthetic overlays in the feel and both sides of the foot to aid in protection. The synthetic upper material also does a fine job of keeping dirt and debris from entering the shoe.


Responsiveness is key when designing a lightweight running shoe that is meant for speed training and races. The ultimate shoe will feel light and adapt to subtle movements within the shoe without feeling too bulky or restrictive. Skechers has finely tuned their responsiveness on their latest shoes. The 5GEN™ midsole material does a wonderful job of absorbing impact and returning it back to the runner with a bouncy stride. The lightweight cushioning helps deliver energy return in a way that propels the foot forward in every responsive step. The GOImpulse sensors on the outsole also allow for the shoe to give responsive traction that the runner can feel as the terrain changes below them.


Every running shoe needs enough to support to make the runner feel comfortable in each stride they take. Some runners prefer more support, some runners prefer less support. Skechers has done a great job of positioning the GORun 400 in the middle ground of the support spectrum. Runners will feel the support provided by the Goga Run® insole. It will give moderate arch support while absorbing impact and propelling the foot forward. The biometric midsole construction also goes a long way in providing the structure and support that is needed for most runners. Runners who are used to less support like those found in popular toe shoe models will notice a huge increase in the support found here. But those runners coming from a bulkier, more cushioned shoe will conversely notice the decrease in support. Skechers has created a great middle-of-the-road option.


Any good running shoe will be able to handle some of the most common surfaces that runners encounter. The Skechers GORun is a solid training shoe that is versatile to handle most types of terrain. But keep in mind that this is not a designated trail running shoe. If you’re looking for that, there are some great options out there. This shoe is designed to be a lightweight speed work trainer and racing shoe. It will perform best on the track, asphalt, or sidewalk. Sure, you can do the occasional trail run with these shoes but note that durability will become a major concern if these are regularly taken out on rugged trails. These shoes are designed for more gentle terrain, and to get the most life out of them it’d be wise to stick with them for a majority of runs.


Skechers have always provided a great value with their shoes. Discounts and deals can usually be found on Skechers products and the GORun 400 is no exception. Runners on a budget will be pleasantly surprised with how much they get with these shoes without breaking the bank. The GORun 400 is easily perched in the mid-range value portion of the running shoe market and can easily be found for less than $100 in most instances. For the amount of technology found in these shoes, that is a tremendous deal.


The traction used on the bottom of the outsole of these shoes is Skechers GOImplulse technology. There are raised lugs that help grip and connect with the terrain that you’re running over. The pattern of the lugs should do a good job of keeping mud and dirt from sticking to the bottom of the shoe. Slippery surfaces shouldn’t be a problem of these shoes. The only issue again is the possible durability of the outsole lugs. The depth of the lugs will likely wear down significantly with prolonged use on rough terrain. Once again it is advised to treat these shoes gently and stick to a majority of your runs on paved surfaces rather than rugged trails.


Fortunately, Skechers was able to keep this shoe very flexible despite its ample cushioning. The flexibility comes from the 5th Generation midsole technology. It’s able to provide supportive cushioning while still flexing and bending to accommodate the subtleties of the foot. No one is going to confuse this shoe with one of the more flexible minimal shoe offerings on the market, but it does give when you flex it in your hands. The shape of the shoe is designed to promote a more efficient midfoot strike. This flexibility comes in handy when trying to improve your running form while avoiding injuries caused by inflexible soles.


Stability is key when creating a sold mid-range running shoe that’s packed with versatility. Most of the stability in the GORun 400 comes from the midsole design. Skechers designed the midsole with biometrics in mind to offer stability while honoring the natural contours of the foot. The Quick-Fit Portal in the heel is another tool that adds to the stability of the shoe. The heel is kept firmly in place minimizing any excessive movement in the shoe. This also reduces the chances of creating blisters or hotspots.


Skechers has given the GORun 400 an 8mm heel-to-toe drop. Some people will appreciate this extra height while others might want something that feels a bit more natural. Whatever your preference, the 8 mm drop works well within the overall construction of the shoe. This will be a strong departure for those who are used to the popular 0 drop options but for a majority of runners, this drop will be sufficient.

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Key Features

Key Features

  • Solid cushioning from heel-to-toe

  • GOImpulse traction technology

  • A variety of color options

  • Lightweight design

  • Innovative heel fit

  • Breathable mesh upper

  • Bottom Line

    Bottom Line

    Overall, the Skechers GORun 400 is a wonderful option for runners looking for a lightweight shoe that they can use for speed work and the occasional cross-training session. The shoe is also light enough to be worn in shorter distance races less than a half-marathon. For the very reasonable price, runners will get a lot of technology crammed into a stylish package that won’t look out of place even worn in casual settings. Runners will be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable option that will fit seamlessly into their quiver of running shoes.