Skechers GoWalk Max

As the name suggests, the Skechers GoWalk Max was designed mainly for athletic walking. Its 5GEN midsole also doubles as the outsole, complete with a textured, cross-hatched tread pattern that performs best on paved surfaces. This unit gives the wearer plenty of supportive cushioning that enables a more comfortable and consistent walk. Enhancing this is the brand's GOGA Max insole, outfitted with a SQUISH component for better stability. Of course, the most notable feature is the upper's snug slip-on construction. Made from a textured mesh material, it allows the shoe to be worn for everything from errands to light jogs. Though there are areas that could be improved, such as its sizing, most reviewers seem very satisfied with this model.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Incredibly comfortable

-Lightweight wear

-Breathable upper

-Supportive cushioning

-Good for chronic pain


-Does not fit true to size

-Lacks durability

-Only in men's sizes

Key Features
The GoWalk Max's outsole and midsole form one solid mass made entirely from the brand's trademarked 5GEN technology. Aside from enhancing the shoe's level of cushioning and shock absorption, it also proves to be both flexible and sturdy enough to withstand every day wear. It forms a cross-weave pattern on the very bottom of the shoe, which is textured in areas that would touch the ground most often. This unique tread pattern also enables an easy and pliable wear for everything from casual settings to athletic walks and light jogs.
Skechers’ 5GEN technology is used to create the full length of the GoWalk Max’s midsole and outsole unit. This injection-molded material is engineered to be as lightweight as possible and cushion the foot completely while providing a fair amount of shock absorption. It also has memory retention properties that enable it to distribute the person’s weight evenly for a truly comfortable wear that carries them throughout the day. As an added bonus, the brand’s trademarked GOGA Max insole is put in place for even greater support and responsiveness. It also utilizes a SQUISH component to cradle and better stabilize the underfoot.
The GoWalk Max’s upper has a slip-on construction, made from a textured mesh material, to allow the wearer to slip in on and off easily. Reviewers say that this material feels light against their skin and gives them a very breathable wear. Its design is almost seamless, except for a set of stitches that run across the toes. Because this model does not include laces, it has a snug fit to prevent accidental removal. This is aided by mesh panels along the toe and heel, which are intended to give greater durability to those areas. Finally, a pull tab is stitched to the heel to allow the wearer to take the shoe off more easily.
Even for a casual shoe, the GoWalk Max is surprisingly light with an average weight of just 7.5 oz. Though many racing shoes on the market also weigh around this same amount, its other design features make it less than ideal for any sort of competition. Its lack of substantial weight may also be an early indicator of the shoe's limited usage and possible lack of durability. However, it does make this model an amazing fit for casual wear, traveling, and many different types of work environments.
Because its upper is made entirely of light textured mesh, the GoWalk Max is able to offer buyers a very breathable wear. It also includes no overlays or solid stability features, meaning that it can provide unrestricted airflow to any area where hotspots develop and allow the foot to feel cooler and drier. This also makes it an amazing option for going out on hot summer days and for long a long day of errands or sightseeing.
Just by looking at it, consumers can already tell that the GoWalk Max is going to be a very comfortable walking shoe. Aside from being easy to slip on and off, which makes it a great choice for grabbing the mail or walking the dog, several reviewers say that the shoe's near-seamless construction has allowed them to wear it without socks. Its fit is snug yet unrestrictive, permitting completely natural movement, and the textured mesh material actively keeps the foot cooler and drier throughout the day. The lightweight and responsive 5GEN midsole features a 38mm heel, giving the wearer plenty of all-day cushioning on its own. But with the inclusion of a GOGA Max midsole and SQUISH component, they're able to feel completely supported and stabilized. The only major downfall is the fact that this shoe does not always fit true to size, with several reviewers saying that they've had to size-up.
On the surface, the GoWalk Max seems completely unremarkable to a number of buyers. Its basic mesh upper form a solid, slip-on unit, with only a small overlay and pull tab and the heel for easier insertion. It pairs with the brand's 5GEN sole unit for form the most basic casual shoe. Buyers can easily pair this model with several different looks for both work and other everyday settings. It's only available in neutral colorways, consisting of a black, grey, or navy upper with a white sole unit. All black or all taupe options are also available through certain retailers. Though it can only be found in men's sizes, there are a number of women who can easily find their size via a conversion tool.
As comfortable and versatile as the GoWalk Max might be, several reviews do indicate that it's not a very durable model. When compared to other casual shoes, some buyers have said that its materials look cheap. Buyers have reported finding holes in the sole unit after wearing them only a few times. Others have experienced its cushioning breaking down over time and have found tears in the upper within a month or two of buying them. There are a few buyers who aren't entirely surprised, given how much cheaper Skechers shoes are when compared to Adidas or Nike. Still, those who purchase a shoe with the intention of wearing it frequently should be able to have something long-lasting no matter how much they spend.
Though there isn't much that the GoWalk Max can protect the wearer from, it does safeguard against some potential hazards. The 5GEN midsole unit, along with the GOGA Max insole and SQUISH component, keeps the foot cushioned and supported while providing adequate shock absorption. It's also thick enough to keep the underfoot protected against some hazards that they may find on their walks. And the upper's snug fit prevents accidental removal while the breathable textured mesh material keeps odor and infections at bay.
Most of the GoWalk Max's responsiveness is centered within its midsole unit. Made from the brand's 5GEN technology, it stays lightweight and reasonably pliable as it provides the wearer with adequate shock absorption for athletic walking. It also evenly distributes the weight throughout the foot for continuous support throughout the gait cycle. This quality is aided even further by the GOGA Max insole, allowing the runner to feel much less chronic pain and fatigue by the end of the day. It's also outfitted with a SQUISH component that allows it to adapt to the natural shape of the underfoot and permit a more comfortable wear.
While it may not be outfitted with any overlays, the GoWalk Max's snug fit still gives the top of the foot a great amount of support. Reviewers have stated that they feel so snug and supported that they feel perfectly fine wearing this model without socks. This is aided a bit by reinforced mesh panels at the shoe's heel and toe. Of course, its the midsole unit that seems to provide most of the needed support. Aside from being cushioned, it's also able to redistribute the wearer's weight throughout the unit for an easier and more consistent walk. Finally, the GOGA Max insole and SQUISH component are able to adapt to the wearer's foot shape for greater comfort and security.
Because it's an athletic walking shoe, the GoWalk Max was designed mainly for use on concrete, asphalt, and other paved surfaces. Wearers can mostly use this model for warm-up walks, light jogs, or casual days out. Though it could definitely be used for work environments, reviews have indicated that it can become slippery on hardwood or vinyl floors.
Skechers is a brand that's known for keeping their footwear prices extremely reasonable, and the GoWalk Max is no exception. This particular model can be found on the brand's own website for $60. And across many other online outlets, including Macy's and Famous Footwear, it's listed for anywhere between $55 and $40. This price range is an absolute steal when buyers consider its versatile wear and high level of comfort. However, considering its inconsistent fit, it may be smarter to try to shoe in in-store before buying a pair.
Given the unusual, cross-hatched design of its tread pattern, it's quite obvious that the GoWalk Max wasn't designed with any other surface except concrete or cement in mind. This unit is textured in areas where it would directly touch the floor to keep the wearer moving along steadily. However, when transitioning onto hardwood or tiled floors, things have been known to get quite slippery. There's no specific information that details how well it works on wet ground, but given these reviews it can be assumed that this shoe doesn't perform well in these conditions.
One of the greatest benefits to the GoWalk Max's slip-on construction is that it permits a more flexible wear. Aside from being lightweight and comfortable, the shoe's 5GEN midsole is also able to follow the wearer's movements while still giving a decent amount of stability. The textured mesh upper comes with no laces or overlays, allowing it to easily bend and fold along with the foot to give a snug fit the truly feels like a sock. It should be noted, however, that an improper fit will make this shoe feel a lot less pliable.
The GoWalk Max has to come with a snug fit in order to properly keep it on the wearer's foot. While this may or may not be comfortable for some, depending on whether or not they find their ideal size, it does give the shoe some much-needed stability. The lightweight and cushiony 5GEN midsole absorbs each impact and disperses the weight evenly throughout the foot in order to not only safeguard the wearer against accidents but also give a more comfortable and consistent walk. Of course, the inclusion of the GOGO Max insole and SQUISH component enhances this further by keeping the foot from wobbling inside the foot chamber.
No online reviews or listings mention the GoWalk Max's heel-to-toe drop height. However, when comparing products photos to shoes with a 10mm drop, it can safely be assumed that this particular model has the exact same feature. Most runners prefer shoes with this measurement when they're in casual everyday settings, as it gives them a significant amount of heel cushioning without impeding on their natural gait cycle.
Key Features
-5GEN midsole and outsole
-Cross-hatched tread pattern
-GOGA Max insole
-SQUISH component
-Textured mesh upper
-Neutral colorways
-Reasonable price range
-Lightweight and breathable
Bottom Line
For the most part, the Skechers GoWalk Max has garnered a number of positive reviews for both its style and levels of comfort. It's lightweight, easy to slip on and off, and can comfortably be worn without socks. It also provides the wearer with a great deal of breathability and supportive cushioning to keep them moving for much longer. Buyers can where this model for everything from athletic walking and light jogs to traveling or going out to a casual setting. With that said, there are still some areas that could be improved. The sizing is known to be inconsistent, and its lack of durability has some buyers feeling concerned. Despite this, most reviewers feel that they have a perfectly fine casual shoe that they can use almost anywhere.
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