Skechers GoRun Vortex Reviewed & Tested in 2021

Skechers has recently entered the running shoe arena and is totally ready to battle it out. They've even managed to snag big-name athletes like Kara Goucher and Meb Keflezighi to promote their shoes. They've come out with several really well-received performance running shoe models. Does the Skechers GoRun Vortex stack up? The chunky looking Vortex may not look as good as some of the sleeker Skechers runners but that doesn't mean it isn't just as comfortable. Skechers has nailed it again with a running shoe that's well-padded and super affordable.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Super comfortable
  • No breaking in period necessary
  • Super responsive
  • Nice design
  • Accommodating toe box
  • Price is right
  • Cons
    • Durability issues
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Skechers GoRun Vortex is made of pretty standard carbon rubber. Nothing too fancy here. It does the job of gripping surface underfoot but some reviewers voiced concern about the shoe's durability. It's not surprising that the shoe is a teensy bit flimsy, it's really affordable, after all. The outsole does also feature GoImpulse pods which are meant to provide energy return. They also improve the sole's ability to flex. Also included in the outsole is a Resagrip material which grips underfoot and is nicely cushioned as well.
      The midsole of the GoRun Vortex contains Goga Mat material. This stuff is super responsive. Almost everyone who runs in a Skechers shoe cushioned with this material raves about it. It's nice and soft without allowing the foot to sink in too deeply into the shoe.

      The shoe's M-Strike design is also present. It helps to encourage a natural ride and most runners who try the Vortex will find they feel nudged towards a midfoot strike.
      The upper of the Vortex is made of a two-ply mesh material that's pretty darn tough. Despite its resistant construction the upper mesh still feels nice and soft against the foot. It's not a shoe that's meant to be worn sockless but some runners may feel comfortable enough to do so.

      The shoe also has overlays around the upper to add a bit of structure and support to this part of the shoe. Reflective components also dot the upper to help runners be seen when there's little daylight left. For the interior, there's an OrthoLite sock liner which keeps bacteria from proliferating so you don't end up with super smelly shoes. The liner also works to ensure your feet stay dry even if you work up a sweat.
      The GoRun Vortex is pretty lightweight. Most Skechers brand shoes tend to stray away from the maximalist category. Most of them feel nimble and work well for fast running. The Skechers GoRun Vortex weighs about 8.3 ounces for women and 10.3 ounces for men. The lighter weight makes the shoe great for race day and perfect for interval running. Even at a lighter weight, you still get an excellent amount of cushioning in the midsole.
      The GoRun Vortex is pretty breathable. Wearers didn't seem too concerned about this aspect of the shoe. It's safe to say that the two-ply upper does its job. Air circulates effectively and there's not too much heat build up inside the shoe. The overlays aren't too numerous that they trap in heat and the OrthoLite liner sops up sweat and moisture without a problem.
      The GoRun Vortex is extremely comfortable. The majority of reviewers were quick to comment on the comfort of the shoe. The midsole Goga Mat cushion is really nice and plush and the geometry of the shoe promotes a nice smooth ride. Runners won't feel weighed down by a prominent heel. That will allow the forefoot and midfoot strikers to get a comfortable run in in the Vortex. Even the outsole adds some cushion thanks to its Resagrip component. The material doesn't only ensure a grippy sole, it's there to cushion as well. The shoe also features a wide toe box which reviewers were pleased with. All these features add up to make the Vortex a good long distance training option.
      The GoRun Vortex is a fairly nice looking shoe. Other Skechers brand shoes have a bit more of a sleek design but the Vortex isn't necessarily an ugly duckling. As with other models, the Vortex is offered in a bevy of color options. There's no shortage of choices for both men and women. Any runner should be able to find something that suits them and satisfies their taste. The midsole does look a bit chunky but only from one side. Otherwise, the shoe looks like a regular trainer with a nice design that can easily be worn when you're out and about for errands.
      This is where the GoRun Vortex fails. It's kind of understandable, though. The shoe is very affordable. It's an entry-level option for runners just starting out or for someone who is on a tight budget but needs a quality running shoe. The shoe is comfortable, well-cushioned, and supportive enough for long runs, but the materials degrade easily and everything is quite flimsy if you look a bit deeper. That nice soft springy cushion will eventually fall flat and the outsole isn't the most resistant. You might also find your toes poking out of the upper after a while because the material tends to tear easily.
      The most important protective feature of the GoRun Vortex is the midsole cushion. There's a whole lot of that Goga Mat stuff. Reviewers felt that the material worked really well to absorb impact forces. The springiness of the cushion worked to counteract the effects of landing on hard surfaces. It's a great shoe for folks who tend to have joint pain or who are prone to landing hard when running. The cushion is nice and soft and bounces back quickly to allow you a little spring in your step. The upper also features some reflective portions which help protect you if you find yourself still running when the sun goes down.
      The Skechers GoRun's Goga Mat midsole is super responsive. No, these don't moon boots but they're close. The Skechers GoRun Vortex also features GoImpulse pods on the sole of the shoe to further improve the shoe's energy return. Reviewers raved about the shoe's springy cushioning and its ability to propel them forward. There's no shortage of feedback with the Vortex. Even with a 10mm drop, there's a good amount of surface connection and you won't feel disconnected from the ground you're running on.
      The neutral Skechers GoRun Vortex features a supportive upper and a set of traditional laces. Reviewers were pleased with the shoe's ability to lock their foot down. The upper does have a tendency to tear easily so it's not as secure as it could be but overall, it does the job as intended. The well-padded midsole, outfitted with Goga Mat cushion, also works to add support to the shoe.
      Best for the roads, the Skechers Vortex has a fairly average outsole with a normal ability to grip underfoot. There are no fancy angled lugs that extend far out to grip uneven terrain. You'll have to choose a dedicated trail shoe if that's what you're looking for. The Vortex isn't a good choice for mountain runners or trailblazers. It is a good choice if you're a traditional road runner who tends to run on sidewalks, pavement or bike paths.
      Like most other Skechers brand shoes, the Skechers GoRun Vortex is a really affordable shoe option. You get a lot of bang for your buck. Sure, there's the issue of durability. The outsole is thin, the cushion will no question fall flat, and the upper could potentially rip on you. But that doesn't change the fact that the shoe offers superior comfort and a whole lot of responsiveness in a lightweight design. You're also sure to get the shoe color that you want. There are enough options to satisfy most runners. Unless you're looking for a sparkly running shoe, there's likely a design combo that will appeal to you.
      You'll get fairly average traction with the Skechers GoRun Vortex. The outsole is made of carbon rubber but also features Resagrip. The Resagrip component gives the sole of the shoe the ability to grip surfaces, even when they've been rained on. The shoe doesn't have really aggressive lugs for gripping mud or rocky terrain but it still holds its own fairly well. It should work just fine for runners who train around their urban or suburban homes.
      There's quite a bit of flex to the Skechers GoRun Vortex. The outsole even features GoImpulse pods. These provide energy return and they help the shoe naturally flex when the runner is going through their gait cycle. The shoe also has a particular design called M-Strike which allows runners to move naturally. There's no impetus to heel strike in the Vortex. This natural movement is helped along because of the shoe's liability. The upper offers just as much flex so your foot is hugged just right as you slip on the shoe. There's no initial stiffness with the Vortex, a breaking in period isn't required at all. Just slip on, lace up, and go, and you should feel nimble right away.
      As a neutral trainer, the Skechers GoRun Vortex isn't going to keep you from overpronating. Make sure you're aware of what your foot does as you move forward before settling on a shoe. If you run in the wrong type of shoe, that could be a recipe for injury. You want to make sure you've got the right amount of cushioning, protection, and the right amount of stability.

      The Skechers GoRun Vortex doesn't have the traditional corrective features seen in a stability shoe, but you're not going to feel unstable in it either. The upper hugs the foot nicely so you'll feel ready to run forward. The outsole with its Resagrip material provides enough grip so you're not going to feel unsteady in rainy weather. The midsole Goga Mat cushion also provides a generously padded platform which is soft but not overly so so you don't just melt into the shoe.
      The Skechers GoRun Vortex has a 10mm drop. It's about average. Despite the average drop, the shoe still manages to provide a nice ride. It's not a shoe that favors the heel area so even with a fairly slanted angle you can feel comfortable landing on the midfoot or forefoot. The Goga Mat cushion is also pretty soft so there's a bit of giving when you sink your foot into the shoe. You'll still feel stable, but you'll get closer to the ground when wearing the Vortex.
      Key Features Of Skechers GoRun Vortex
      - Carbon rubber outsole
      - GoImpulse pods on the outsole provide rebound
      - The regrip material on the outsole provides traction
      - Goga Mat midsole is very responsive
      - M-Strike design ensures a natural ride
      - Mesh is two-ply and feels comfortable against the foot
      - Overlays also part of the upper
      - Reflective components featured on the upper
      - OrthoLite sock liner reduces the potential for bacterial growth
      Bottom Line
      The Skechers GoRun Vortex is a low-cost trainer with super comfortable Goga Mat midsole cushion. Reviewers loved the cushioning so much it was easy to brush off the durability issues. The affordable price point really makes up for all the shoe's shortcomings. Who cares if the upper can tear easily? The price is right and the cushioning feels buttery soft and makes long runs that much more bearable for your sensitive feet. The wide toe box enhances the comfort level even further and the fact that there's no need to even break the shoe in makes the price seem like a steal. The neutral Skechers GoRun Vortex is the perfect daily running shoe for those who run lower mileage over the month or for those just starting out who want to pamper their feet.
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      By Steph Coelho
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