Skullcandy Method

Skullcandy is a brand that many people likely know but haven’t thought about in quite some time. The reason for this is the fact that Skullcandy was an enormously popular brand of earbuds and headphones just over a decade ago. There was a time where their trademark Smokin’ Buds could be seen on the ears of countless junior high and high school students thanks to their unique aesthetic perfectly capitalizing on the growing emo trend.

However, time passes and trends change. Emo is no longer as popular of a subculture as it used to be and the Skullcandy line of products has waned in popularity as a result. Despite not having as large of a consumer base, however, this manufacturer hasn’t stopped developing and releasing new products with their personal sense of flair. When observing the Skullcandy Method, for example, there are many similarities shared between these newer earbuds and the earbuds released many years back that first put them on the map. However, just enough has been changed in order to keep up with modern headphone design trends that both newcomers and longtime fans can find something to appreciate about this music listening accessory.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight design
  • Decent noise isolation
  • Compatible with a wide range of activities
  • Extremely affordable
  • Cons
    • Lacks many advanced features
    • Outdated sense of style
    • Key Features
      Nine out of ten runners will say that a good pair of earbuds makes for the best running companion. Thanks to their extremely lightweight design and the way in which the buds are firmly attached to the wearer's ear, any kind of running in any kind of environment can be easily managed while wearing a pair of decent earbuds, with the Skullcandy Method definitely fitting that category. In fact, their sweat-proof design means that they can even handle some moisture, whether it’s from perspiration or light raining, which further improves its versatility.

      The Skullcandy Method can also be used in a gym environment without much difficulty. Many cross-training activities such as weightlifting, plyometrics, and calisthenics can be managed without running the risk of damaging or losing these earbuds. However, they will provide some difficulty for wearers interested in performing gymnastics since the wires can easily become tangled or dislodged from the wearer’s listening device of choice. If these were wireless earbuds, these kinds of exercises would be easier to perform while they were worn, as would most gym-based physical activities. However, these Skullcandy earbuds still require a physical cord connection to function properly, meaning that there are still some inconvenient limitations present in their design.
      Basic Features
      This is about as simple as a portable music listening accessory gets. The Skullcandy Method is designed like most other earbuds in the sense that they are comprised of two small speakers surrounded by a plastic housing that are connected to each other and to an audio player via one long thin cable. This design has endured for so long because it is stripped down to its barest essentials while still being fully functional. The only major addition to this product over something released by Skullcandy or really any other earbud manufacturer in the past 20 to 30 years is the addition of an inline remote. This device allows the wearer to manipulate the volume of their audio, change different audio tracks, and answer calls in conjunction with an inline microphone, so long as the user connected the Skullcandy Method to a compatible smart device.
      Advanced Features
      The Skullcandy Method is a fairly basic product, which means that it shouldn’t be very surprising that they don’t offer much in terms of advanced features. The inline remote mentioned above is basically the most advanced form of functionality that these earbuds have to offer, although a small cable management clip is included that allows for some extra convenience.

      While these Skullcandy earbuds aren’t likely to impress anyone with advanced functionality, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, there are lots of benefits that come with the Method’s simplistic design that will likely appeal to certain demographics of music listeners. For example, the fact that these earbuds don’t connect wirelessly means that individuals can use them to listen to legacy devices that don’t offer Bluetooth functionality. This lack of wireless connectivity also means that they don’t need to be charged before use since they can derive power from the headphone cable. Finally, the most appealing benefit to this product’s minimalist feature set is the fact that it is extremely affordable, making for a terrific choice in music listening hardware for those on a tight budget.
      Sound Quality
      Since the Skullcandy Method are a pair of earbuds, the way in which the speakers are placed in the wearer’s ears allows them to provide a modicum of passive noise cancellation. Unfortunately, this isn’t improved by any kind of active noise cancellation like many modern headphones and earbuds have begun implementing into their design. Still, these earbuds are able to provide a decent level of audio fidelity considering their price. Thanks to the lack of any wireless technology being required for these Skullcandy earbuds to function properly, users don’t have to worry about signal interference or low battery power interfering with the audio quality. On the other hand, the lack of any EQ settings or additional noise cancellation will mean that these earbuds can’t offer an experience ideal for hardcore audiophiles. Regardless, this will be more than enough for anyone looking to listen to a playlist or podcast during their regular running session or trip to the gym.
      These are traditional earbuds that adopt the same basic design that has been in use for the past 40 or so years. The way in which the Skullcandy Method connects to compatible listening devices is through a 3.5 mm audio jack, first popularized with products like the Sony Walkman back in the 1980’s. This manner of connectivity may seem outdated, but the truth is that its versatility and high functionality is the very reason why it remains so popular in the present day. Devices that connect in this fashion are convenient since they can draw power from this port, meaning that they don’t need to be charged before using.

      Additionally, the smaller size of the Skullcandy Method’s audio cord means that they can provide a level of audio quality that is close enough to professional studio quality that most casual listeners won’t be disappointed. While many modern headphones and earbuds have started using wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth and NFC, these products come with inherent downsides that simply aren’t a problem with products like the Skullcandy Method.
      The Skullcandy Method is at an immediate disadvantage when it comes to comfort simply due to the fact that it is a pair of earbuds instead of traditional headphones. While headphones are able to maintain a reasonable level of comfort for a long time, the nature of earbuds and the way in which they are placed inside the wearer’s ear causes them to feel uncomfortable after a shorter time period. Any product consisting of a hard nub that needs to be firmly lodged inside someone’s ear is going to inevitably lead to discomfort, soreness, or pain after a long enough time period.

      People who have smaller ears or increased sensitivity around that area of their body will experience even more severe discomfort to the point where they may not even be able to use earbuds of any kind. Fortunately, Skullcandy provides an amenity for these concerned individuals by including alternate sizes of ear nubs which can be swapped out in order to ensure the most comfort possible. However, these earbuds still won’t be able to provide anything close to the level of comfort and cushion that can be found from a nice pair of over-ear headphones.
      The best way to explain the sudden rise and quick fall in popularity experienced by Skullcandy is that they were in the right place at the right time. Skullcandy never defined their products by anything like sound quality or build quality; instead, they were sold based on their sense of style. When they were at the height of their popularity, the emo subculture was gaining prominence among the youth, which led to an increased interest in products with a Hot Topic-style aesthetic. This is where Skullcandy enjoyed the highest sales numbers and it explains why their numbers have dropped off as emo faded in relevance.

      With the Skullcandy Method, the designers behind this distinctive brand of earbuds and headphones have attempted to retain some of their products’ original charm while updating enough elements to attract a new demographic. Their stylized skull logo remains, as does the dark palette of colors to decorate their products. However, hard angles have been introduced to the buds and remote of this music listening accessory which helps it to stand apart from other products with a streamlined design style. Coupled with a surprising range of colorways for customers to choose from, the end result is a visually distinctive combination of old and new designs that certainly doesn’t look horrible.
      Since these earbuds are fairly small and simply designed, they have a benefit in terms of durability. That benefit is that with fewer complicated parts, there are fewer weak points that can be damaged during regular use. The few components that are present in the construction of the Skullcandy Method can be protected by the wearer’s own body, such as the buds which go in each ear and the inline remote which can be covered by the wearer’s shirt. Additionally, these earbuds have a sweat-resistant coating which means that mild forms of moisture, whether from perspiration or from light raining, can be weathered without causing any kind of harm to the product itself.

      Still, there are structural weaknesses in the design of the Skullcandy Method with the most notable one being the long cable connecting each bud to the other and to the user’s listening device of choice. Additionally, stepping on this product accidentally will likely lead to damage. However, the proper use and storage of these Skullcandy earbuds should ensure their continued performance for roughly two to three years.
      Ease of Use
      The general impression from some of the statements made in this review may seem negative since the design of the Skullcandy Method is limited and somewhat outdated. However, many of these aspects have the consequence of improving the ease in which these earbuds can be used, which is certain to appeal to some prospective customers who don’t want to deal with the inconveniences added from new technology.

      One example of the way in which these Skullcandy headphones offer an easier listening experience is the fact that they aren’t wireless. While modern headphones and earbuds without a connecting wire are fairly simple to operate, they are by nature more difficult than the traditional method since they require power and a compatible Bluetooth-enabled device. The lack of these features means that the Method can be powered solely through the audio jack and won’t be subject to a lengthy pairing process or potential signal interference. Aside from this, the one modern feature that has been implemented into these earbuds’ design is an inline remote, which provides additional utility for the wearer with no downsides.
      Power Source
      The way that these Skullcandy earbuds connect to the wearer’s listening device allows them to draw the power they need from the device itself. Unlike wireless headphones and earbuds which need their own power source, this is a solution that limits the need for excess power from both the earbuds and the music player.
      Something that makes the Skullcandy Method seem unappealing to the average customer is the fact that it doesn’t include many features that can be found in other headphones and earbuds on the market. Features like wireless functionality, active noise cancellation, customizable EQ, and full waterproofing are absent and can lead some customers to the opinion that this is simply a bad product. However, the Skullcandy Method makes up for its lack of features with an absurdly low price tag. Customers who are looking for headphones with the aforementioned functions will likely have to pay over $150 to find a product that fits the bill. On the other hand, these earbuds offer just enough functionality to service the vast majority of individuals and their needs with a price tag below $50. When analyzing the value to utility ratio, this product suddenly appears much more appealing.
      Key Features

      • Different sizes of ear tips for adjustable comfort

      • 3.5 mm audio jack connection

      • Inline remote for volume, track, and call control

      • Variety of colorways to choose from

      • Small clip for cable management

      Bottom Line
      Although they aren’t as fashionable or popular as they once were, Skullcandy has proven that they are still capable of creating well-made accessories for individuals with an active lifestyle that want a way to listen to their music, audiobooks, or podcasts while engaging in their regular physical fitness routine. The Skullcandy Method is an excellent pair of earbuds for its asking price and anyone looking for a bargain on decent headphones will want to consider what this product has to offer. Audiophiles and tech fanatics, on the other hand, will probably want to give these buds a pass.
      Where to Buy
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