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The Rave About OOFOS Recovery Sandals

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OOFOS, a company that all started back in 2011, has expanded over the years with its sights set on becoming the best recovery footwear brand. Out of Braintree, Massachusetts, which is just a short 20 minutes drive south of the acclaimed finish line of the Boston Marathon, OOFOS recovery sandals and footwear came to be and is now all the rave amongst athletes. The science backs it up and now OOFOS has grown to become an international sensation for many comfy and cozy reasons.


OOFOS sandals and clogs all started when four footwear industry experts realized there was a missing market for recovery footwear following high impact activities within the fitness, running and athletic communities. Working with top foam chemists and biomechanical engineers, the lightweight OOfoam™ technology came to life which has been scientifically proven to comfortably support your lower extremities. In turn, OOFOS reduces the workload effort of the leg muscles following strenuous activity and ultimately helps you with a speedy recovery. Their mission is to “make yOO feel better“.


The revolutionary OOfoam™ technology combined with a patented footbed which makes up OOFOS provides 37% more impact absorption than what is found in most athletic footwear. When you wear OOFOS, you reduce your weight-bearing impact by over a third with its ideal mix of cushion and stability. Additional testing has come to show that wearing OOFOS and its foam technology following workouts and between workout sessions allows for your body to recover faster.

OOFOS is designed to cradle and support your feet while taking additional pressures off all of your lower leg joints. Decreased impact, improved circulation of the footbed, improved mobility, improved ability for walking, are all of a few positive attributes that can be felt when wearing OOFOS shoes. Athletes and non-athletes alike can benefit. Early on during wear tests, it was discovered that people with plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, neuromas, bunions, and hammertoes often reported pain relief, as well.


COMFORT & RECOVERY: OOFOS became a determined brand in creating exclusive technology to help athletes and runners recover by decreasing stress off joints in between workout sessions. Athletes and runners then became some of the first customers to report and arrive after how great OOFOS footwear made them feel following strenuous workouts.
STYLE: OOFOS provides an array of unisex styles from sandals to clogs, all made from latex-free and non-toxic properties that are easy to clean and meant to last in conjunction with the length of a common running shoe.
DURABILITY: The technology of the OOfoam is meant to last about the same amount of time as a pair of running shoes and because of how the technology is developed, the OOfoam base lasts longer than normal EVA foam bases. The OOfoam recovery technology and cushion life are estimated to last about 4-6 months after regular wear and tear.
WARRANTY: All OOFOS pairs of shoes come with a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase.
AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you need to make a return or exchange, you can be sure to be taken care of while being free from hassles. Along with free shipping and free returns, you will work with a customer care team member who truly makes yOO feel better. Additionally, the website OOFOS.com offers a great rewards program where the more you shop or share, the more opportunities you have to earn and receive unique discounts and rewards.



Outside of comfort and successfully assisting athletes to recover between workouts and racing, OOFOS is a company that regularly gives back. In 2015, OOFOS introduced Project Pink where each pair of OOFOS sold on OOFOS.com, they, in turn, donate 3% directly to breast cancer research with the Dana-Farber Breast Cancer Research team and Institute in Boston. They hope to continuously support in discovering new medical breakthroughs. The philanthropy of OOFOS was in response to their first employee and a fellow marathoner who was diagnosed in 2014 with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. As of today, OOFOS has amazingly donated already over $130,000.


It’s no surprise that the company has grown over the past 8 years, where OOFOS footwear is now sold internationally in over 35 countries worldwide. Additionally, OOFOS can be found in over 1,300 specialty running shoe stores as well as online. 

In conclusion, we know that exercise is demanding on the feet and joints of the lower legs. Tired, tight, and sore muscles can result from hard workouts or even just being on your feet all day. But are there better ways to get recover faster between these sessions? YES! The science behind OOFOS, with its revolutionized foam and ideally supported footbed, provides the best recovery footwear out there to help reduce pressures on the feet and quickly improve and rejuvenate athletes’ legs and bodies. So of course, OOFOS footwear is all the rave and the ideal recovery shoe for all athletes!

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