The North Face Ultra 110 GTX

The North Face Ultra 110 GTX is the update to the 109 GTX. The trail shoe is made with a tough Goretex upper to protect you from the elements and whatever else you encounter on the trails. The neutral trainer is moderately cushioned and a perfect companion for hiking easy to challenging trails. The look of the 110 is pretty similar to its predecessor, but durability and traction have been significantly improved. Check out the review below to learn more about the newest TNF Ultra GTX model.

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Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Very stable
  • Extremely durable
  • Great protection
  • Great price
  • Excellent traction
  • Cons
    • Poor breathability
    • Heavy
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the TNF 110 is made of a heavy-duty UltrATAC material. A mudguard wraps around the shoe to keep mud from caking up beyond the outsole. The 109’s successor features a much-improved outsole design. It’s long lasting and doesn’t wear down quickly like the 109’s sole. The outsole also improves traction on more varied terrain including rocks, wet ground, and snowy trails.

      Reviewers found the GTX suitable for rainy and snowy conditions and appreciated the improved gripness of the outsole. Reviewers were also quick to agree with the North Face’s claim that the shoe was more durable than the 109.

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      The GTX’s midsole is composed of an EVA foam cushioning and a protective ESS shank that serves to protect the wearer’s foot in the event that they encounter hard trail debris. Reviewers liked the moderately cushioned platform of the 110 and liked the inclusion of the protective shank. The thick midsole design affords wearers a great deal of protection underfoot.
      The TNF Ultra 110 features a mesh upper with a waterproof Goretex membrane. A gusseted tongue keeps debris out. At the front of the shoe, there’s a thick protective toe cap. The upper also features reflective 3D overlays and a comfortable Ortholite footbed. The waterproof membrane makes the GTX a great choice for trail runs on rainy days. The upper is sturdy and protective, but reviewers noted that the waterproofing diminished overall breathability. Wearers also found the shoe didn’t drain that well, though that shouldn’t be too much of an issue since it tends to keep water out fairly effectively. Running in the Goretex covered shoe didn’t feel good for all wearers. The inside of the shoe heats up quickly and runs hot. Despite the shoe’s mesh covering, ventilation isn’t stellar. Reviewers also pointed out that there is no non-waterproof version of the GTX, which was a disappointment for those who liked it despite its suffocating upper. For hiking, the upper construction is fine except for perhaps the hottest summer days. Thankfully, reviewers pointed out, the GTX has a nice roomy toe box, which helps with interior air circulation.
      A common complaint from reviewers was that the 110 felt quite heavy. The shoe is definitely a clunker. The advantage of a bit of extra heft? Users get loads of protection from waterproofing to shock absorption. The women’s version weighs in at 12.6 oz, and the men’s version weighs about 15.4 oz. For running purposes, the GTX is extremely heavy. Many reviewers found the 110 a poor choice for trail running because of its heft. For hiking, though, the sturdy design affords protection and stability on a variety of terrain. The shoe also features a generous amount of midsole cushioning, which reviewers said made the ride feel ultra comfortable.
      The Ultra 110’s breathability isn’t great. The Goretex membrane works extremely well to keep water from getting in but the shoe doesn’t drain very well, and the thick membrane causes the shoe to run hot. It’s a poor choice for running thanks to its lack of ventilation. For hiking, the Goretex upper offers protection from the elements, water crossings, and provides a bit of warmth during the colder months.
      Most reviewers seemed to rate the comfort level of the Ultra 110 fairly high. The waterproof Goretex membrane keeps feet nice and dry. The sturdy upper’s tongue design keeps debris out. An Ortholite footbed wicks away sweat and otherwise offers a healthy bacteria free interior environment. The ESS shank is a hard protective layer that keeps hard objects on the trail from ruining the fun. Then, finally, the EVA filled midsole is well-cushioned and perfect for long hiking adventures. The only drawback concerning comfort is the waterproofing. It keeps out water but also hinders proper ventilation, so runners found the shoe ran too hot.
      The GTX’s style hasn’t changed too much since the 109. The 110 is just as rugged looking. There’s little doubt, just by looking at the shoe, that’s it made for the trails. The men’s version is available in three iterations, charcoal, black, and brown. For women, there’s an attractive silver grey colorway available.
      It’s true that the Ultra 110 is a heavy shoe, but that’s the tradeoff you get for its impressively durable construction. From outsole to upper, the GTX is extremely resistant to wear and tear. In fact, the 110’s outsole is entirely different from the 109’s. The new design is much more durable with a highly resistant tread pattern not present in the 109. The trail shoe also features a thick, durable upper lined with a waterproof Goretex membrane. Overall, the 110 is a lot more durable than its predecessor, and the majority of reviewers seemed to agree with this assessment.
      You’ll get protection from heel to toe with the Ultra 110 GTX. The outsole, much more durable than before, features a whole new tread design that’s not only more resistant but offers improved traction. While breathability is a concern brought up by many reviewers, the highlight of the GTX is its waterproof Goretex membrane. Hikers trudging through muddy trails don’t need to fear getting sopping wet. In the rain, there’s little need to worry about water seeping into the shoe. The membrane is truly waterproof. The drawback is that the GTX isn’t particularly great when it comes to drainage so, in water higher than your ankles, you might have a problem.

      The Ultra also features a mudguard that keeps mud from caking up above the outsole. A unique tongue design keeps small rocks and dust from infiltrating the TNF brand shoe. A toe cap offers forefoot protection and numerous 3D print overlays made of reflective material provide additional visibility. An ESS shank acts as a rock plate underfoot, and finally, the thickly cushioned midsole’s EVA material offers incredible impact protection.

      In colder weather, the thick upper design and waterproofing provide users with some extra warmth. While not necessarily designed specifically for winter conditions, users were pleased with the GTX’s performance in cooler temps.
      Overall, the GTX isn’t super responsive. Instead, the focus is on protection and comfort. The thick midsole keeps wearers pretty high off the ground, and the ESS shank diminishes ground-feel in exchange for added security. The shoe features a stiff design in order to support wearers but the cushioning is on the softer side for comfort.
      The shoe’s thick midsole is generously padded with supportive EVA foam. Underfoot, a wide flared out outsole provides a support cradle for wearers. The stiff durable upper also provides additional support by locking in the foot. The heel area especially provides a super secure fit. Reviewers noted that despite the heavy design of the GTX, it’s clear that the extra weight is properly utilized by providing an extremely structurally sound shoe that’s very supportive.
      The GTX is all-terrain, which you may have guessed just by looking at it. The shoe features a mudguard to keep mud from getting all over the upper and various other trail-specific construction details. A toe cap and ESS rock plate offer protection unique for trail conditions. A newly designed UltrATAC outsole has a brand new tread that’s much better at handling varied terrain than the previous GTX model. The 110 also has a gusseted tongue which keeps small pebbles and dirt from getting into the shoe. Waterproofing (Goretex membrane) rounds out the Ultra 110 making it an exceptional choice for easy to technical trails.

      For trail running, however, the Ultra may be a poor choice according to reviewers. Many runners found the GTX too heavy for running deftly on trails and found the waterproof trail shoe ran very hot.
      Reviewers were surprised by the price of the GTX. Why? Because of its Goretex membrane. Waterproof trail shoes tend to fetch a higher price because the design elements are pricier and more technologically advanced. The 110, though, remains an affordable waterproof trail shoe option.
      A brand new ULTrATAC outsole has been used in the GTX, and it features a revised tread pattern that offers much better grip than before. While reviewers found the shoe a poor choice for trail running because of poor breathability, the outsole never posed a problem. The shoe is capable of traversing varied terrain and handling runs or hikes in not so ideal conditions.
      The GTX is pretty stiff for a reason. Extra stiffness provides stability and support. The heavy trail shoe offers very little flexibility, but most reviewers didn’t seem to mind. Some users did note that the forefoot did feel pretty flexible, though.
      The TNF Ultra 110 provides neutral wearers with plenty of stability on all sorts of trails. First, there’s the improved UltrATAC outsole with its new tread pattern which provides excellent traction. The heavy design of the shoe also offers an element of stability, and the wide outsole design makes for a stable platform. The stiff heel on the GTX ensures runners and hikers stay upright even when facing rugged trails. Overall, reviewers found the GTX incredibly stable.
      We couldn’t locate a listed drop height for the TNF Ultra 110 GTX. If you’re looking into purchasing the GTX, just be aware that the midsole is fairly thick.
      Key Features
      - Goretex waterproof membrane
      - Mesh upper construction
      - Reflective 3D overlays
      - Gusseted tongue
      - Toe cap for protection
      - Mudguard
      - EVA midsole
      - ESS shank/rock plate
      - Ortholite footbed
      - UltrATAC outsole
      Bottom Line
      The TNF Ultra 110 GTX is a serious trail shoe. With a whole new outsole, the GTX is offering better grip than ever before. Its heavy, poorly ventilated design might not be the first choice for runners wanting to set trail records but hikers will appreciate the highly protective features offered by the 110. Goretex ensures feet don’t get soaked, a thick EVA midsole provides excellent shock protection, and the Ultra is incredibly supportive and stable. Dealing with a little bit of extra weight gets you a super protective, comfortable, and durable shoe. The price is right, too. Unlike many other waterproof trail-specific models on the market, the GTX is much more affordable. Most reviewers who previously purchased and tried the 109 agreed that the 110 was a worthy update. Get ready for your next hiking adventure and try out the Ultra 110 GTX today.
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      By Steph Coelho
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