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Skechers GoRun 6 Reviewed & Rated Review Facts

The GoRUN 6 is Skechers neutral counterpart to the GoRUN Forza lineup. The updated GoRUN is designed for speedier training efforts and features a low to the ground design. Available for both men and women, the lightweight cushioned trainer is more responsive than ever without sacrificing a plush feeling underfoot. The Skechers GoRun 6 also introduces an entirely new upper design with a better fit and improved ventilation. The reviews are in, and it’s clear that the GoRUN 6 wins significant points for comfort, breathability, and fit. It does, however, fall short when it comes to durability. But for the price, users seem more than willing to purchase the shoe again once a pair has been relegated to the running shoe graveyard.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very comfortable fit
  • Super breathable
  • True to size
  • Lightweight
  • Lacks durability
  • Not as responsive as advertised
  • Not enough lock-down
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  • I was shocked at how much support they had for how extremely light they were. And, the durability is there. I am in love with these shoes. I was shocked that even thought these were so freakishly light, they were very supportive and durable. They are great walkers and runners and fit my feet so comfortably.
  • I really love the color scheme. They are also ridiculously light while offering epic support. I am digging the color scheme. They are very light yet stable and supportive.
  • I am able to wear these shoes for hours and hours with no side effects. They are light ad supportive and very, very comfortable. Great shoe all over. I am able to wear these shoes for prolonged amount of time without any pain.
  • The shoe fits a bit snug due to a seam across the toes. This makes them a little less flexible as well. They are comfortable otherwise and I love wearing them. I ended up getting another pair larger.
  • These were a true fit. I love that these do not have a tongue and fit like my loafers. Really awesome sneaker and design.
  • These are a really easy shoe to use and they are super light. They fit perfect and are over the top n comfort. Really nice shoe Skechers.
  • After trying these, I was a little skeptical about the way they would hold up because they were so freaking light. They have proven to be a dream. This shoe has stability and makes me run with purpose. Great shoe and I highly recommend.
  • These feel snug all of the time and give good support. They are very comfortable and I love wearing them all day. They do not give me any pain.
  • I like the way these look on my feet. They are super comfortable and very easy to get on and off although they are all closed in. Not too tight and have great breathe-ability.
  • These are a responsive and well made shoe, especially for us mid strike runners. They ride phenomenally well and offer superb comfort.
  • These are a great casual and running shoe. I love the versatility that most Skechers offer and these are no exception. I wear these to work and work our in and they never fail me and keep my feet feeling fresh.
  • Over the top comfort! They have a glove like feel for my feet. They absorb a lot of eel impact. I am able to get a good 400 miles out of these shoes. I love them.
  • These are really stylish. They are comfortable ad I had no break in time or issues. This is a perfect sock like shoe design, which also fits true to size. No negatives to report.
  • I love these as my joggers and recovery shoe after my really long runs. They are so comfortable and sock like with extra support.
  • I was not really thinking these would be as great as they actually are. They are comfortable and supportive with no break in needed. I am liking the no tongue action and the snugness. I bought these a half size up.
  • I love the shoes. I like these. THese are just not the Go Run I am used to. The slip on style does not work for my workouts.
  • These are a bit more roomy than I expected from a no tongue slip on shoe. The insert has a great cushion and stable feel to it, which holds my high arches with no pain. They worked surprisingly well with my high intensity training and impact classes. I love these nd the fat they slip on and off is wonderful.
  • I ordered a size larger for my extra wide stubby feet. They allow my feet to breath and the instep is gsso good on my ridiculously high arches. They fit me perfect!
  • For the price and fit, epic. They are so comfortable to run in and support my feet very well with no pain. I recommend these for any avid runner who wants comfort and sleekness.
  • These are very soft inside and provide a high level of comfort. The toe box feels a bit cheap and it is a bit stiff. However, I am really liking the shoe.
  • No break in time with these babies. THey are comfortable and supportive right out of the box. They breath well and keep my feet from hurting.
  • These shoes are so bad! I have owned all of the GO Run models and loved them. This is not a GO Run! These are not running shoes, maybe a casual shoe at its best. They slip inside so much no matter how snug they feel. They are too low and do not fit in the mid section. Odd shoe and definitely not what I was expecting from such a great model shoe.
  • These shoes were too narrow. I did not get to wear them they were cramping my feet so bad.They got returned ASAP.
  • Can you bring back the 5’s please. These are complete disgrace to the Go Run Name. I have put on over 7000 miles on all my go runs and these are horrible. They are not fitting right and they are just freaking odd. Horrible design and very uncomfortable shoe.
  • I am not liking the slip on. I saw Go Runa and bought them without checking. They suck. And are not comfortable.
  • These shoes are WAY overpriced. They are not cushioned like some say. They have no support in any part of the shoe: ankle, arch, heel, etc. I run an jog a lot and daily. These would be murder for my old bones. Returned.
  • These are way to flimsy and cheap made. They have absolutely no support and performance is a sales phrase, not a function in these. They perform only in style. These are a good looking shoe, that is all they got.
  • I use these for walking now around the house. They are so uncomfortable and have zero support. I would never use these to run in or any type of activity. Maybe just to sit and look at them. That might work.
  • Fit and comfort an styl were there. They just did not last. The bottoms came apart after a month. I only run about 2 miles each time I go. Not durable at all. I am very disappointed.
  • These shoes are way bigger than the 5’s and aren't anything like them. They are not comfortable at all ad to call the a Go Run makes me question everything in life. Bad shoe Skechers!
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The Skechers GoRun 6s outsole stays the same in this sixth edition. Skechers chose to keep the Parametric webbed outsole, which still offers plenty of traction. Reviewers said that the outsole was very grippy. Many, however, also pointed out that it was a shame that Skechers didn’t improve the outsole’s durability. Quite a few characterized the outsole as flimsy and mentioned that the sole showed signs of wear early on in training. One thing reviewers liked about the outsole of the Skechers GoRun 6 was its wide profile, which offers support and stability where there otherwise isn’t any.



The midsole of the Skechers GoRun 6 is made of new FlightGEN material which is both lighter and firmer than in previous versions of the shoe. It’s intended to be much more responsive. While it has a bit more bounce than before, the feel is still soft underfoot. Reviewers liked the combination of responsiveness and cushioning and noted that the midsole felt significantly different compared to the GoRUN 5. Some reviewers did mention, however, that the ride felt less bouncy than before, which is in contrast to Skechers’ claim that the shoe is much more responsive. Reviewers commented that the overall feel of the Skechers GoRun 6 was closer to the GoRUN 4 than the 5.


The 6 features an entirely new upper design with knit material. The fit is different, too, because of a more sock-like foot hugging construction. The shoe features a pull-tab at the heel and reflective detailing but doesn’t have a traditional tongue. It’s, instead, stitched directly to the upper. While reviewers liked that the GoRUN 6 felt true to size, many mentioned that the new design felt a little less supportive than before. Despite a firm heel counter, the bootie design didn’t feel adequately snug for all users, and some characterized the Skechers GoRun 6s fit as sloppy. Still, the shoe is easy to take off and slip on. Some runners will appreciate the barely-there minimalist design and like the flexible feel. Just don’t be fooled by the mention of a compression knit fabric. Very few reviewers characterized the fit as compressive. Sizing down doesn’t help since the length ends up being too short.

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One of the biggest draws of the Skechers GoRun 6 is that it’s incredibly lightweight. The new midsole material helps to shave off some weight, and the revamped upper is a lot lighter as well. The lightweight feel won’t work for everyone as is evidenced by user comments. Many found the fit less supportive than before. The lightweight design comes at a tradeoff for diminished support. If you don’t mind a really flexible, barely-there feel, you’ll love the Skechers GoRun 6. The women’s version weighs 5.3 ounces, and the men’s model weighs about 6.7 ounces. Definitely featherlight and perfect for speedy training sessions.



Skechers GoRun 6 sports an airier knit upper than its predecessor and generally feels a lot lighter. The sock-like fit and new upper material make for a super breathable shoe. Reviewers loved how well-ventilated the Skechers GoRun 6 felt on the run. You’re unlikely to encounter issues with overheating in this shoe. The downside? The very lightweight shoe circulates air but isn’t ultra-supportive. The design is minimal, so users need to decide what they value more, breathability or support?


Most reviewers noted that the GoRUN felt true to size. Where wearers encountered trouble was with the fit. Some found that the new upper design lacked support. The lightweight feel does wonder for breathability but isn’t as snug as some might have liked. Still, the Skechers brand shoe includes a whole new cushioning material in its midsole that’s both lighter and intended to provide a more responsive ride. The firmer midsole is designed to enhance responsiveness, but some reviewers found it less bouncy than the previous version. Reviewers did, however, find the cushioning extremely comfortable. The feel is somewhere in between ultra-soft and very firm.


The GoRUN 6 is available in a slew of trendy colors for both men and women. The look of the shoe is sleek and minimal. For women, the Run is available in grey/white, black/red, black/white, and pink. The men’s version comes in navy/grey, black/red, black/white, blue, and grey. Overall, reviewers really liked the design of the Skechers GoRun 6. As with most Skechers shoes, the look of the RUN is fresh and fun. The Skechers logo is prominently featured, but it doesn’t ever look cumbersome or tacky.


Reviewers ran into some trouble when it came to the outsole’s durability. The sole design remains unchanged and comes with the same problems as before. Reviewers called the outsole flimsy, and many were upset to find signs of wear early on in training. Don’t expect to get too much more than 300 miles (at the very most) out of the GoRUN 6. If you’re a low mileage runner, this maximum shouldn’t be too much of a hindrance. Runners going long on a regular basis will likely find the GoRUN has more use as a racing sneaker.


The outsole provides adequate traction and protection against unsteady footing. The midsole’s new FlightGEN material is lightweight but offers excellent impact protection. What the new knit upper does best is provide excellent ventilation to prevent overheating, especially during hard efforts. The shoe doesn’t provide any stability features since it’s a neutral shoe so it not a good choice for overpronators.



The new midsole material in the GoRUN 6 is intended to be more responsive. The FlightGEN cushioning is lighter than the previous cushioning material used in the Skechers GoRun 6 and is also meant to be bouncier. The feel is somewhere in between super soft and uncomfortably firm. Reviewers agreed that the cushioning felt very different than in the previous GoRUN model but weren’t so sure that the responsiveness was increased. According to many reviewers, the firmer cushioning didn’t provide as much bounce as the previous version of the shoe.


Countless commenters shared that the bootie design of the GoRUN didn’t feel as secure as they would have liked. The sock-like fit is comfortable and, if anything, barely there. The fit is true to size, but the knit upper doesn’t do a lot of work to keep the foot steady and secure. Getting the shoe on and off is effortless, and the cushioning offers a good balance of soft and firm, but the support is limited. Runners with pronation issues or who want a supportive fit and feel may not find the GoRUN 6 adequate for training purposes.


The minimalist neutral shoe is best kept for road running. The outsole, as we already mentioned, is pretty thin. Many reviewers noticed that it offered little resistance against wear and tear. The cushioning is adequate, but there’s not enough protection underfoot to deal with hard rocks and uneven technical trails. Debris is also likely to easily get inside the shoe, too.


Despite some of the issues already mentioned with durability and support, the Skechers GoRUN is incredibly affordable. The durability and price seem to match up correctly, and while reviewers did point out the problems with the outsole and unsupportive upper, they didn’t characterize these issues as deal breakers and still seemed happy with their purchase. If you’re a high mileage runner, however, you might find the GoRUN to be a poor choice that offers little value considering the maximum mileage you’re likely to get out of the shoe is about 300 miles.


The same outsole as before graces the sole of the GoRUN 6. The unique parametric webbed outsole offers excellent grip on varied surfaces. Users were impressed with the speedy shoe’s grippy sole design. Where the shoe falls short is the outsole’s durability. The tread does tend to shave down rather quickly, so it’s likely that nearing 300 miles of use, traction may suffer.


Reviewers liked that the Skechers GoRun 6 shoe was very flexible. The outsole has a nice bend to it, and the cushioning is firm enough to feel responsive but also malleable so that running in the shoe feels natural. It should also be noted that the knit upper is slightly stretchy, too.


Considering the support is very minimal, the neutral shoe also doesn’t offer a lot of stability. Excellent traction and a wide outsole offer up a basic degree of stability, but otherwise, the fit and feel of the shoe are pretty minimal. The drop is low, though, which helps create a stable feel when running. A firm heel counter at the back of the shoe offers additional stability. Overall, stability is minimal but true neutral runners won’t find this to be a problem.


The GoRUN 6 features a 4mm drop. The neutral trainer is low to the ground which helps with stability and provides enhanced feedback and ground feel. This makes the running shoe a great choice for speedier workouts and races.
Key Features

Key Features

- New FlightGEN cushioning (lighter and more responsive)
- New knit upper design offers a sock-like fit and better breathability
- The parametric webbed outsole offers outstanding traction
- Supportive heel counter
- Pull-tab
- Reflective detailing
- Sewn in tongue design
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The lightweight GoRUN 6 is a versatile trainer thanks to its combination of cushioning and responsiveness. Run fast knowing that the outsole can keep you stable and upright. While the Skechers shoe may not be the most durable, the price point is indeed attractive. The affordable trainer may also lack support and stability, but for efficient neutral runners, the benefit of plush, responsive cushioning and lightweight feel outweighs the drawbacks of a barely-there design. Price wise, the Skechers GoRun 6 meets expectations and features a trendy design that looks anything but cheap. The flexible shoe is an excellent choice for tempo training runs or any kind of race day effort.