Timex IQ + Move Reviewed & Rated

The Timex IQ + Move is not quite a smartwatch. It’s a fitness tracker without the smart stuff. The update to Timex’s Metropolitan+ offers a streamlined design but doesn’t bring with it any new features or functionalities. Still, the stripped down timepiece is an elegant fitness tracker solution. Despite its lack of smart features, the device is the perfect tracker in disguise. At a glance, it’s a regular watch, but as noticed from the following IQ+ reviews, it does a little bit more than just tell time. The Timex brand tracker may not fit the needs of data-hungry runners, but its classic design is an excellent option for individuals looking for a device to casually monitor their progress while offering a light motivational nudge.

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Pros & Cons
  • Accurate tracking
  • Stylish
  • Great battery life
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Cons
    • Expensive
    • Lacks notification ability
    • Annoying to sync
    • Key Features
      Timex IQ is a pretty watch that also happens to offer daily tracking. It’s not intended for heavy duty health and fitness monitoring, though. It isn’t a GPS enabled device and falls into the hybrid watch category. It’s a watch that has a few extra connected features. It’s a good choice for the fitness-oriented individual who doesn’t mind the fact that the Move lacks a few features. The watch’s fitness-geared features offer up the bare minimum, so if you’re looking for tons of graphs, charts, and information on your VO2 Max, look elsewhere. What you get with the Timex IQ + Move is simplicity, and it is noted in each of the IQ+ reviews.
      Basic Features
      At its most basic level, the IQ + is a timekeeper. The analog device displays time like a regular watch and with the touch of a button the watch hands rearrange to display the date. There’s no high-tech hidden digital screen or interface, as stated in the IQ+ reviews. What you see, is what you get. Mostly. The watch also features an internal accelerometer that aids in tracking daily fitness information such as steps, calories, and distance. The step count info is displayed via a second dial on the watch. A seven day onboard memory means that you don’t have to transfer gathered data every day. Finally, an INDIGLO backlight allows you to tell time even in the dark.
      Advanced Features
      While the Timex IQ offers pretty basic features when it comes to fitness tracking, it’s also capable of tracking sleep, as noted in many IQ+ reviews. You won’t get precise data, however, just information on how much of your sleep was light or deep.

      The watch also has an alarm function. You’ll hear an audible tone, but there’s no option for a silent vibration alarm. A loud sound isn’t ideal if you sleep with a partner who has a different wake hour than you but it’s no different than using your phone or bedside clock.

      What’s missing in terms of advanced features is GPS functionality, though, without a way to time or log workouts, it wouldn’t really be useful, as mentioned in the IQ+ reviews. A heart rate monitor is also absent from the Move. Without a stopwatch and timer, the watch doesn’t offer much functionality, either. The IQ also can’t notify you of incoming calls or text messages, something that would significantly increase its appeal.

      The Timex device is fairly accurate. Users can adjust stride length in the Timex app to improve step counting accuracy. Data is calculated according to users inputted height, and the speed picked up by the watch’s accelerometer. A few reviewers ran into issues with step counting accuracy, though. The device tends to overestimate (standard issue with many step counters)

      According to reviewers, sleep tracking was great and quite good at detecting actual sleep and wake times. Timekeeping, too, is incredibly accurate, which comes as no surprise since it’s a Timex brand watch.
      It may come as a surprise, but the Timex IQ is Bluetooth enabled. Though it lacks GPS, the watch is capable of connecting to the Timex app. Users won’t get phone notifications of any kind, despite this connection.

      There were various reports of pairing issues with both Android and iOS devices and quite a few reviewers complained that automatic syncing isn’t quite as convenient as advertised. Many folks in the IQ+ reviews reported having to sync manually regardless of their chosen settings. Even when enabled, the users must select the periods of time when the auto syncing will occur, which many found annoying.
      The watch works with the Timex Connected app. You can use the app to configure your settings and personal data. The app is where you input your stride length and any other information, like height and weight, which might help with health data calculation. Once inside the app, you can also set goals for yourself. You can also change how sensitive the watch is when picking up steps, which works great from what has been stated in the IQ+ reviews.

      A few users reported having reliability issues with the app, and some also complained of interrupted syncing. Without the app, some pieces of data cannot be viewed (e.g., sleep data).

      The watch is reasonably comfortable. There were no complaints in the IQ+ reviews on the topic of comfort.

      Since the IQ+ reviews require no charging, wearing it for long periods is not uncommon, and users had no qualms about wearing it 24/7.
      The IQ+ is a fitness tracker in disguise, as stated in the IQ+ reviews. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think it was a standard analog watch. The simple yet elegant design is one of the sleekest available making it perfect for everyday wear, to the office or at the gym. The watch comes in a gorgeous silver and white version with a classy taupe leather band.
      The watch features 5 ATM water resistance and is fine for showering and swimming, though a poor choice for deep sea diving. Reviewers in the IQ+ reviews agreed that the watch was very well made but that they found the leather band delicate. It won’t survive repeated exposure to water so swimmers may want to swap out the band for a silicone option.
      The watch features a strong mineral glass screen with a sturdy, and beautiful bezel. The analog timepiece features two hands. One to tell time and the other to keep track of steps. The watch casing is about 36mm wide.
      The Move is available with either a leather or silicone band. The leather strap is a poor choice for those who swim but thankfully swapping out the band is easy thanks to the watch’s pin configuration.
      Sizes Available
      There are two sizes of the Timex IQ+. The fitness tracker’s women sizing features a small 36mm case and an 18mm wide band. For men, the watch face is slightly larger at 41mm and the band a little thicker at 20mm. Without the sensors and features of other high tech watches, the Move is capable of remaining fairly small in size, which is another advantage mentioned in the IQ+ reviews.
      Ease of Use
      The IQ+ Move’s time can be set with the touch of one button. The button can also be used to enabled the INDIGLO backlight. A push of the single button also reveals the date. Holding down the button initiates Bluetooth pairing. Overall, the watch is relatively simple to pair and use with the app. Its basic functions don’t require much of a learning curve since the tracking is essentially automatically done.

      Syncing can be initiated with the touch of the side button, but users can also set up rather a convenient auto syncing. Reviewers in the IQ+ reviews did, however, report that the automatic syncing feature didn’t always work as indicated.

      The app itself is a cinch to use. Stats are displayed in an intuitive and easy to read manner. Want more detail? Just tap for more. Nothing feels overly complicated, and Timex seems to have correctly executed a watch that really does offer simplicity.
      Power Source
      Unlike battery hungry GPS smartwatches, the Timex IQ uses a coin battery for power. This gives the watch super long battery life. The estimated maximum life is about a year and when the battery is used up all you need to do is purchase a new one.

      The Move has the edge on other similarly priced fitness trackers thanks to its impressive battery life. To conserve battery power tracking can even be turned off by the user, as mentioned in the IQ+ reviews.
      Considering its price point, the Timex tracker is not so impressive, feature-wise. Its value comes mostly from its well-executed design. The gorgeous timepiece gives users, at a glance, all the basic info they need to stay motivated. The screen is easy to read, unlike Garmin’s similar Move device. If you put more value in a device’s looks, you’ll probably find the IQ to be a steal.
      The Timex IQ can be used with iOS or Android devices. It can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Otherwise, the device does not function with any type of peripheral accessory.
      Key Features
      - Analog timekeeping
      - Daily fitness tracking - step counter & sleep tracking
      - Bluetooth connected (works with the Timex Connected app)
      - Progress dial on the watch
      - Android and iOS compatible
      - Long-lasting coin battery
      - Swappable bands
      - Water resistant and appropriate for swimming and showering
      - INDIGLO backlight
      Bottom Line
      The IQ+ is a beautiful watch with minimalist tracking features. It’s an excellent timepiece for the not-so-numbers-obsessed individual. Who shouldn’t consider the IQ? The data-hungry runner or cyclist who wants sport-specific features. For the user who wants a simple fitness tracking option without the complication that comes with tons of menus and options, the Move is a beautiful choice. The watch is accurate, stylish, and boasts a long battery life. Issues with syncing are a minor annoyance, especially for users who don’t need access to their data every second of the day, which is another advantage mentioned in the IQ+ reviews. Protected for swimming, the watch is suitable for runners and water sports enthusiasts alike.

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