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The 8 best fitbits reviewed Buying Guide
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8 Best Fitbits Compared and Reviewed
Fibit has become a leading brand name in the fitness tracker industry. While once a company that strictly sold "step-trackers", Fitbit has expanded to adapt and compete with the overwhelming "smart-watch" market and the plethora of Fitness tracking devices available. Once upon a time before compan...
The best cadence watches for running Buying Guide
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Best Cadence Watches Tested & Rated
If you’re a serious runner, you might be concerned with your cadence. It is the frequency in which your foot strikes the floor in a given period of time. Typically, this is measured in minutes, and an ideal cadence pattern is around 90 strikes per minute (or 180 strikes per minute if you count both f...
List of the Best Activity Trackers Buying Guide
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10 Best Activity Trackers Tested & Analyzed
In a period when it seems that technology is constantly changing from day to day, it might be a bit overwhelming to some who want to purchase something which will cost them a bit more money. GPS watches for running and even activity trackers have now evolved in a very short amount of time inside the ...
An in depth review of the best suunto running watches Buying Guide
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Best Suunto Running Watches Reviewed
Wearable technology is ideal for runners and these Suunto watches are among the most advanced traveling tech you can find. Gone are the days of huge, ugly chronometers needed to process lap speed and track your heart rate. Though not exactly compact, this class of technology is svelte, designed fo...
Fitness Trackers Buying Guide
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The Best Fitness Watches to Consider Reviewed and Compared
Searching for Fitness Watches? Take a look at the best Fitness Watches of 2017, Pros & Cons and what to be aware of before buying them online or in a store. When considering buying a fitness trainer watch, it is important to consider your running regimen needs, and how a fitness watch will hel...
An in depth review of the Pebble 2 SE
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Pebble 2 SE
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If you're looking for a simple watch that's affordable and can handle just about any basic fitness task, then the Pebble 2 SE might be for you. You can keep track of your daily calories, as well as steps taken. You can even track your sleep with this watch. You might think training is important, but ...
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