Timex Ironman Sleek 150

Timex, the American watchmaker, has been in business since 1854, making a variety of time pieces that have become nearly synonymous with the concept of wrist watches. The slogan “takes a licking and keeps on ticking” was one of their more memorable slogans, and the company itself is reflective of this idea: starting as the Waterbury Clock Company, then the United States Time Company, then Timex in 1969, this clock and watch company seems to be in an ever-constant change with the times. With this in mind, their entry into the activity tracker market seems appropriate, bringing their company’s signature product into the 21st century.

The Timex Ironman Sleek 150 is a training watch that lets the user access real-time workout data without interrupting a workout. With one tap on the screen (thanks to their TapScreen technology), users can see logged split times of their current performance. Recording laps, either while running or swimming, is the major function of the Ironman Sleek 150, with the watch recording best lap, average lap, and total time. Featuring a 150-lap memory recall, 199-lap counter, lap or split recall, and hydration and nutrition alarms, this is a straightforward activity tracker that lacks a GPS and a heart rate monitor--it’s also a middle of the road Timex Ironman edition, falling between their Sleek 50 (for 50 laps) and Sleek 250 (250 lap) models.

With a large, easy-to-read backlit LCD screen, the Ironman Sleek 150 comes in seven versions with two gender designs: four in “female” colors and three “men’s” colors. Although it’s not a particularly versatile activity tracker, it’s a great entry-level sports watch that’s unbelievably affordable. Timex hasn’t made the most complex activity tracker but it has made a solid fitness watch suitable for runners and swimmers alike.

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Pros & Cons
  • Memory can store up to 150 laps
  • Runners can run against previously recorded lap times
  • Large backlit LCD display is easy to read and navigate
  • Minimal, sporty design that’s comfortable to wear
  • Very affordable sports watch
  • Cons
    • No GPS or built-in accelerometer
    • Runners may find it limited in its abilities
    • Key Features
      The Timex Ironman Sleek 150 is a target time pacer that works as a lap management system complete with a dated training log. This includes labeled interval timers with a 100-hour chronograph, 150-lap memory, a 24-hour countdown timer, 3 customizable alarms, and nutrition and hydration alarms. All of this allows the runner to track their improvements and personal best with an advanced training log so the runner can track their performance. The Sleek 150 provides real-time feedback that can easily be retrieved without the runner having to break their stride.
      Basic Features
      The Ironman Sleek 150 provides the runner with three customizable workouts, each one with sixteen labelled intervals. Its 150-lap memory provides the runner with logs of each one to improve their performance over time.
      Advanced Features
      While running, the Ironman Sleek 150 will play a distinct chime to indicate if the runner is ahead, on-track, or has fallen behind their set performance rate. This is to ensure that the runner remains aware of their performance while running without needing to stop and check the the watch to stay on-target.
      Timex has an excellent reputation as a watchmaker, and the accuracy of the Ironman Sleek 150 reflects their craftsmanship. Although this is is a bare-bones fitness tracker--really just a complicated version of a stopwatch--it is a highly accurate one, and when running against previously logged laps runners will appreciate how it compares against these set times and tracks their performance, letting them know if they are ahead or behind in pace.
      In truth, there is no connectivity to speak of with the Ironman Sleek 150: with no GPS or software updates, it’s all preset and ready to go out of the box to record your lap times and performance. This may either be appealing to runners who are seeking a basic stopwatch setup that doesn’t distract or complicate the business of recording their time, or it may be seen as highly limiting for those used to Bluetooth connectivity and want more options of of their activity tracker.
      Much like the no-frills connectivity options, there are no apps to speak of for the Ironman Sleek 150. Everything that the watch has is included from day one. While some runners may find this a wildly constricting concept--particularly those used to more complex activity watches like the Apple Watch or Suunto--others may appreciate an activity tracker that only functions to keep track of laps and time.
      Timex has been making wristwatches since the first World War and know how to make a watch comfortable on the wrist. The Ironman Sleek 150 is no exception: with a soft resin band that clasps around the wrist with no irritation even after a long run and a 50mm watch face that’s light on the wrist, the Ironman Sleek 150 is only slightly chunkier than a regular wristwatch and was made for an active wearer. Avoiding conventional mounting pins, the band wraps around the entire case so replacement bands are not available, but the band it comes with is so comfortable that replacing it is not necessary.
      Coming in several bright colors, the Ironman Sleek 150 is a deceptively minimalistic wearable. Much of this is due to Timex’s long experience as one of the leading manufacturers of wrist watches on the planet. Having spent so many decades perfecting the art of the watch, jumping into the sports watch game was a simple one: all they had to do was take away the ornament and fragility of their watch design and replace it with sturdier stuff. In this case, it’s rubber and plastic.
      Surrounding the large digital watch face is sturdy resin that protects it from wear and tear. As a one-piece unit, with the band and face connected, the Ironman Sleek 150 looks like sports watch--which, of course, it is. But this fits form with function, which Times also knows a few things about. Bold, simple, and to the point--just like the straightforward function of the watch itself.
      Encased in resin, the Ironman Sleek 150 is a highly durable activity tracker. Its scratch-resistant polymer face will keep the LCD display from becoming damaged, while the overall watch itself is covered in durable rubber, guaranteeing that the Ironman Sleek 150 will continue functioning even after it hits the ground a few times. In addition, it is waterproof for up to 100 meters.
      The face of the Ironman Sleek 150 is a simple LCD display that’s both easy to read and navigate. Its giant face is easy to read and the entire face is curved crystal-clear polymer. Although this is not the most versatile sports watch on the market, it is one of the easiest to use and read.
      The Ironman Sleek 150 has a resin band that wraps round the entire case, meaning that it is part of the main body of this activity tracker. This disallows for replacement bands but at the same time also offers much more security. Its metal clasp has rounded edges that provides a no-pinch closure and the band itself is made to fit almost all adult-sized wrists. An extra band keeper is also included that wraps the outside of the clasp for added security.
      The Timex Ironman Sleek 150 comes in only one size, which is design to fit most sized adult wrists. In addition, it comes in several colors that can be selected based on the runner’s taste. Its band is built to comfortably accommodate most sized wrists while its 50mm body is only slightly chunkier than a normal-sized wristwatch. With a 1X1X1 measurement for its main body and a weight of only 2.1 ounces, this is a very lightweight wearable.
      Ease of Use
      One benefit of the Ironman Sleek 150 is that it is extraordinarily easy to use. With just a few analog buttons to switch through the menus and recorded times and a one-tap interface that allows the runner to check their stats while on the go, the Sleek 150 is an excellent beginner’s watch for those unfamiliar with activity tracker wearables. For a runner looking to record their lap times and also run against previous lap times to enhance their performance, the Sleek 150 is perfect--especially since that’s specifically (and singularly) designed to do.
      Power Sources
      With a lithium battery as its power source, the Ironman Sleek 150 charges by USB, using a special adapter that comes with the watch. This does not transfer data, unfortunately, to the computer that can be used in conjunction with other programs, but only for charging. However, its pared-down functions and simple display does have a benefit: the battery charge lasts for much longer than most activity trackers.
      One very strong selling point of the Iron Sleek 150 is its incredibly affordable price: with a drastic drop in price since its release, runners can pick one up for a price that’s ⅕ of most other activity trackers. But its low price also reflects its lack of versatility: besides using it as a watch, an alarm clock, and of course a lap counter, there are not many other features that comes with the Sleek 150, including GPS and connectivity to other devices. It's not a Suunto, but for an entry-level sports watch, it’s very reasonably priced.
      True to the minimalist design, purpose, and spirit of the Ironman Sleek 150, there are no accessories available for runners and swimmers to add. Instead, this sports watch is a WYSIWYG affair: it comes with everything it has and that’s as far as it goes.
      Key Features
      - Offers lap management with a dated training log
      - Can hold a 150 laps in its memory
      - Runners can choose a stored lap time to run against
      - Sound notifications that lets the runner know if they are ahead or behind in pace
      - Water-resistant up to 100 meters
      Bottom Line
      The Timex Ironman Sleek 150 is as straightforward as any sports watch can come: no GPS, no accelerometer, no apps, just a stopwatch that records lap times and then allows runners to race against their own time. This may come as a disappointment to runners that are now accustomed to smartwatches that have all the bells and whistles included: GPS, text message forwarding, song storage, full-color touch screens, the works.
      But for some runners, they just want a basic sports activity watch that gets the very basic job of recording their lap times, stores them for further analysis and to play them against each other, and that’s almost it. For these runners, the Timex Ironman Sleek 150 is just what they’re looking for.
      Featuring a large, easy-to-read LCD display, a simple menu that’s easy to navigate, and an accurate recorder of their time, the Ironman Sleek 150 stays in step with Timex’s reputation as one of the best watchmakers in the world. Its one-touch Tapscreen will also appeal to runners who like to note their time as they run without having to break stride, and the sound notifications that play when runners fall behind or ahead of pace of their previously logged lap time will also help encourage performance and maximize their ability.
      And yet, the Ironman Sleek 150 is a very basic sports watch, as well: it’s a minimalistic activity tracker that’s best for runners trying to improve their lap times and swimmers looking for the same. Waterproof up to 100 meters and with a backlight to read its information in the dark, there are only a few amenities to the Sleek 150 that anyone could consider “advanced.” But for those looking for a running watch that will provide the basic function of recording their running time and logging up to 150 training sessions, the Timex Ironman Sleek 150 will gives runners a great value for this purpose.
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