TimTam Power Massager Review

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Editor’s Conclusion
If you feel that there is no such thing as a massage that is too aggressive, the TimTam Power Massager is worth checking out. This device looks like a power drill, and unfortunately, it sounds like one too! Compared to similar designs out there on the market, this machine has a motor that is pretty loud. If a loud motor isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, you can’t beat the power this machine provides.

It has a stall force that is much higher than other options, which means you can really dig into large muscle groups without skipping a beat (literally!). I love that this upgraded model is lightweight, and offers improved features that make it easier to handle for long massage sessions.

Below, I want to really dive into some of the impressive features that make it worth the investment.
TimTam Power Massager Review Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Very high stall force

Adjustable head with rotating motor

Carrying case with shoulder strap included

16 mm stroke length

Ideal for aggressive massages


Only 1 speed

Additional head attachments not included

Very loud

Short battery life (around 40 minutes)

Key Features

Key Features


There are some serious pros and cons when considering the motor. What I love about this device is that it has an insanely powerful motor. It has a stall force of around 80 pounds, which means you can really dig into muscle groups with all of your might and the percussion ball will not bat an eye. It is also capable of reaching speeds up to 2,500 percussions per minute, which is pretty impressive and great for DOMS and muscle tension. If power is what you need, this motor really delivers.

While insanely powerful, it is also pretty loud. Many comparable brands boast modest decibel levels that clock in around 60-65, which is about the sound level of two people having a normal conversation. This design, however, has decibel levels that max out at around 80-85. To put this into perspective, it is about the same sound level as a window air conditioner!

There is definitely a trade-off required with this model. If you want something that is insanely powerful, you will need to tolerate a bit of noise.


With great power comes increased battery usage. One fully charged battery is only able to last about 40 minutes of continued use, which is far less than competitors that can last up to 3 hours on a single charge. The decrease in battery life is due to the powerful motor with a high stall force, as well as the speed setting.

Other options allow users to manually adjust the speed of the massage ball, and it also increases or decreases the life of the battery based upon these settings. One of the downsides to this design is that it only has one powerful speed setting, which means that you won’t have the option to adjust the life of the battery as needed.

With a limited battery life compared to other options, I suggest investing in a second battery to leave on the charger so you are never left without any juice in the tank! You can purchase an extra battery via TimTam, and they are surprisingly affordable.


This device has a rotatable head and motor that can be adjusted to two different settings. Simply press the release button and adjust the head and motor to a fully upright position, or angled down at a 90-degree angle for those hard-to-reach muscle groups.

What I love most about the adjustable head is that the motor pivots with the massage ball. This may seem inconsequential, but it really helps to keep the weight evenly distributed to prevent arm fatigue.


As I have mentioned before, the TimTam Power Massager packs a powerful punch. It is able to achieve 2,500 percussions per minute on a fully charged battery. One of the downsides of this model, however, is that it only offers users a one-speed setting. If you have sensitive skin or prefer a more gentle massage, this device may not be ideal for you. One of the improvements made to this model is the power trigger.

On previous models, you needed to hold down the power button to keep the device operational, which could be a little awkward when targeting hard-to-reach muscle groups. This updated design, however, does not require the power trigger to be held down while in use.


This option doesn’t come with any attachments included with the purchase. This device comes with one rounded ball, and nothing else. Many users often find one attachment that works for them, while the others simply collect dust. While a host of attachments may not be a deal-breaker for some, it really limits your ability to dig into smaller muscle groups in the hands and feet.

If you love the power of this massage gun but wish it had more attachments, all hope is not lost! If you are willing to pay a little extra, TimTam sells additional attachments that work on all of their devices. The Ultimate Metal Tip attachment kit includes high-quality firm metal attachments that work for a host of muscle groups both big and small. I love the quality of this set, but the only downside is that they are quite expensive.


The stall force of this massage is so powerful it may knock a few fillings loose! Stall force is the amount of pressure required to make the massage ball come to a complete stop. Many of the higher-end designs out there on the market have a stall force that clocks in anywhere between 25-50 pounds. This updated version of the TimTam Power Massager has a powerful stall force that clocks in around 80 pounds!

By far, this is the highest stall force that I have seen in any massager. It allows you to dig as hard as you can into larger muscle groups without losing any pressure or speed. In fact, there are some previous users that found that this device is a little too powerful for beginners!


If you like to take your massage game out of the road, this machine has you covered. I love that it includes a hard carrying case that fits your device, extra battery, and charging cable in one compact box. It even includes a shoulder strap that allows you to carry it on its own. I also appreciate that the overall weight of this unit is lighter than expected.

It weighs in at just over 2 pounds, which makes it one of the lighter units out there on the market. Its overall weight not only makes it easier to take with you on the go, but it makes it easier to use for longer periods of time.


For me, ease of use is super important. Additional features are nice, but not at the cost of a steep learning curve. Previous users have found that this design is easy to learn right out of the box.

It does not require any connectivity via Bluetooth to your phone (which can sometimes be a real pain in the neck), and the single power setting makes it a cinch to get up and running. I also love that the battery pops out easily so you can swap out batteries as needed.


I combed through hundreds of user reviews to see how this device tested with everyone else. Sure, there are some noisy downsides to this design, but there were a ton of happy users.

Many found that just 20 minutes using this device turned their tired and stiff muscles to Jello, and found that even though it is loud, the tension relief is well worth the extra noise.
Comparison to Previous Versions

Comparison to Previous Versions

The difference between this model compared to previous versions are very small quality-of-life updates. Previous models host a very similar design, adjustment features, as well as speed. The new model has a motor that is slightly quieter, it’s a little more lightweight, and has an updated power trigger feature that doesn’t require that you hold it down while in use.

To me, saving a bit of money by investing in a previous model isn’t worth it overall. There isn’t a huge difference in design, and the quality of life additions are worth it.


The power that this little device delivers far outshines the competition. The powerful motor has an impressive stall force of up to 80 pounds, which really allows you to dig into those sore muscles. I love that it is small and compact, and weighs in at just over 2 pounds, which makes it a little easier for a longer period of time.

If you want something that is insanely powerful, delivers a therapeutic massage and a little bit of noise doesn’t bother you, the TimTam Power Massager is worth checking out!