Hyperice Hypervolt Plus Review

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Hyperice Hypervolt Plus is made to deliver professional-grade relief to sore and tired muscles. This serious massager means business and is equipped with a ton of useful features that make it effective and easy to use. My favorite feature of this updated design from the Hyperice Hypervolt Plus is the integration of Bluetooth technology that pairs right to your smartphone.

All you need to do is select from a wide variety of massage modes that target specific muscle groups after a brutal workout, as well as stress-melting massages when you come down with a serious case of the ‘icks’. It boasts a high RPM, low noise, and unique attachments that are a cinch to swap out as needed.

Below, I will get into some of the advanced features that make this design worth every penny!
Hyperice Hypervolt Plus Review Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

55-pound stall-force

Unique attachments that are easy to swap out

Bluetooth compatible

Companion app with video tutorials

3,200 percussions per minute

Pressure sensor lights

Very long battery life (up to 3 hours)


Case not included

Shallow stroke length


Key Features

Key Features


The most notable feature of the Hypervolt massager is the inclusion of Bluetooth technology. As newer models of massager hit the market, I have noticed that this Bluetooth connectivity is becoming the new norm. By pairing your device to a (free) companion app on your phone, you can select from various different timed massage programs based on your needs.

If your legs are aching after a long run, there is a program designed specifically for runners. If your neck is tense from working at the computer all day, there is even a routine dedicated to stress and tension relief. These programs are timed and communicate with your device to adjust the power levels as needed for various muscle groups.

Personally, I love that these massage programs also include a video of an actual person using the device to show exactly how it needs to be used. You can easily mirror their movements to ensure that you are using your device exactly as intended.


If you have ever used a massager in the past, you are probably familiar with stall-force, but you never knew that it had a name. Stall force indicates how much pressure you can push onto the head of the unit before it comes to a complete stop. If you are really digging into an affected muscle group, you want an attachment head and motor that won’t come to a complete stop just as you start to feel relief.

The good news is that the Hypervolt Plus offers an impressive 55 pounds of stall force. You would need to apply quite a bit of pressure to get this head to stall completely. Plus, this design is built for various levels of pressure. Just above the battery indicator lights is a set of pressure lights. As you apply more and more pressure, the lights let you know the level of pressure that is applied. This ensures that you are delivering the right amount of pressure to your muscles without negatively impacting them.


The Hypervolt massage gun really shines in the battery life department. It comes with a standard lithium-ion battery that is able to be recharged via the power cable that is included with your purchase. The light-up screen along the back of the unit indicates when you are at a full charge, and indicates how much juice is left in the tank as you use it.

What makes this design stand apart from others is the overall battery life on a single-use. It is able to deliver up to 3 hours of continuous use on a single charge! The lifespan of a single charge fluctuates depending upon the settings that you use. If you only keep it at a low setting, you should be able to squeeze a little more than 3 hours out of the battery. If you keep it cranked at the highest setting, it may last a little under 3 hours.

The battery is able to be easily popped out when needed. Some users like to invest in an additional battery to store on a charger so that they are never left without any power left in the tank. Of course, this battery comes in at an additional cost, but I feel that it is well worth it, especially if you like to take your massager with you on the go.


It may look like a power drill, but it certainly doesn’t sound like a power drill! One of the most popular features of this design is that it boasts a super quiet (yet powerful) motor that is virtually silent, even on the highest setting. One the low setting, it clocks in at around 60 decibels, and on the highest setting, it only pushes the sound level to around 65 decibels.

To put that into perspective, 65 decibels is the same noise level as normal conversation. Prolonged exposure to noise over 70 decibels can negatively affect your hearing, so feel free to use it as long as needed without damaging your ears!

The motor is able to achieve three different power settings that send serious relief to your muscles. It’s important to note that even the lowest setting is still pretty powerful, and it doesn’t have the low and slow settings like other comparable options out there on the market.

The lowest power setting clocks in at 1,800 percussions per minute, the medium setting is about 2,400 percussions per minute, and the highest setting delivers an impressive 3,200 percussions per minute. If you need power, few massagers are as powerful as the Hypervolt Plus!


I think the Hyperice Hypervolt Plus really shines in the attachments department. It contains a set of five different attachments that range from hard and rigid to soft and cushioned. The flathead and the massage ball design offer modest cushioning to melt away tension while taking it easy on your skin.

If you have super-sensitive skin, the accordion design is much softer than the base model attachments. For targeted relief, the thumb attachment really digs into smaller muscle groups on your hands and feet.

The attachment I love most is the folk-like neck massager which is unique to the Hypervolt massage gun. The dual heads offer a tandem massage to your spine for tension relief, or they can be used on the base of the neck or head to soothe tight muscles in your neck.

If you suffer from killer headaches or migraines, this attachment really helps to soothe symptoms. Plus, it is super easy to lock in place and doesn’t shift around while in use like similar folk-like attachments from other brands.


One of the biggest complaints that I found users had with this powerful machine doesn’t lie in the actual specs of the unit, but rather what it is missing. Most higher-end massagers come with a hard or soft shell carrying case that makes it easy to toss into your gym bag, but this design only includes a carrying case for the attachments. It ships in a hard-shell cardboard box that makes it easy to store in a closet when not in use, but it is a little too big to throw into your gym bag.

You have the option to purchase an additional carrying case for this design for an extra 50 bucks, but I feel that given the high price point Hyperice should really throw in the carrying case free of charge. This feature doesn’t affect the performance, but it really hinders its overall portability. The good news is that it has a recessed power switch, so if you throw it into a gym bag it’s unlikely to switch on.

Comparison to Previous Versions

Comparison to Previous Versions

There isn’t a whole that has changed between previous iterations and this newest design. Users can expect the exact same power features, quiet motor, and unique attachments as older versions.

However, the biggest change in this device is the inclusion of Bluetooth technology and the companion app. To me, this companion app is a real game-changer that ensures that you are using your device as intended for maximum effectiveness.


I know that the price tag may feel a little daunting, but when compared to annual trips to the massage parlor, it breaks down to an excellent value. Percussive therapy is just as effective at fighting DOMS and fatigue as human hands, and this powerful machine really delivers.

However, if you can’t quite swing the expensive price tag of this unit, there are options. If you love the power of this machine and want to cut down on cost, I suggest investing in one of the previous models. Previous iterations are just as quiet and powerful but are unable to connect to your phone. While I personally love the Bluetooth compatibility, opting out will save you around 100 bucks.