Best Jogging and Running Strollers Tested


Searching for jogging or running strollers? Take a look at the top rated shoes of 2017, Pros & Cons and what to be aware of before buying one in a store!

How To Find The Best Stroller For Running And Jogging

Whatever you call it, a carriage, buggy, or stroller, when you want to have your small kids tag along with you on daily runs, it’s better to have something that is, not only safer, but also meets your specific needs. Running or jogging strollers are usually good for everyday use, but are also designed to fit the functional requirements of being used at a pace much faster than a calm walk through the park.

BOB Revolution Flex
  • BOB Revolution Flex
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • adjustable suspension
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Thule Urban Glide
  • Thule Urban Glide
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • One handed folding
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Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Stroller
  • Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Stroller
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Independent all-wheel suspension
  • Price: See Here
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These are built, mostly, in three wheel designs that offer better maneuverability. They also, typically have larger wheels and a much more technical suspension, which will allow the stroller a smoother ride over rougher surfaces at a running pace. In this buying guide, we have put together what we found to be the highest rated options, that are also popular among many different customers for reasons unique to each brand and model. Let’s scroll down and take a look at the list.

The Complete Guide to Running Strollers

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BOB Revolution FLEX

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For the number one spot on our list, we have decided to go with the 2016 version of the Revolution Flex from BOB. Aside from being a popular pick online and in stores, This one also rates at the top on Amazon. Although this isn’t the cheapest option, we think the benefits will equal up to its price tag. From adjustable suspension to easy storage, let’s look a little closer at what the Revolution Flex has to offer.
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A great, but overlooked feature that this model has is an adjustable handlebar. It makes all the difference when you can make adjustments more appropriate to the user’s height and comfortability. And as far as its suitability for various types of terrain, the Revolution Flex has an adjustable suspension system that provides a much smoother ride for your little ones. The stroller folds down for storage in just two easy steps. To help make it even more stowable, the front wheel has a quick disconnect, allowing it to be easily removed. Another easy adjustment that you can make with just one hand, is the position of the seat, from upright to reclined.

This model become even more versatile when you combine it with a compatible car seat, creating an entire convenient travel system. After reading through a tone of feedback from customers, it is safe to conclude that this is an ideal choice for those who may even tend to take their jogs to the paths and very light trails, due to this model’s unique suspension design.
  • Adjustable suspension allows use on multiple types of terrain
  • Compatible with a few different car seats from Britax
  • Adjustable handlebar for user comfort and control
  • Also available in a double stroller version
  • Pretty expensive

Thule Urban Glide

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Thule is a trusted name when it comes to getting things from here to there, so it kind of makes sense that they would produce a quality jogger. Although it is a fairly expensive option, we think it is worth the cost, offering a safe and sturdy ride for your little tag along.
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The original 2015 model did have some minor issues with the bushings in the front wheel fork. This causing some unwanted wobbling. The issue was resolved and updated bushings were used in the production of all 2016 models.

The lockable front swivel features adjustable tracking, to help stay on course during your run. The rear suspension and rubber tires gives this stroller that ability to "run" well wherever you do. The front wheel has just enough play to virtually eliminate the need for tipping back to turn.

This model also has many features that also come standard with a lot of other great brands such as a foam covered adjustable handlebar, safety wrist strap, rear brakes and the ability to fold for storage and transport.

There is also a double version of this stroller available, which is called the Urban Glide 2.

The overall performance seems to stand up to demands. The Urban Glide maneuvers really well through just about any urban or town environment where you might run with a stroller. In all the ease of use, general function and durability definitely put this up there as one of the best choices
  • Lockable front wheel swivel with adjustable tracking
  • Adjustable handle bar suit runners of different heights
  • Decent amount of underneath storage, without getting in the way
  • Great maneuverability
  • Not as much seat cushioning near the head as some other models

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Stroller

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Here is an option for those who two kids that they want to bring along on their run. The Summit X3 from Baby Jogger is a well liked double jogger that seems to also be a pretty popular choice on Amazon. From a good jog to a trip to the park, or even the grocery store, The Summit X3 will help you get there and back with ease. Check out more of the review below, for some of the features that this model provides.
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To start off, any parent with more than one child knows that trying to do simple things like folding a stroller can be difficult while, at the same time, trying to keep track of two small kids on the loose. The Summit boasts a system that folds itself by simply pulling on a strap. Since this is a double stroller, you will have the extra weight of a second child. You will have a bit more control and ease with stopping, thanks to the rear breaks that this model offers. And here is something that is really more useful than many realize, the front wheel swivel can be locked and unlocked remotely from the handlebar. This stroller also boasts independent all-wheel suspension for easy use over rougher types of terrain. The seats are built for comfort and safety. Each of the two seats has an independent ventilated canopy that offers some protection from the sun and light wind. The Summit X3 is available in a single seat model, but we are highlighting the double version for the purpose of this buying guide.

Being a double stroller, this one is going to take up a bit more room and also weighs slightly more than other options in this guide. The child seating reclines to a nearly flat position, which comes in handy when the kids energy doesn’t quite last through you entire run. The unit is designed to fold up quickly and easily, although the double version will take a bit more space in your trunk than the single child version will. To help with that though, the three wheels are quickly releasable and can be easily removed to reduce storage mass. This is a solid double jogger that is also useful for much more than just daily exercise.
  • Seats recline to a nearly flat position
  • Quick release wheels for better storage
  • Quick-fold design offers easier stowage
  • Independent all-wheel suspension provides better control and shock absorption over rougher surfaces
  • A bit expensive

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogger

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Here is a really lightweight model, the Joovy Zoom 360. The ultra lightweight design of this one makes it an ideal choice for some real running. Though the outward design appears very basic, this is all meant to reduce the overall weight and mass, allowing the runner to actually get up some speed. We’ll look a bit further into some of the features that win this on such good ratings among active parents.
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The reclining seat is built a bit wider, giving the child less constrained space. It also sits fairly high off the ground, allowing your little passenger to actually look around and see stuff. Although the storage basket underneath may seem a bit shallow, it is really easy to access because of the higher seat position. There are additional mesh storage pockets on either side of the child seat, and of course parent storage for water bottles, phones, keys, or other small items that you need to bring along. The wheels are large with decent tread. They are inflatable, and does add some shock absorption.

The purposely simplistic design cuts down on weight and overall mass, giving the user to actually get a decent run in, while at the same time including their child. This model folds up quite nicely into a lightweight, easily stowable package. The wheels are a bit bulky when the unit is folded, but there isn’t much getting around that. The wider seat area provides a more comfortable space for the child, allowing them to freely look around more. The large canopy provides pretty good sun and even wind protection when needed. There is also a decently sized window so you can see what you kid is up to when the canopy is drawn. In conclusion, this is an ideal choice for, not only the runners with kids, but also active parents who are on the go, needing to take the stroller in and out of the car a lot.
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Wider child seat
  • high ground clearance
  • Decent amount of storage for such a purposely minimalistic design
  • Some aren't crazy about the car seat adapter
  • Storage basket only hold up to 5lbs

Graco Fastaction

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This comparatively low priced, but highly rated option is the Fastaction from Graco. This company is known all over for producing decent quality strollers and other baby products. Their strollers, while not as fancy for some, and certainly not as expensive as other brands, are liked and trusted by a whole lot of people. Going by that, this one is an ideal option for our list. Moving on, let’s look at some of its features.
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Like many models these days, the Fastaction accepts the company’s own car seats from their Click Connect line. When not in use, it can be easily and quickly folded with one hand. It will then lock and stand on its own when folded. The Fastaction also uses inflatable bicycle type tires, which do provide a little bit of suspension and shock resistance from rougher roads. Also like most others, the front wheel swivels for better maneuverability. The seat and storage basket are positioned fairly high off the ground, allowing this model to be used in many different environments. Of course, as this is kind of a hybrid between a standard stroller and a jogger, there is a good amount of storage. The bottom basket holds quite a bit, but doesn’t seem to get in the way. There are also two cup/bottle holders and a place for a phone just in front of the handle.

This is Graco’s first jogger, so it seems to take some features, such as underneath storage capacity, from their lines of traditional strollers and incorporate them into this model. The smartphone holder does have a latch which is designed to keep the phone in place as you run, but doesn’t hold much more. The design puts quite a bit of space between the ground and the seat, which is probably ideal when going places like a park and places that may have rougher surfaces or higher grass. With some plastic, the frame is mostly made of alloy, which definitely adds to its durability. In general, this is a model that was designed to meet the needs of a more practical solution for those also want to include their child in their daily run.
  • Generous, yet non-intrusive storage underneath
  • High ground clearance is good when lifting over curbs and pushing through grass at the park
  • Compatible with Graco Click Connect car seats
  • Could use a bit more shock absorption
  • The phone holder may not fit all smartphones

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger

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The Expedition Jogger from Baby Trend is a good, but basic model. It’s a great option for those looking for a simple design, and don’t want all of the extras that they might not need. The construction is made up of more aluminum than plastic, but does incorporate both in the build. Look below for more on the features and performance.
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The wheels are large, more like those for a bicycle, allowing pretty easy movement over various types of surfaces. The tires are inflatable, so that is something to keep in mind, making sure that they are maintained with enough air so they don’t go flat.

The handlebar is pretty wide with rubber sleeves for good grip. Although the handle is quite wide, it is not adjustable to accommodate people of different physical stature. There is plenty of storage on the bottom for whatever you may need to take along with you, without interfering too much with your stride. For more immediately accessible storage, there are two cup or bottle holders and a small compartment that will fit a phone and some keys just in front of the handlebar. This stroller accepts certain Baby Trend car seats for smaller children.

This is a good choice for daily runs, with pretty sturdy and lightweight construction. The large bike type wheels will easily roll right over the type of surfaces that you will most likely encounter on the road. As mentioned before, the wheels do have inflatable tires that must be maintained. The seat has a 5-point strap system so your child will be secure while you run. Generally this is a really good option if you want a well rated running stroller at quite an affordable price.
  • Large wheels for easy movement over various surfaces
  • A good amount of non-intrusive storage
  • Compatible with certain Baby Trend car seats
  • Also available in a double stroller version
  • The handle is not height adjustable
  • The seat for the child is small


So there you have it! There are many strollers out there that have similar functions and features, but to thoroughly enjoy something like a good run with you kid or kids tagging along, it sometimes works a lot better when you have the best available equipment. In this case, we’re talking about strollers.

As you can see above, there are many features that sell someone on a particular brand or model. One thing that most of them have in common though is a similar three wheel design and a chassis that rides noticeably higher than on a standard stroller.



The criteria we used to determine the best choices

Being able to take your kid along with you on your runs is great. It’s a great chance to get out as a family and show your children a great example of staying fit and healthy, which of course we all want for our little ones.

There are a few things that go into a jogging stroller which makes it better than others, and more suitable for sustained running. Take a look at the crucial factors we took into account during our search for the best products.

 Suitable for different uses

Most likely, you’re going to want a stroller that you can use for multiple tasks, including running. With that being said, your choice needs to be able to keep up with your type of running. You probably aren’t going to attempt any speed records while pushing your child, but that jogger you pick shouldn’t slow you down because it is built good enough for more than speed walking, not that there’s anything wrong with speed walking.


The best option will be one which performs just as well as a jogger as it does as an around town traveler.


The thing has got to go where you want it to! How much would it negatively affect your jog or run if you have to struggle with moving the stroller where you need it to go? It would be a nightmare, and totally kill the fun.

So for that reason, good maneuverability is an absolute must. We look for things like whether the front wheels lock. If they do, how easily can they be unlocked? Are there features such as Adjustable tracking to help stay on course with locked wheel swivel.

We also want to know if there is not enough or too much play in the front wheels. A stroller that wobbles from too much play will not only become annoying and possible difficult to control, but may be dangerous as well.


To put it plainly, your child will be riding in this stroller while you run quickly down the road. This is not an ideal or even a safe time for something to break. We are interested in the the quality of the materials, how well the thing is constructed and also how well it stands up to continuous use.

Are the wheels wobbly? Does it fall apart? Does the frame hold up? Is the fabric durable, or does it easily rip and fall apart?  These are some things that we want to know.

The durability of a product like this is pretty important, as it is being used to carry  some precious cargo.

How is the passenger area?

How comfortable is it for your little passenger? Does the seating area provide enough comfortable space, while remaining restrictive enough to keep your kid from bouncing all around during your run?

The seat, sides and back rest should be adequately cushioned and sturdy. There shouldn’t be any hard surfaces that the child’s head could hit, and the seat shouldn’t feel like they are sitting on a board.

You’ll want your child to be secure in the stroller, but not pinned in like a human taco, not being able to move because the sides are too tight.

Some protection from sun and other elements

You probably have on shades while you run on a sunny day, so you kid should have some protection from the sun as well. It also wouldn’t hurt if the stroller provided some protection from wind and maybe light rain too.

Many of the awnings and canopies which come attached to strollers these day have some amount wind, sun and rain resistant properties. This only stretches out the safe and comfortable usability throughout more acceptable climates that you can take your child along on your runs.


Do you really want to push a super heavy stroller around on your run? Of course not. Fortunately, we live in an age where wonderful technologies exist such as lightweight composites and alloys, which significantly reduce the stroller’s weight and make it a whole lot less cumbersome to jog or run with.

Although most manufacturers are implementing new lightweight technologies into their products, there will alway be those that are much lighter and sturdier that others.

Remember, The weight that you have to push is not only that of the stroller. The weight of your child will begin to be felt after a few miles, so the more you can shave off of the jogger the better.

Is it safe?

This is, by far, the most important factor. We aren’t going to roll our kid down the road in a dangerous contraption. The frame has to be well built and structurally solid. All of the moving parts such as wheels, bearings, any adaptive shock system, and whatever other like features a model possesses must operate correctly without the chance of coming undone during a stroll.

If a certain model has a handbrake system, it has to work correctly. It can’t lock up solid every time you lightly touch the brake lever. The wheel locks have to lock. Period. You can’t lock the wheels, expecting them to remain that way, but instead they have play and tend to roll a bit anyway.

As far as where you put your child, the seat has to be safe and secure as well. Sufficient restraint is a must. We’re not saying that your kid needs to be strapped down and tied to the seat. However, a safety belt system which properly keeps the child safely and comfortably in their place is of absolute importance. While running, there may be bumps that you’ll go over, so a good seatbelt with shoulder straps is more than just a good idea.


More Important Factors To Consider When Shopping For The Best Running or Jogging Stroller

There are many factors to think about when looking for a suitable option. Here are a few more things to think about when you narrow down your search.

How will the stroller be used?

Besides running, what else are you going to do with it? Will it be your everyday go to stroller, or one that you use just for your daily exercise?


If you plan on using it for everyday use, then there are things that you’ll probably wan to consider. You will most likely want to have at least a decent amount of storage space. A good sized bottom basket is great, as long as it doesn’t get in the way when running. Small storage places for smartphones, keys, wallet, and especially snacks and water bottles is also more important than it may seem. You want know how much you need those things until you don’t have them.

Where are you going?

Whatever you choose, it has to roll where you need it to go. Large wheels are definitely a big plus. The bigger wheels tend to roll much smoother over divets, cracks and other uneven spots on the roads or sidewalks.


Watch out for the bumps! Shock absorption is something that, believe it or not, often goes overlooked. While your feet absorb the impact and adjust for the terrain, your passenger will feel all of those bumps and rattles, unless the stroller has some sort of shock absorbing system built into the suspension.


Speaking of suspension, It shouldn’t be too tight and it cannot be too loose. The weight needs to be supported over varied surfaces, as to maintain a smooth ride, but also to ensure the frame lasts. The suspension should give a bit when it needs to for bumps and road imperfections, while staying firm over flatter surfaces.

Taking it with you

The ideal choice will be easy to transport in and out of your vehicle. Different cars have different limitations when it comes to storage space. You’ll want the model you pick to fold up into as compact of a package as possible.

You also don’t want to struggle trying to get the thing folded and into your car. Ease of use is an important factor here. A easy to reach and operate takedown system is a must for most busy and active parents. you already have your hands full with you child, do you really want to wrestle with some complex and difficult disassembly system every time you want to go somewhere.

These are just a few thing to think about when making your decision. Everyone has their own life, which requires different factors to be considered, but those are some of the basics that actually go overlooked more often than not. In a lot of cases products boast some pretty nifty gadgets, features and designs that tend to take away from the important considerations. the key is to be able to see through all of those fancy things and make sure the product meets your own basic but important requirements first.


First time purchasing a stroller to go running with?

If you are searching for your first jogging stroller, there are a few things that you’ll need to consider when choosing a model that is best for active lifestyle. Below we have gathered some frequently asked questions that you may want to think about when making your choice.



Q:  Are joggers practical for everyday use?

A:  They certainly can be, depending on the model that you chose. That should be taken into consideration when shopping. Most jogging strollers are designed to turn and maneuver better than more traditional styles. Many even have quite a bit of storage too.

Q:  Do the wheels have to be larger than you would find on a more traditional stroller?

A:  The wheels that you find on most strollers which are intended for jogging are larger so the stroller is able to negotiate various types of surfaces, allowing both a smoother run and a smoother ride for your little passenger.

Q:  Can I run on trails with a jogging stroller?

A:  While there are models available that will certainly stand up to the rougher terrain and environment, you are still pushing a stroller holding a small child in it. If you are going to try it, it is probably a good idea to invest in a model that is intended more for that purpose. However, it is key to know the path first and always put safety as the top priority.

Q:  Does it matter how big my child is, or how much they weigh?

A:  Just like any normal stroller, there are weight limits for each different product. Although these types of strollers are often built with a bit more strength, they still have a maximum weight capacity for what they can safely carry. On average you’ll find that a majority on the models out there with hold up to 50lbs., but that is not always the case. Always be sure to check the limits of a stroller before purchasing, in order to be certain that it is safe for your child.

Q:  I run in an area where there are a lot of hills that I will be going up and down. Is there anything that I should look for when choosing the ideal stroller for running?

A:  Certainly. Some models will have a hand brake located on the handlebar. In most cases it will activate brakes on the rear wheels, allowing for more control when traveling downhill. That would be a feature which would definitely provide a safer and more confident jog with your child.

Q:  Do I really need that much storage on stroller that I will use for a jog?

A:  Well, the answer would probably depend on your child’s age and specific needs. One thing that you may want to keep in mind, is that many people buy a jogger and use it for everyday getting around as well as their daily runs. If you want versatility, then the storage is probably a good idea. If you are going to use a designated stroller just for running, then you could go with a lightweight, simplistic design. The key is knowing what it will be used for.

Q:  Do all models come in a double stroller version?

A:  Not all models, but there are many that offer the option of a double stroller. There are even some companies that offer jogging strollers capable of carrying more than two children.

Q:  I am on a budget. Are most joggers higher priced than standard strollers?

A:  Like most other consumer products, there are options offered at different price ranges. However, it is important to make sure the one you pick is practical and meets your needs. If you tend to take you run off road, then a lower priced model that isn’t intended for that environment wouldn’t be a good choice. If you stick to smoother roads and sidewalks and don’t require as rugged of a design, then you could easily go with a lower priced stroller.

Q:  Can I attach a car seat to a jogger like I can with my regular stroller?

A:  Each brand is different, but these days most manufacturers produce entire systems around jogging strollers, just like like they do with traditional style models. When shopping, you should research the manufacturer to see if they also make car seats and other accessories which are compatible with their jogging models.

Q:  Can I expect more wear and tear on a stroller that is meant for running or jogging?

A:  Like anything else, if a product is used for its intended function it should stand up to what it is meant to do. With that being said, in many cases you will see differences in durability, depending on the construction materials and price range of the product. If you are planning on putting your stroller under constant heavy use, then it may be wise ti invest a bit more into a more durable model.


Though there are many factors to consider, however once we find several of the best options, we can make a little easier by breaking our considerations into four groups: Safety, Durability, Practicality and Budget.

The idea of this buying guide is to display the different products available in different price ranges, but also to help get you thinking about the questions your be asking yourself in order to make the most informed decision. After all, you will be taking some precious cargo along with you on your runs. For that reason, safety should always be a factor when making your choice. If there is a question that you can’t find online, don’t be afraid to email you questions to the manufacturer of the product you are looking at. Most of them will reply shortly with an answer.

We hope that this guide was helpful in your search, and maybe even sparked a few new questions to consider when making a good choice.


Here are some sources that were used during our research

In our effort to provide as much information to think about as possible, we refer to many different sources. Here are some of those sources for you to take a look at.


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