The 12 Best Long Distance Running Shoes Reviewed


Are you searching for a great pair of Long Distance Running Shoes? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Check out the highest rated shoes 2018 has to offer,  let us help you outweigh their Pros and Cons, and learn about what to be aware of before buying a pair in a store!

Long distance running is a challenging feat for both novice and elite runner. It tests your endurance, capacity and will power as well as pushes you to new levels. If you are a long distance runner than you know the importance of a good pair of running shoes. Without an optimal pair that specifically meets your needs you are setting yourself up for disaster.However, with all the options available, it is really difficult to figure out what is the best long distance running shoes available for you. Runners need a shoe that provides comfort, stability, and support—and how this can be achieved varies from foot to foot.

Take a look at our list of the top 12 best long distance running shoes, we hope this make your searcher much faster and easier!

Last Updated: April 1, 2018
By Giselle Killebrew:

This update brings some of the best long distance running shoes of 2018. We added some elite options used by Boston Marathon runners as well as affordable and highly rated alternative that have become a staple in the running world this year.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18
  • Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • BioMoGo DNA midsole provides custom comfort
  • Price: See Here
Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%
  • Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Rearfoot GEL Cushioning provides exceptional shock absorption
  • Price: See Here
ASICS Kayano 22 Lite Show
  • ASICS Kayano 22 Lite Show
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Full length Gel cushioning
  • Price: See Here


12 Best Long Distance & Marathon shoes

1. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18

Previously on the top of this list was the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17, and its new and improved model—once again—does not disappoint. The support ad stability this shoe provides is perfect for long distance runners who need to pack in the miles without having to destroy their feet in the process.

The BioMoGo DNA combined with the removable molded foam insole provides an adequate amount of cushioning and comfort to make your runs steady and easy.

These shoes are also very light weight (which is sometimes difficult to find in a support shoe) and durable. They are highly breathable as well, thanks to mesh and material they are composed off.
  • Provides excellent support and stability 
  • Full-length BioMoGo DNA midsole for true-to-your-foot cushioning and bounce
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Removable insole for added comfort customization
  • Great style
  • Lots of color options
  • Expensive
  • Some users don’t care for the heel drop

2. Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%

These are definitely the most expensive option on our list, so if you aren't looking to spend a pretty penny than these may not be the best shoes for you.

That being said, these are top of the line shoes--used by some of the top finishers in the 2017 Boston Marathon. They are made for both long distance and speed, so if you are looking to improve your race time than these are the shoes for you (especially perfect for race day).

The Zoom X cushioning is highly favored by its users--making it one of the most comfortable options available. Nike also features its' carbon fiber insert--which they claim to help you finish your marathon in sub 2.

The 4% stands for the minimal muscle usage theses shoes allow for--they allow you to use quads, calves, and shins 4% less than in other shoes. This allows you to comfortably increase your speed and comfort without sacrificing stability and support.
  • Engages certain leg muscles 4% less
  • Decreases your long distance time
  • several color options
  • unisex design
  • Used by top performers in the 2017 Boston Marathon
  • Zoom X cushioning
  • Carbon Fiber insert
  • Great stability
  • Steep Price
  • Some users report it could provide more support 
  • Some prefer it as a racce day shoe

3. ASICS Kayano 22 Lite Show

3. ASICS Kayano 22 Lite Show
The Kayano make the list year after year. They do not let seasoned runners down when it comes to providing a lightweight form factor that maintains key features such as full-length GEL cushioning and an impact guidance system. Features typically found on much heavier running shoes. Add to this that Amazon prices them a full ten dollars less than any other retail site and you’ve got a winning combination.
  • Impact guidance system
  • Full length GEL cushioning
  • Breathable upper
  • High marks for lightweight design
  • Takes a while to break in

4. Newton Motion V

4. Newton Motion V
Newton is not a well-know company, but their Newton Motion V shoes have managed to gain a position as some of the most recommended long distance running shoes. Newton is a company based in Colorado, and they are slowly but surely gaining traction in the running world.

These shoes are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. They utilize a 4-way Stretch mesh Metatarsal Panel in order to contour to your foot and adjust to your individual needs.
Its secure fit, durability, and 360 degree reflectivity make this shoe a great buy that won't disappoint.
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • 360 degree reflectivity
  • Contours to your foot
  • Some don't like the color options

6. Asics Gel-Nimbus 19

6. Asics Gel-Nimbus 19
If you want to push yourself to the limits while running long, distances, you will definitely need firm shoes with comfortable cushioning. ASICS Gel Nimbus with FlyteFoam Midsole technology provides very responsive ride with high level of cushioning. The cushioning provides the durability alongside with DuraSponge outsole. Runners said that the shoes are very comfortable thanks to the upper and they fit like a glove. It makes your feet more secure and adds stability. Special mesh material doesn’t irritate your skin. Runners said that the shoes could be little more breathable. These ASICS shoes will be great for over-pronators, these neutral running shoes also have Guidance Trusstic System Technology adds to the stability. The price of these shoes is relatively high but this quality running shoe is worth testing


The anti-bacterial sockliner prevent unpleasant odor

The outsole is very durable

High-quality shoe


Shoes may not be appropriate for people with wide feet

8. Saucony Ride 10

8. Saucony Ride 10
The next shoes on our list are Saucony Ride 10. These shoes are very breathable as there’s mesh in the upper. The woven holes boosts the circulation of air in your shoe and even the material in the upper is really breathable. Thanks to the mesh and overlays, you can move your feet, it’s not too tight. The shoes have great durability and absorb shock as well. The XT-900 rubber is very firm and the signs of wear out won’t show up too fast. To provide runner more protection, there’s appropriate amount of memory foam. The lays in the upper also provide secure fit and additional protection. Runners say that the responsiveness of this shoes is also good, Power Foam helps to boost the energy return. The design is very classic, runners liked the wide choice of colors. The pricing isn’t also very bad, it’s about 120 dollars so it’s not the cheapest but definitely worth.These shoes will be best for road running but for trail or dirt, it’s not a good idea.


Very responsive


For some runners, cushioning was too thin

7. Under Armour Speedform Apollo

7. Under Armour Speedform Apollo
The Speedform Apollos are the best of the best when it comes to Under Armour running shoes. They’re some of the best long distance running shoes thanks to great flexibility and cushioning that keeps you going with your natural stride. They’re lightweight at 5.5 oz. (W) and 8 oz. (M). They’re also high on modern technology that separates basic running shoes from the best running shoes. Check them out.


  • Affordable
  • Anatomical rubber outsole for flexibility and durability
  • Arch reinforcement system provides a great fit and added stability
  • Dual layer midsole offers smooth yet responsive running


  • Some testers found the durability to be low

9. Saucony Cohesion 9

9. Saucony Cohesion 9
Other long distance runners can sometimes be clunky, large, and heavy. The Cohesion 9 offer a comfortable ride and remain lightweight. They’re some of the best long distance running shoes because they’re light enough to keep you going, but at the same time, they’re supportive enough to prevent pain and injury. They are highly rated in terms of comfort and support.
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-dry mesh for breathability
  • Sock-like fit for comfort
  • Thick midsole support
  • Good heel support for security
  • Narrow toe box

5. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34

5. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34
Road, treadmill and concrete will be amiable places to run if you have Nike Pegasus 34. This shoe series is the longest continuing in the world. It’s a very versatile shoe that will be great not only for long distance running but also for daily workouts. The upper is made with Flymesh so this boost the breathability. Other features increasing air flow are small perforations in the toe box. Unique design of the outsole with hexagonal lugs make the traction and grip even better. The pricing is very reasonable considering the quality, the price also depends on the color. There are also reflective stripes to make you more visible while running.

Lightweight and durable at the same time

Very comfortable

Reasonably pricing


The shoes could have more cushioning

10. Asics Gel-Kayano 24

10. Asics Gel-Kayano 24
The newest version of Gel Kayano 24 may be very good choice for long distance running. Flytefoam cushioning provides comfortable ride and it doesn’t add to weight much. ASICS FluidFit provides very snug fit but there’s still flexibility. Special Impact Guide system was created to limit the pronation so these shoes are great for overpronators. While talking about breathability, we could say that these shoes are made for marathoners. Thanks to high quality ventilation, you can run for the long hours and you won’t end up with sweaty feet. Boosted airflow minimize the risk of blisters. There are also many features that make stability better Guidance line, DuoMax technology help to stabilize the ankle and make the gait much more efficient. This is a stability shoe, so the flexibility isn’t very good. DuoMax technology also absorbs the shock in a proper way and provides cushioning.

Very breathable

The sockliner manages the moisture very well

Shoes absorb the shock very well


They’re a little bit heavy

11. New Balance Vazee Pace V2

11. New Balance Vazee Pace V2
The New Balance Vazee Pace V2 Running shoes are some of the best available. They are excellently priced and help you increase your speed without sacrificing your comfort or stability.

The use of the Adapter web met-cradle allows the shoe to adjust to each individual's foot's movement and the X-LOCK system properly secures your foot and provides added stability.

These shoes are lightweight yet comfortable. They have a ROCLITE outsole that increase the overall durability and life of the shoe.
  • Affordable
  • comes in many color options
  • Helps increase your speed
  • Comfortable, ROCLITE outsole
  • X-LOCK System to secure your foot properly
  • Adjusts to your natural movement
  • Foam is too thin for some users

12. Adidas Adizero Adios 3

12. Adidas Adizero Adios 3
Typically there aren't a ton of Adidas shoes that hit the top of the line or highest rated lists, but the Adidas Adizero Adios 3 running shoes have become popular among marathoners and long distance runners. They are lightweight and come with an adequate amount of cushioning.

The shoe's rubber outsole increases their overall durability and traction--making them a shoe worth investing in because they are long-lasting and can hold their own outside.

These shoes are also highly responsive and have great shock absorption. This allows them to be an excellent long-distance option because it avoids the problems that arise when a shoe does not have the capability to do these two things.
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable 
  • Breathable 
  • Adequate cushihoning 
  • Great traction 
  • Rubber outsole
  • Responsive
  • Narrow toe box


The Metrics Considered When Selecting the Top Long Distance Running Shoes


Quality And Performance; Not Hype.

We have researched and came up with important considerations and factors that a runner can have in mind when selecting their best pair of long distance running shoes that is fit, comfortable and serves their functionality well.

Does the shoe fit?

Among the key factors when choosing any gear is the size of the gear. Does it fit? Long distance running shoes are not exceptions. The fit of the shoe to feet is very important. When running for a longer period or distance, the fit can either make the run worthwhile or can also make an athlete regret the experience. Apart from discomfort, bad shoe sizing can cause the athlete to minor accidents and injuries on the feet. If the running shoe is too big, it will allowance of the feet to slide back and forth while the athlete is on the run, easily causing blistering on the feet and the runner can even fall down while on the road since he can easily knock something due to instability. The situation is worse when the running sneaker of an athlete is smaller. The compression of the feet can cause damages to bones and veins in the feet, leading to internal complications or blisters and scars on the feet. The discomfort is worse when the shoe is smaller. Aeration and breathability of the shoe cannot be sufficient. Besides the feet can get bad smell due to too much sweat produced and the features of the shoe destroyed. Some athletes though prefer having a shoe that is a bit bigger than their feet while others prefer having one that is just well fitting. Despite the preference, the shoe fit should not be to big or too small for the feet of the runner, especially on a long distance running.


Cushion and Support

Athletes who want to concentrate on shock reduction on their feet while they run will definitely opt for running shoes that have very simplified cushion inserts in them. They also come with impressive flexibility and are very light weight. Shoes with amazing cushioning are able to provide protection, to the feet of the runner against minor injuries like poundings and bruces that may affect the runner from doing his or her routines. Perfect running shoes for senior runners. Good shoe inserts are always lightweight and made of fabric and materials that are very durable, they should also enhance flexibility of the feet during workout. Though most are designed to help in dealing with pronation, the inserts can be very useful in dealing with different types of foot injuries and pains like a pain in the arch or runners who have plantar fasciitis. They are able to help the muscles around the leg to not feel exhausted or over worked. Another important factor is the arch support, it should be firm enough and will not be able o break down when you exert pressure on it during a sprint. There are other options of inserts that are more customized and provide same additional support and protection and cushioning. This is done by making the feet conform to the plastic after being warmed up.


Consistent Comfort After Added Mileage.

For any run to be considered healthy, the athlete must be comfortable in the running gears first. For a long distance runner, comfort is more crucial because the athlete will be on the road for a longer period. In case the running shoe is uncomfortable, the athlete will have a very hard time concentrating on the run. Good cushioning and padding make the feet comfortable to run on. Other running shoe features should be well suiting the athlete for the run. Having a running shoe that is well fitting too adds up to comfort ability of the athlete. Some runners though prefer having sneakers that are a bit bigger than their feet while others prefer having one that is just well firing the feet. No matter the fitting preference of the athlete, comfort of the feet should be highly considered


Style of the shoes.

Style and fashion do also apply when choosing a long distance running shoe, especially to the feminine athletes. Most male athletes will prefer getting a sneaker that is simple with dull colors or a bit of color that is not too bright. Female athletes on the other side are likely to consider considering a running shoe that is stylish and trendy shoe. The style of the shoe influences the liking of the running shoe which leads to an athlete being comfortable in his or her running shoe. One should choose running shoe that are of his or her personal preference.


A good long distance running shoe be able to have good amount of cushioning that can absorb shock from the feet of the runner . However, there are advocates who support and  favour of the minimalist long distance running shoe that have almost no cushioning. No data exists to say which type of shoe is better, but if you select a well cushioned shoe, it is important to considering checking  the overall shoe shock absorption for the foot.  When making shoes, manufacturers apply the spring mechanism when making the cushioning of a running shoe. Cushioning is greatly influenced by the style of running and the terrain that the runner will be running on.  These running shoes have been made with different degrees of cushioning to match the different running needs of different runners. Athletes who want to concentrate on shock reduction on their feet while they run will definitely opt fro running shes that have very simplified cushion inserts in them. They also come with impressive flexibility and are very light weight. Shoes with amazing cushioning are able to provide protection, to the feet of the runner against minor injuries like poundings and bruces that may affect the runner from doing his or her routines.


Support And Stability

According to long distance seasonal runners, it’s only after you’ve put a good amount of mileage into a running shoe that you realize how much cushioning and support level it had. Poor quality shoe padding and cushioning tend to loose their stability within a really short time, that is not the expectation of the runner. Good quality cushioning and padding need to be strong and able to sustain the runner for a longer period giving support and comfort to the athlete.    It is recommended that the buyer to seek information from the staff of the stall where he is shopping for the shoes whether the cushioning is original and of good quality. One can also look at different reviews on how good quality padding look like. One can also look at feedback  and questions from various different users that have owned or used the long distance running shoes and maintained the shoes’high activity level.


Other factors to put into consideration when shopping around include; 

This guide has made everything easier for you. A research was done  and come up with personal considerations that can influence the choice of the buyer. It is our wish and happiness to have a buyer make the right choice in choosing the right pair if running shoes.

 Break Them In And Allow Your Pace To Find You.

This may seem very “zen”, but the best way to gain speed and distance is to slow down. If you’re planning on running your first marathon or significantly increasing you distance, remember not get overwhelmed. No one knows your body better than yourself, so start with distance first, and speed second, don’t over stress your legs and feet, and check out some guides on interval training. Additionally, don’t forget to break your new running shoes in by going for a shorter run and get to know your new footwear, especially if they have more cushioning or support than your previous pair.

Consider Insoles – for a perfect fit

Any experienced runner will tell you that the only secret to a good run is having a happy feet. In the market today, variety of shoe brands in the stall can get to more confused on which is the best long distance running shoe that is designed to fulfill your wish. When choosing the long distance running shoes, with other considerations, also insist o having a long distance running shoe that has good insoles. Insoles bring about comfort in the running shoe, more so especially when we are talking about a running shoe that is to serve in a long distance run. Insoles have help in the aeration of the running shoe in that it inhales the excessive sweats from the feet and after the runner is done with the run, he or she simply washes the insole of the shoe. Insoles also provide a cushioned layer in the running shoes, comfort.


Just because you want a good long distance pair of running shoes doesn’t mean you should not consider the price of the running shoes. Though we cannot deny the obvious fact that  running shoes can be a little costly especially the ones that are constantly updated and are technologically induced. The price doesn’t mean that it relates to the quality of the running shoes, though price might be a good considering factor. It’s good to look into reviews that are given on a particular long distance running shoe before making a purchase. Running shoes are good investment that should be given great consideration before making the purchase.

Does the shoe match the arches of the runner?

Most runners in the world end up complaining after purchase of what they thought was the best pair of their long distance running shoe and getting feet complications after a short while of usage of the shoe. The secret is that most runners do not consider evaluating if their pair of shoe to be purchased matches their arches. It is recommended that before one getting a pair of long distance running shoe, they look properly at their feet, concentrating more on the bottom side. What is the shape of the arch? Is it flat, high or just neutral? The selected type of shoe should be able to suit the arches on the feet


Consider Your Terrain, And Don’t Log Too Many Miles Too Often Into The Same Shoe

When selecting running footwear, it an important consideration to make sure the shoe fits the terrain of the runner, especially if it is a long distance runner. Our list contains the best of the best in trail rated, long distance running shoes. Likewise, if you’re going to be on the treadmill belt, or standard road running, make a selection that reflects that.

one should avoid doing a  mistake  of turning one running shoe into a “do-it-all” running shoe, especially for long distances. Cushioning materials and support foams take time to regain their “spring”, so make sure you’re not overdoing it on one pair of shoes. Seasoned runners typically keep a rotation of several active shoes to keep their footwear fresh.


It’s important to note that running shoes can be very useful when it comes to one trying to recover from a leg injury. But then it doesn’t mean it should be an accessory or item one  wears indefinitely.  When one reduces the range of motion at which the feet on, the feet muscles react to the slowing motion by getting lazy of the ankle. One should also be careful of  the  anti-pronation arch aids because the chances  of it  increasing the risk of  the ankle spraining,  especially  for runners who practice or run on the trail or in-leveled surfaces.

Don’t Make A Selection Solely Based On Looks, Popularity, Or Endorsements

We know that style is important, in fact it recommended that a runner choose a running show with style preference of the runner. This is why our buying guide has a great amount of style and color options to match every runner.

However, remember to check off all the other boxes first to make sure that you are running with the optimum footwear for your individual running style. Also, don’t worry about who’s spending money to sponsor the 10k; consider feedback from those who are actually running in the 10k. Having the right running shoes for long distances should be the primary goal, stay focused.




This guide aims at  giving a long distance runner the best of information regarding the factors he or might might need in choosing the best long distance running shoes for him or her. This guide will help you acquire information before visiting the store, or market, have some  most inquired  information or asked questions  most joggers and long distance runners had during their decision making scenarios.

Q: Can I use my old tennis shoes in my long distance running rather than purchasing a new pair?

A: Not all sport shoes can be used in exercising or participating in a specific sport. An old tennis shoe would not be appropriate to exercise or run a long distance run. Different sport shoe have their specific features that are designed to fit the specific sporting activities. The features of a tennis shoe might be a little bit similar to the ones of a long distance running, but some features differ, making the tennis shoe not suitable. The tennis shoe is also old, likely for the shoe features to have worn out, not feat for a long distance run.

Q. How often should you replace your running shoes?

A. The life duration of a running shoe entire depends on the maintenance of the running shoe and its wearing pattern. A running shoe that is worn on daily basis tends to wear out its features after a short duration of time from the time of purchase. The frequent use of the running shoe the more its life worth drops. Good maintained running shoe also lasts for a longer time than rarely washed and aired running shoes.  Approximately 200- 400 miles is the maximum distance a shoe can last. It is also important to give a 24 hours rest to your running shoes after a long distance run. Having variety, or at least two to three pairs is also important for a long distance runner because it helps with maintenance and running shoes will not wear out easily. 

Q: I’m training for a marathon, between the distance and speed, which one I concentrate more on?

A: Both speed and distance are important when training for a marathon. Concentrating on the distance will keep you moving knowing how far you have covered and how far is the remaining distance. While concentrating on the speed will make you not only compete but also be on the know on how much time you can run. In a marathon, one is supposed to concentrate on both but mostly on the speed and time because it is a competition. .

Q: What should a runner concentrate more on between speed and distance of the long distance run?

 A: Distance, time and speed are both very important aspects that need to be considered when having not only a long distance run but any run. An athlete should concentrate on both in order to archive well. In case of a competition, the athlete should concentrate on both but mostly on the speed because competitions are about competing with speed. Having the right gears while running will make an athlete not have issues with the clothing and concentrate more on the running

Q: What is the procedure for knowing and selecting the perfect size of a long distance running shoe for me?

A: Different runners have different fitting of their shoe size. Some prefer having a shoe size that is a bit bigger than their fit while others prefer having a shoe size that is well fitting for their feet. One should be able to know where he or she lies when his or her shoe size preference is concerned. Good running shoes selling stores have staff that are well informed about the perfect sizing for running, an athlete can visit one and inquire about his or her specific best shoe sizing. The best time of the day to try to fit a shoe is when it is afternoon or after exercising. This is because during afternoon or after exercises, the feet size tend to expand a little bit, helping one choose a size that will feet even during this time of the day and after exercises he or she will not shoe fitting problems.

Q: What is the life duration of a long distance running shoe?

A: The life duration of a running shoe entire depends on the maintenance of the running shoe and its wearing pattern. A running shoe that is worn on daily basis tends to wear out its features after a short duration of time from the time of purchase. The frequent use of the running shoe the more its life worth drops. Good maintained running shoe also lasts for a longer time than rarely washed and aired running shoes.  Approximately 200- 400 miles is the maximum distance a shoe can last. It is also important to give a 24 hours rest to your running shoes after a long distance run. Having variety, or at least two to three pairs is also important for a long distance runner because it helps with maintenance and running shoes will not wear out easily.



 The information provide in this guide will lead you to getting yourself the best pair of long distance running shoes for you and hence having a peaceful run.

Here are some sources used while conducting our research

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