A Review of Headsweats Performance Trucker Hats

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I have a confession to make: I’m a total sucker for trucker hats. Other friends collect shoes, ties, scarves, and jewelry, but for me perusing my hat collection is a sweet trip down memory lane and a customizable fashion statement for my current mood of the day. Each hat is its own functional work of art, and I have vivid memories of each hike, paddle, camping or travel adventure when I look at each hat individually. Trucker hats are a great accessory to stash in the car or backpack for the next sunny spell, bad hair day, or post-workout commitment. Lately, I’ve also been grabbing them to use as a face shield for rainy days. But… trucker hats for running? Read on to find out why.


Hats vs. Sunglasses and Headbands

When it comes to running, hats may arguably win over sunglasses for a number of reasons:

  • less bouncing
  • less likely be lost or forgotten
  • no need to take on and off mid-run depending on conditions
  • more sun protection for face and head
  • no rain in my face
  • less sweat in my face
  • much more durable / clumsy-proof product
  • a fraction of the cost

Before I tried running in hats I preferred headbands and assumed that hats would be uncomfortable or annoying. I’ve found that you quickly adjust to having something on your head and forget you’re wearing a hat surprisingly fast. Also, a downside to headbands is that they still require UV protection for the face and eyes. I’m sure you’ve experienced a stream of sunscreen burning into your eyes on a run. It’s annoying enough to shy away from using it again in the future, so I’ve seen many avid runners, triathletes and other athletes who are outdoors skip the face sunblock. Hats significantly increase UV protection and also protect the scalp from burning. (Of course, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to all exposed areas, even on a cloudy day).


To trucker or Not to Trucker

What does a trucker hat have over a regular baseball cap or visor for runners? Besides the obvious style points, trucker hats stand up taller which may offer more of an efficient cooling system. They also tend to have bigger brims offering more element protection. Trucker hats also fit differently, so I notice less rubbing or irritation as long as I have the trucker hat adjusted to the right size. Truckers are either wildly embraced… or have a bad rap for their hipster-attracting crowd, depending on who you ask. I personally have many friends who do not meet the “hipster runner” classification category who like to run in trucker hats. (If you aren’t sure whether you qualify, see this informative link written by ultra-runner Candice Burt!)


Best Trucker Hats for Runners

Many companies are popping up with customizable running-specific trucker hats, but to me their quality is inferior for sporting activities and they can be expensive unless purchased in bulk (although it IS fun to design your own gear). I like the “Run Steep Get High” design, but ultimately gravitate toward more “off the beaten path” purchase decisions when my friends already sport the same design on their runs. Prana, Patagonia and Headsweats lead the way with athlete-specific trucker hat products. Headsweats is a company at the top of the list for superior, unique running headwear and an incredible line of attractive style options. This month I was pumped to get the chance to take the Headsweats Abominable Borealis Hat out for a slew of test runs!

Sneaky abominable snowman on the inside of the hat!

Zooming in: the Abominable Borealis

I couldn’t find a single thing not-to-love about this unisex gem. The design is bright, awesome and seemingly fade-proof, even after being washed. The Abominable Borealis boasts a bright green background of the aurora borealis with a sliver of ice and silhouette of an abominable snowman in the foreground. It’s simple yet unique and attractive. (Not to mention, the northern lights make this Alaskan feel at home!)

The hat is quick-drying and has a special sweat-absorbing band on the rim, so no sweat in the eyes. The mesh system on the back and sides of the hat is superior to any other I’ve ever tried in terms of its breathability. The adjustable settings provided ultimate comfort in all the usual hat hot spots, even on long runs. Sometimes I find that unisex hats run a little big on me, but I did not notice that with the Borealis. The hat itself is moisture-wicking and lightweight, even in rain, but still has enough substance to block wind from the front. And it didn’t look or smell dirty after use, compared to those hats in my cheaper-quality collection.

Best of all, this brand is affordable! It’s a hat I find myself grabbing for a lazy Sunday morning around the yard, a trip to the store or a walk around the neighborhood – not just for my runs. It turns out many people collect these hats and leave them on display on their walls, too. This year, Headsweats rolled out a whole bunch of new designs that are sure to please a variety of personalities. So, grab one to test out yourself, or consider buying these for gifts for your running friends! Headsweats will not disappoint.


The Headsweats mesh trucker hat is made of their “Eventure”  woven and stretch fabrics, giving you a lightweight and breathable hat that fits comfortably and dries quickly.


  • Traditional 5-panel Trucker styling
  • Eventure woven shell
  • Eventure terry sweatband wrapped in Eventure knit
  • Eventure stretch sandwich mesh back
  • Snap back closure with ponytail opening
  • One size fits most

Bigfoot Collectionimg
  • Bigfoot Collection
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 5-panel trucker
  • Snap back closure
  • One size fits most
  • Price: See Here
Misty Morning
  • Misty Morning
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 5-panel trucker
  • Snap back closure
  • One size fits most
  • Price: See Here
I Run Things
  • I Run Things
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 5-panel trucker
  • Snap back closure
  • One size fits most
  • Price: See Here

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