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100 BPM Songs: Top Songs For Runners

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As you are probably aware, music can make or break a workout. If you are hoping to complement your workout, choosing the right tunes is a game-changer.

On the one hand, you don’t want fast tempo, loud music for yoga. You also do not want super mellow music and slow if you are hammering repeats on the track. 

The point is that you need to match your music’s tempo or beats per minute to the type of workout you are doing. 

What Exercise Matches 100 BPM?

If you are doing stretching or meditating, you want to keep your heart rate very low. This is where music below 90 beats per minute is probably the best choice. So what about pilates or yoga?

Pilates and yoga are forms of exercise where you would look for songs that have about 100 beats per minute. Sure, when gently stretching, you want your heart rate very slow and easy.

However, during a lot of yoga, you are making relatively quick (albeit fluid) movements. This is why a slightly faster tempo is advantageous. 

How Fast Is 100 Beats Per Minute?

This most likely is not running. 100 BPM is a brisk walk for most of us. A brisk walk can be faster than that, coming in around 110 BPM.

So if you are planning to run your workout and are trying to match your music to your run, pump up the jam a little higher. 

What Is It Like Running At 100 Beats Per Minute?

Coach Evan Wood is an RRCA Level 1 certified coach who has been running for over 10 years. His race experience includes 8 marathons and 21 half marathons. 

Coach Wood, one of the experts in the Runnerclick Pro community, has this to say on the topic.

Our Top 100 BPM Songs to Listen To:

Below you will find a great selection of songs in general. If you want to check out the list of the best 100 BPM songs, select 100 BPM in the Sort Songs by BPM field.

BPMArtistSong TitleGenreSpotify Link

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