The science behind marathon running and heart health Are Marathons Actually Bad for Your Heart?
Marathons are hard for lots of reason. Even just to get to race day takes tons of time, energy and dedication. And then y...
What to expect and tips for racing a 24 hour ultramarathon The 24 Hour Ultramarathon: A Mental Battle
“So wait…I run around this circle for the whole entire day?” Standing at the starting line of a 24 hour ultramarathon can...
All about Western States 100 Miles Endurance Run Western States 100: The World’s Oldest 100 Mile Trail Race
Believe it or not, the Western States 100 ultra marathon was actually based on a horse race. Yes, a horse, like giddyap. ...
How to tackle hills in an ultra marathon Techniques To Conquer Those Hills In Ultra Running
How an individual handles the uphill battle determines what their made of - in ultra running and in life as well. How do ...
5 books for ultra runners 5 Must Read Books For Ultra Runners
Elite ultra marathon athletes spend decades evolving into the runners they are today. Many grow up as a runner eventually...
Differences between a marathon and a 50k 6 Differences Between a Marathon and a 50k
Running a marathon can be a life changing experience. First, you developed the courage to call yourself a runner and sign...
8 Ways To Train For An Ultra Marathon With A Busy Schedule 8 Ways To Train For An Ultra Marathon With A Busy Schedule
Ultra marathon training is progressively time consuming. It’s funny how eventually the real challenge becomes finding the...
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