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120 BPM Songs: Top Songs For Runners

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Whether you are looking for music for an easy run or a high tempo list for that high-intensity interval training on your schedule, having the right beats can be an advantage. 

Matching your music’s tempo to your workout helps you keep the intensity level you are working towards.

A nice easy run warrants a lower number of beats per minute. The opposite is true of speed work.

What Exercise Matches 120 BPM?

Workouts that have you in a steady and constant state are most likely to match with 120 beats per minute. For example, a long, steady run is an example of a workout you might do to this type of music. 120 BPM songs would also pair nicely with a steady, longer bike ride. 

Just like our favorite foods that work well together, the same can be said for music tempo. 

How Fast Is 120 Beats Per Minute?

Many people will think that this is an easy question to answer but it is not necessarily. Some research will tell you that this equals about a 13-minute mile. However, it is not that cut and dry.

Try to focus more on where your heart rate is than how fast you are covering distance. This will help keep you moving nice and easy, which is the plan.

What Is It Like Running At 120 Beats Per Minute?

Runnerclick Pro coach, Evan Wood, demonstrates the 120 BPM pace in the video below. Put short, 120 beats per minute is an easy-run, aerobic zone, pace. RPE level 5 if you know your Rate of Perceived Exertion.

Our Top 120 BPM Songs to Listen To:

Below you will find a great selection of songs in general. If you want to check out the list of the best 120 BPM songs, select 120 BPM in the Sort Songs by BPM field.

BPMArtistSong TitleGenreSpotify Link

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