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140 BPM Songs: Top Songs For Runners

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Music may tame the savage beast, but it also can rev the animal’s engines. As you get ready to head out for your daily run or plan your strength training session, picking the right kind of music can make the difference in your workout. 

You want your music to match your heart rate throughout the workout. In addition to that, picking a genre of music that matches the workout can also be helpful.

What Exercise Matches 140 BPM?

There are quite a few workouts that match nicely with 140 beats per minute songs.

Are you wondering what matches up? Here are some thoughts:

Power yoga is typically done while listening to music that has anywhere from 100 – 140 BPM. Are you interested in Zumba or another type of dance? Music with beats per minute ranging from 130 – 170 works here.

Jogging or other steady-state cardio exercises are usually paired with music anywhere from 120 – 140 beats per minute. 

It really does depend on the individual.

How Fast Is 140 Beats Per Minute?

This is difficult to answer. Honestly, it does vary a lot by the individual runner. Typically, 140 BPM is an easy jog or running pace for most people.

However, what constitutes easy is not universal. For example, my 140 BPM run is about a 10-minute mile.

For someone else, it might be very different. 

What Is It Like Running At 140 Beats Per Minute?

Coach Evan Wood is an RRCA Level One certified coach who has a number of impressive racing under his belt.

Also a member of the RunnerClick Pro community, Coach Wood has some great advice for us as we work to match our music to our workouts. 

Our Top 140 BPM Songs to Listen To:

Below you will find a great selection of songs in general. If you want to check out the list of the best 140 BPM songs, select 140 BPM in the Sort Songs by BPM field.

BPMArtistSong TitleGenreSpotify Link

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