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20 Instagram Accounts that Runners Should Follow

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20 instagram accounts to follow for running inspiration 20 Instagram Accounts that Runners Should Follow www.runnerclick.com

Inspiration can come from a number of places, and being on the lookout on a regular, day-to-day basis for it in different aspects of your life can pay off. But beyond just keeping an eye open for it, you can also actively chase it, which is a topic that’s very applicable for runners and the online world. Instagram is a great place to find inspiration since there are so many ways that running enthusiasts can use the platform to show their successes, their favorite motivational quotes, their preferred recipes, etc. As you keep tabs on those images, you might find that the idea ball starts rolling in your own mind to provide you with a bit of drive in regard to your own running performances.

With that in mind, if you love Instagram and want running motivation, here are 20 accounts you might want to start following immediately!

Dorothy Beal

This account provides personal images and information about Beal—who is a running coach—along with foods and a reading recommendation that a runner might find useful. Updated regularly, the series of images can give motivation, guidance, and smiles to followers, so it’s a good option!

Kara Goucher

The images on this account are incredibly motivational as you see Goucher in a number of athletic endeavors and situations—even down to sitting and lacing up her shoes. You could also stumble across a giveaway by following this one, along with an announcement for some retreat that you might want to partake in.

Crystal Seaver

Seaver provides her audience with images of adventure and fitness on this site, and she doesn’t shy away from getting personal about her fitness experiences either. Instead, she opens up about her history through an image caption or two, meaning that a follower could be inspired by the images, videos, and text found here. It’s a great combination for some running motivation!

Joshua Holmes

Once again, this is an Instagram account that’s not hesitant in providing personal images and experiences as Holmes tells of his running moments. Since a number of these moments are about marathons, any marathon runner could find encouragement in seeing someone positively going after a similar goal.

Carlee McDot

McDot, the quirky mind behind this one, offers a view into her running endeavors with a twist of good humor that surfaces through odd faces and unusual images. You might find a giveaway here as well, so you could be motivated, amused, and given a prize for your time spent on the site. That’s not a bad takeaway from following it!

Gary Robbins 

Robbins doesn’t just cover running on his Instagram page, but it’s a contributing factor as he details his experiences on running trails and offers insight for how his followers could improve their running games. When those aspects are paired with fun images of nature and family, keeping track of this account could be a good investment of your online time!

Scott Jurek

Through this Instagram account, Jurek offers insights to his own running endeavors, like partaking in the To’hajiilee Health Fair. In addition, he doesn’t refrain from sharing stories from other people he encounters so that his followers can be inspired by his running, as well as the stories of other runners. That’s layers of motivation that could encourage you to push toward your running goals!

Alexi Pappas

Pappas offers personal experiences that could assist someone in getting that extra bit of motivation before taking off on their morning run. Pappas comments on running attire, late-in-the-race determination, and other details to grant a series of images and captions to encourage followers.

Sage Canaday

Canaday covers a series of running happenings through his Instagram page, like training, working through pain, and running specific—and perhaps more difficult—trails. By observing his determination that’s presented in images and captions, you could be inspired to push yourself a little harder, even if a complication arises in front of you.

Dani Nemeh

This one is a little different than the others because the primary focus is actually food. But, as it turns out, food is a big deal for runners since it can give them the energy they need to run in the first place. When the food recommendations and posts are coming from someone who professes to run marathons, paying attention could be a good strategy!

Frezer Legesse

On this account, not only could you be inspired to keep running and pushing yourself toward your goals, but you could also realize that smiling and enjoying life along the way are big deals. From an image of the runner finishing a race with a smile to heartwarming pictures of family and friends, this site provides a pleasant vibe in the midst of hard work and exertion.

Lanni Marchant

Marchant pairs images of her running endeavors with specific quotes that are just as inspiring as seeing someone pushing toward their fitness aims. Since that blend is the case, her followers could get double the motivation—visual and literary. The account isn’t updated every day, but the encouraging quality of Marchant’s seemingly genuine approach makes sticking around for those posts a good option anyway!

Nick Symmonds

This Instagram account is brought to you by an Olympian, and the content is useful enough to let that factor be believable! From giving information about his own running accomplishments to posting things about food and workouts, Symmonds has an array of information and encouragement to offer his followers nudges in chasing after their own running goals.

Laura Fountain

Fountain—who is a runner and a trainer—provides inspiring and often lighthearted images and captions to afford her followers an almost casual method of boosting their determination. Even details about running in rain and wind are covered in that relaxed manner, and the result is that her followers can get gentle boosts toward their goals through a strategy that’s built to spark smiles.

Adam Campbell

Campbell is a self-proclaimed mountain runner, and the adrenaline that such an activity would take certainly comes across through his posts, like pictures of mountain climbing and images of mountain tops. If you’re specifically into mountain or hill running, you could easily find inspiration and almost a sense of companionship with Campbell as you look through his posts.


Unless you’re a French speaker or have a translation method at your fingertips, you might not get much out of the text of this Instagram account. Still, the images are so inspiring that it merits a spot on this list. Amélie takes running to a whole new country, after all, and seeing someone accomplish a great run in places so elegant and sophisticated is double the advantage—a new goal with a new location and atmosphere!

Emma Coburn

Here, we have another Olympian, and you can get Olympic-sized inspiration from Coburn’s posts. From a video of her workout to images of her in some state of running, Coburn allows her followers an inside look into her running world, and what better strategy could you have for bettering your running game than to take notes from an Olympian?

Desiree Linden

How about one more Olympian for this list? Linden qualifies, and her posts include images and quotes that could provide her followers the motivation they need to charge after their goals. Better still, she has a number of posts from various locations, providing a sense of culture mixed in with the running factors on the account.

Hungry Runner Girl

If this account doesn’t bring a smile to your face, you might want to make sure you are, in fact, breathing! Not only does the runner, Janae, behind this Instagram page provide glimpses into her running life, but she pairs it with a simple twist of genuineness by showcasing her family, like images of her running with her child. It’s heartwarming, and it can spark motivation with a beautiful idea behind it—that running can be happy and fulfilling on more than just a physical level.


Mostly from this Instagram account, followers seem to get general looks into Finn’s life rather than a whole lot of tips and strategies that could be useful. Still, watching someone in a series of running-toward-my-goal images with the notion that the person posting the images has a number of marathons on his resume, it’s easy to get a little inspired. The strategy is simple, but it could provide the right amount of motivation for followers.

And there you have it – 20 Instagram accounts to follow for your running inspiration!

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