361 Sensation 2 Reviewed

361 is one of the leading Chinese athletic shoe brands and they are slowly and surely making their way into American markets. The 361 Sensation 2 offers runners mild stability support as well as a dense, heavier shoe that is great for new runners who are looking for a higher level of firm support. The shoe features a unique dual midsole with a traditional drop that helps propel the runner forward and this comes in handy for those long training runs. 361 sensation 2 is also a great choice as a daily trainer. Runners appreciated the combination of breathability and support that can be found in this shoe and found the Sensation 2 to be a great option for runners looking for a firmer fit and feel. Although the price of this shoe is slightly higher than the average running shoe on today’s market, runners insisted that because of the added rubber to the outsole these shoes stand up unbelievable well to wear and tear and are more than worth the money. The 361 Sensation 2 comes in a variety of bright colors and the style is one that is clearly designed for the serious runner.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Long lasting
  • Great for new runners
  • Stability and support
  • Bright colors
  • Cons
    • Not suggested for speed
    • Expensive
    • Key Features
      The outsole of this shoe comes layered with thick rubber. Runners who like a firmer ride found this outsole to provide them with a firm landing pad that also afforded them extra traction during their runs. This shoe is not a great option for runners who are looking for a natural running shoe and the thickness of the outsole, although very responsive, isn’t lightweight by any means. However, this added rubber in the outsole provides the runner with added protection and durability and runners raved about the long lasting life of the Sensation 2.
      The midsole of this shoe features a dual technology that provides a firm cushioning and mild to moderate stability support. The midsole layer that is closest to the outsole is made from a soft foam, rubber blend. This foam does a great job of absorbing shock from each footfall and helping to reduce injury in the long run. The top layer of the midsole uses 361’s patented QU!CK foam. This provides exceptional bounce and energy return to the runner. Runners found that the combination of these two midsole foams made this shoe a great option for longer, slower miles.
      The upper of this shoe is made using a breathable mesh with welded overlays. The 2 iterations of the 361 traded some of its heavier overlays for a melded design that provides built-in support without limiting breathability and ventilation to the runner. Runners found the upper to be the most flexible and lightweight section of this shoe, but they were also very pleased with the high level of breathability that this upper provides to the runner. The upper of this shoe also features a padded tongue and collar to provide added comfort for the runner.
      The previous version of the 361 Sensation opted for synthetic overlays, but in their newest model, they traded these bulkier overlays for melded overlays. This helps reduce some of the bulkiness of the shoe and it also helps to provide maximum breathability to the runner. Runners were pleased that even though this is a heavier shoe, it is still able to provide a lightweight feel in the upper and enough ventilation to give the runner a comfortable ride. This upper helps regulate the temperature inside of the shoe and reduces the risk of blisters and hot spots forming.
      This shoe is on the heavier side. The men’s size nine weighs in at 11.4 ounces and the female size nine is 9.4 ounces. In part, the higher weight can be attributed to the extra rubber that lines the outsole of the shoe. Because of the heavier feel, runners suggested this shoe as a good choice for the beginning runner or the heavier runner who needs added support underfoot. Likewise, the dense design of this shoe makes it a good choice for distance or for a daily training companion as opposed to a tempo or speed work running shoe.
      Runners who prefer a heftier, firmer shoe gave this shoe very high marks in the comfort department. This shoe provides a good amount of cushioning, but it is a firmer cushioning and doesn’t provide a plush feel like some runner are looking for. The underfoot of the shoe is lined with extra layers of rubber and the QU!CK foam midsole does a great job of proving the runner with a shock absorbing pad and this helped runners reduce their risk or injuries. The shoe also received high comfort marks from runners who are looking for a light to moderate stability support. The upper of the shoe provides a breathable ride that reduces the risk of blisters and hot spots and it comes with a padded tongue and collar that help eliminate friction and irritation. Runners were pleased with the wider toe box and commented that this design allows for the natural splay of the toes.

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      Many runners are unfamiliar with the 361 brands since it is more prevalent in the Chinese markets than it is in the American markets. The look of the 361 is very similar to that of the Asics Brand. It has a similar look and coloring. Runners can expect to find a few different color combinations that range from bright and wild to more basic and tame like red, black and white. The 361 sensation 2 is not suggested for everyday casual wear and has a definitive athletic look to it.
      Runners use the words firm and stable when describing this shoe. This is not a shoe that is suggested for speed work or running drills that require quick changes to pace or direction. The underfoot is lined with extra rubber and this reduces the overall responsiveness of the 361 sensation 2. Additionally, the shoe has a very high heel and forefoot height and drop of 11 millimeters which translate to a less connected feeling between the runner and the road below them.
      Runners were very pleased with the overall support that the 361 Sensation 2’s provide. This shoe offers so much support, in fact, that runners suggested this shoe as the perfect shoe for beginning runners because it provides support from the upper to the midsole to the outsole of the shoe. The upper has been redesigned to include melded overlays. This design keeps the breathable high and also provides support to the runner to eliminate unwanted side to side movement while running. In the midsole, runners can expect to find added arch support and the outsole provides extra rubber to help absorb the shock of the road below the runner.

      In terms of protection, runners will receive the majority of their protection through the added rubber found in the outsole of this shoe. This thicker rubber provides protection from the elements of the road and it also does a great job of absorbing shock that can lead to injuries in runners. This is especially helpful for the newer runner who is adjusting to the constant impact that runner has on joints. In addition to this, the bright colored upper is detailed with reflective elements that protect the runner while they are in low light areas or getting in their miles during the nighttime.
      These shoes are slightly more expensive than other similar shoes on today’s market but runners raved about the long-lasting durability that these shoes provide. These shoes are carefully engineered and constructed and from the upper to the outsoles, 361 includes details that are designed to provide an extra long lifespan for these shoes. The upper of the shoe is covered with melded overlays that help this shoe stay newer looking for a longer period of time. The midsole of the shoe features a dual layering system that helps the shoe keeps its form and the outsole of the shoe is lined with extra layers of rubber that are designed to hold up against the abrasion of the road.
      This shoe is designed for the roads. It is best used for longer, slower training runs or as a daily training shoe. Since the responsiveness of this shoe is lower than some other shoes, it is not suggested for speed work or for tempo training on the track. This shoe also doesn’t have a hardy enough lug system to safely carry a runner across uneven trail surfaces.

      The price tag on this shoe is slightly higher than similar running shoes on today’s market. However, runners who did splurge and purchase this shoe found that it was more than worth the price tag because of its long lifespan. In term of dollar per mile, this shoe is actually more affordable than some of its less expensive competitors. For the runner looking to make an investment in a long distance running shoe, the 361 Sensation 2 is a great choice.
      This shoe has a hardier layering of rubber along with the outsole and because of that design element, the Sensation 2 offers the runner added traction. Runners reported feeling confident and protected even while running slippery pavement or up or down steep hills.

      This shoe is not a very flexible training shoe. This shoe is designed for runners who are looking for a firmer, more supportive fit and are less concerned with natural running experience. This shoe offers a higher heel drop and firm cushioning throughout the midsole. It is designed to help propel the runner forward and also wrap their foot in support. This is not the shoe for runners who are looking for a very flexible running experience.
      This shoe is a great option for the runner who is looking for mild to moderate support with pronation issues. Runners can find a classic bridge along the arch of the foot and a firmer piece of foam through the midsole that helps eliminate the inward rolling of the foot. This helps to improve the runners' gait overtime and can reduce the risk of injury. The QU!CK foam of the midsole offers firmer support that helps keep the runner’s foot in place and eliminate harmful side to side movement while running.

      Runners who are used to a traditional heel drop will have no problem with this shoe. The 361 Sensation 2 features a heel height of 33.4 millimeters and forefoot height of 22.3 millimeters which translates to an 11-millimeter heel drop. This is one of the highest heel drops available on the market today in running shoe designs.
      Key Features
      - Melded overlays along the upper
      - Dual midsole layers
      - QU!CK midsole for added stability
      - Classic arch bridge
      - Wide toe box
      - Extra rubber along with the outsole
      Bottom Line
      The 361 Sensation 2 is a high-quality stability shoe that is perfect for the beginning runner. This shoe does an excellent job of providing support to new runners through 361’s various design elements. The upper of the shoe provides the runner with breathable support through their melded overlays. The midsole features a dual midsole foam that keeps the runner stable and does a great job of absorbing the harmful shock of each footfall. The outsole is lined with extra rubber to protect against the elements and extend the life of this shoe. Runners liked the athletic look of the shoe and compared it to an Asics. Although the shoe is slightly higher in price than some others on the market today, it is a smart investment because of how long-lasting the 361 sensation 2 is.

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      By Stacey O'Connor
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