361 Sensation

Although the 361 brand has been leading the Chinese markets since 2002, it only recently came to US markets in the fall of 2015. This shoe offers runners stability, cushioning and a secure ride that provides the perfect companion for longer, slower running experiences. Runners who are looking for a sturdy, heavier shoe that uses some of the newest technologies on the market enjoyed this shoe. The shoe features a unique midsole that is made up of multiple layers. It features a traditional drop that helps move runners forward and especially newer runners found this shoe to be a helpful running companion. The upper of the shoe is a combination of breathability and support that runners found eliminated the risk of any blisters or hot spots but also did a great job of keeping their foot securely in place even after long miles. Since this is the original Sensation and since its inception, 361 has come out with a 361 Sensation 2, runners can find this shoe for slightly cheaper than its newer model. Runners who like options and bright colors liked the look of this shoe too.

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Where to Buy
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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Stability support
  • Bright colors
  • Firm cushioning
  • Cons
    • Heavy
    • Pricey
    • Key Features
      A common comment that reviews made about this shoe were that the outsole features thick, high traction rubber. Like the midsole, the outsole comes in a variety of layers and utilizes different materials. In the forefoot, runners can expect to find a blown rubber that provides a more flexible fit and feel. In the midsole, runners with finding a high abrasion rubber that adds traction and provides a safe landing pad for runners. This outsole material absorbs shock and does a great job of returning energy to the runner. Even though the outsole if thicker, the dual materials provide runners with a highly responsive ride as well. The higher amount of rubber found on this outsole can attribute to the overall higher weight of the Sensation.
      The midsole of the Sensation features two different layers that provide cushioning and stability. This midsole uses a combination of foam and rubber. The layer that is closer to the bottom of the shoe is comprised of a lighter, more cushioned material. This does a great job of absorbing shock and providing a responsive feel for the runner. The material closest to the runner is where runners can expect to find the stability details. This second layer is a firmer foam and features a plastic bridge under the runner’s arch to provide stability which is great for a runner who is suffering from pronation issues. This midsole material is called QU!CK and it is a signature technology used in the 361 shoe line.
      The upper does a great job of providing both security and breathability. Although this shoe is not a lightweight running shoe by any means, the upper of the Sensation is made from a highly breathable, lightweight mesh. This material allows for maximum airflow to reach the foot and this helps to regulate the temperature inside of the shoe. On top of the breathable mesh, runners can expect to find attached synthetic overlays that provide an extra layer of stability and support. These overlays work with the heel cup that keeps the runner's foot in place and reduces the risk of injury caused by unwanted side to side movement.
      Runners like this shoe for its combination of sturdy, heavier materials and lightweight, breathable features. The upper is where runners can expect to find the lightweight details that this shoe has to offer. It is made using a lightweight, open mesh material. This material provides the runner with maximum airflow. This high level of ventilation helps to keep the runner’s feet dry and cool even during the hot summer months. Additionally, the high ventilation provided by the upper reduces the risk of hot spots and blisters.
      Because this shoe has a heavier feel, new runners, heavier runners, and runner who is focused on the distance over speed found this to be a great choice for them. This shoe weighs 11.1 ounces in the men’s size 9 and 9.5 ounces in the women’s size nine. This shoe is not suggested for speed, but runners found that the added rubber that is used in the outsole provides additional durability and extends the life of the shoe.
      Runners were pleased with the comfort of this shoe and found that the Sensation provided them a combination of lightweight breathability and solid stability and support. In the upper of the shoe, runners will find a breathable, lightweight feel that eliminates the risk of blisters and hot spots. Runners found the wide toe box to be very comfortable, and they appreciated that the width allowed for the natural splay of the toes. It also comes with a padded tongue and collar. These details reduce the risk of irritation and friction that can be caused by improperly made shoes rubbing against the skin. In the midsole, runners will find that this shoe provides a good amount of cushioning. The combination of the rubber and foam midsole materials provides a stable, cushioned ride for runners.

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      The original Sensation comes in a variety of different colors, all of which a very bright and vivid. This shoe does not fall into the casual, athletic and fashionable look, but it is a great choice for runners who really like a solely athletic aesthetic. They offer reflective details along the upper that help to keep runners safe during their evening runs. Many runners commented that this brand looks similar to a Saucony or an Asics in its branding and coloring options.
      Even though this shoe provides runners with a firm, stable ride and is lined with extra rubber in the outsole, runners were pleased and surprised with how responsive the Sensation is. This can be attributed to the strategically selected outsole material and the placement of the different technologies that can be found in the outsole. Along the forefoot of the shoe, 361 uses a blown rubber, and along the midsole.
      This is a stability and support shoe that is perfect for the newer runner who needs help perfecting their gait. For starters, the synthetic overlays that cover the upper of this shoe do an excellent job of keeping the runner’s foot in place. That detail coupled with the heel cup in the heel of the shoe ensure that runners won’t need to worry about unwanted side to side movement. This helps runners keep a steady heel to toe gait cycle. The midsole of this shoe is designed to provide added arch support and does a great job of absorbing shock from each footfall. This helps runners who are prone to injury , and runners reported feeling supported and secure throughout their run.
      Regarding protection, the runner can expect to be protected through the added rubber in the outsole as well as the added stability features that protect the runner from overpronation. The outsole material is thicker and provides a firm cushioning. This outsole does a good job of protecting the entire shoe from wear and tear, and it also protects the runner from the harmful shock of each footfall. Additionally, 361 ensures that runner will be safe on their evening runs by adding in reflective detail to the upper.
      One of the areas that the 361 shoes received the highest rating is in the durability department. These shoes are expertly engineered and are designed to last. The synthetic upper of these shoes, as well as the dual midsole foam and the thicker outsole, are all details that have been added to ensure that the Sensation will last a long time and runners will certainly get their money’s worth. The added rubber layer on the outsole ensures that this shoe will be protected from abrasion caused by wear and tear. Many runners reported that they had worn these shoes for many, many miles and they still look and feel very new.

      Runners found this shoe to be best suited for urban mileage. However, since the outsole of this shoe is thicker and more durable and the midsole is comprised of dual materials, some runners found this shoe to be a good companion for light walking and running on groomed trails. The underfoot of the Sensation provides added traction that keeps runners stable and secure on slippery conditions. This shoe is not suggested for speed work, and for that reason, runners didn’t love this shoe as a track companion.

      In general, the 361 brand is priced slightly higher than similar running shoes on today’s market. However, since the Sensation has newer addition, the Sensation 2, as long as runners don’t mind wearing a shoe that isn’t the newest model, they can save money by purchasing the original Sensation. Runners found that this shoe when broken down by a dollar per mile, is more than worth the price tag because of the shoe’s long lifespan. Although this isn’t the shoe for the runner on a very tight budget, it is a great investment.
      The Sensation features a unique underfoot design that increases the traction provided by this shoe. Additionally, the high abrasion rubber tends to provide more grip. This shoe has enough traction on the underfoot to be used for adventures on groomed trails, but should not be used as a trail hiking or primary trail running shoe.
      This shoe uses a combination of different materials in both the midsole and the outsole of this shoe. The unique combination of materials in strategically placed areas of the shoe helps add some flexibility to this shoe that is, for the most part, a secure stability shoe. The midsole of the shoe is layered, and the layer closes to the outsole is a blend of foam and rubber. This blended midsole material gives a bouncier, more flexible feel. Additionally, the outsole of this shoe features a high abrasion rubber as well as a blown rubber. In the midfoot, runners will find the blown rubber, and this helps add some flexibility to this shoe. However, runners noted that this shoe is flexible for a stability shoe, but overall, lacks the flexibility that a minimalist or natural running shoe will offer.
      The 361 Sensation is a stability shoe that is designed to assist runners who struggle with over pronation and need to improve their gait. The specific pronation help can be attributed to the plastic bridge that can be found below the second layer of midsole foam. This plastic bridge not only supports the arch but stabilizes the foot and keeps it from rolling inward during the gait cycle. Over time, this will help to reduce injury and pain.
      The Sensation offers a traditional heel drop of 10 mm. Runners who are looking for a firm cushioning and a forward trajectory during their runs found this to be a great shoe for them. This shoe is not a shoe that is suggested for runners who are looking for a natural or minimalist running shoe.
      Key Features
      - Dual midsole materials
      - High abrasion rubber and blown rubber used in the outsole
      - Plastic post along the midfoot for arch and stability support
      - Qu!ck foam provides a flexible, firm cushioning
      - Heel cup for added support
      Bottom Line
      361 Sensation is a solid, well-crafted shoe for the newer or heavier runner who is looking for help with overpronation. This shoe utilizes some of the best technologies to provide a shoe that is both supportive and cushioned. The midsole utilizes a dual layer midsole foam made of foam and rubber and comes with a plastic bridge along the midfoot to provide stability for overpronation. The upper of the shoe features synthetic overlays and a heel cup that work to keep the foot in place and reduce the risk of injury caused by unwanted side to side movement. The price of this shoe is slightly higher than some others on the market today, but due to the high durability, runners found this shoe to be a smart investment.
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      By Stacey O'Connor
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