361 Spire 2

Users get minimal but important changes with the 361 Spire 2. The road shoe is a highly cushioned neutral trainer with a generous amount of very breathable mesh making it a great option for hot summer runs. It's available in wide widths, so those with more ample feet won't feel excluded. The midsole and outsole haven't changed much but the upper has received a makeover. If you're looking for a neutral shoe with lots of cushioning for extra long efforts, the Spire 2 is a great pick. The shoe features a slightly stiffer construction for enhanced support. For neutral runners who aren't interested in veering into the stability shoe category, the extra-supportive design is a boon. What the shoe lacks in flexibility it makes up for in excellent energy-return. It also fits well thanks to a roomy toe box. Don't forget that the shoe is also extremely breathable all thanks to its new upper. The best part, though, has to be how durable the midsole cushioning is. If you've ever run in a shoe with soft comfy cushioning, you know how nice it feels to have padding that caresses your feet. Every landing feels gentle on the body and your feet don't get tired as easily. Unfortunately, a lot of shoes have cushioning that seems to 'deflate' after a while. The Spire 2 is the total opposite. The cushioning retains its properties long into training season, which is a big bonus.

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Where to Buy
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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Excellent support
  • Great energy-return
  • Good fit (available in wide widths)
  • Extremely breathable
  • Roomy forefoot
  • Highly-cushioned¬†
  • Very durable overall¬†
  • Cons
    • Stiff design might not appeal to all runners
    • Heavier than some might like
    • High drop height (11mm)
    • Key Features
      The Spire 2 features the same outsole as before. No changes have been made to the blown rubber outsole, so expect the same degree of traction as before. Reviewers had no complaints about this portion of the shoe. The outsole lacks flexibility, which translates to the rest of the shoe, but this lack of flexibility didn't seem to other too many reviewers.
      This second update features the same midsole material. You'll find QU!KFOAM for cushioning. It's both plush and super responsive. In this version, the cushioning is a tad bit firmer, which helps make the shoe feel more supportive. At the rear of the shoe, this change is more noticeable. The slight increase in firmness, though, doesn't mean the shoe is unpleasant to run in. In fact, the Spire 2 is still soft underfoot, which reviewers liked. It just has a bit more zip during takeoff. Reviewers did feel that the cushioning was a bit stiff and lacking in flexibility but liked the super supportive base this provided. Reviewers also mentioned the great feel of the highly-cushioned forefoot areas. Forefoot runners will definitely appreciate this feature. Reviewers also pointed out that the cushioning was incredibly durable. It didn't lose its zip after many training runs.
      The upper is the portion most changed since the first version of the Spire. A new double-layer mesh covers the upper and it's more breathable than ever before. Inside the shoe, there's a standard QU!FOAM insole. Reviewers liked the fit of the upper and appreciated the generous application of mesh material for ventilation. A roomier forefoot design also helps with breathability and comfort.
      The Spire 2 weighs about 8.4 ounces for women and 10.3 ounces for men. It's a bit heavier than some might want for speedier training runs, but the highly cushioned midsole makes the Spire a good candidate for long distance training.
      The new dual-layer mesh upper is extremely breathable and soft. A proper fit also helps to contribute decent air circulation. Mesh areas cover the shoe for ultra-breathability. A roomy forefoot, too, helps the wearer's foot breathe. Reviewers loved the new upper design and its improved ability to circulate air.
      The 361 shoe is pretty comfortable, say, reviewers. The slightly firmer midsole cushion (made of QU!KFOAM) combines a soft feel with a stiffer supportive construction. The fit of the shoe, too, is on point. A wider fit helps accommodate more wearers, and the shoe is available in more than one width. A spacious toe box also helps ensure a comfortable run in the Spire 2. Forefoot strikers particularly enjoyed the well-cushioned front areas of the shoe. A super breathable upper, too, helps to ensure the shoe is very comfortable. Some reviewers complained that the Spire was a bit too heavy for their liking, though.
      The Spire 2 sports a detailed upper design with a generous application of lightweight mesh. The contrasting midsole portion of the shoe may make it look like a stability shoe to some, but that's just an aesthetic choice. The men's version is available in blue and black. For women, there is a black version with pink accents and an ombre teal version. While the options are limited, the styles are attractive and designed with clear attention to detail.
      Reviewers were particularly impressed with the shoe's ability to retain its responsiveness and soft cushioned feel. The midsole QU!KFOAM is able to retain its properties even after several training runs. It doesn't compress or go flat easily and it really stands out from the rest. The rest of the shoe is similarly well constructed. The upper is super breathable but features a double-layer construction to enhance durability and keep tears from occurring.
      The midsole QU!KFOAM not only provides a comfortable ride, it also protects from impact. The long-lasting foam delivers a high-degree of impact protection. The double mesh upper keeps feet from getting too hot and sweating profusely. The outsole provides traction, as well.
      The Spire 2 provides excellent energy-return, according to reviewers thanks to the QU!KFOAM midsole. The ride provides a nice combo of softness and stiffness so runners get a comfortable ride that's also full of rebound.
      The shoe provides support thanks to a slightly stiffer QU!KFOAM midsole. It's still soft but offers more support than before thanks to an increase in rigidity. A supportive heel counter, helps with this, too. Some reviewers found the ride a bit too stiff and heavy, but appreciated the overall supportive construction.
      The Spire 2 is meant for road running. You won't find any specialized features on this 361 brand shoe to point to its appropriateness as a trail shoe. The outsole is fairly standard and although there's a lot of cushioning, the high drop height makes the shoe an unstable candidate for runs on severely uneven surfaces.
      The shoe is priced fairly compared to other shoes in its category. It's also a well-built shoe that performs as advertised. A few minor issues don't ruin the ride feel or quality at all. In fact, reviewers had very few outright negative things to say about the Spire 2, and many were happy with the price they paid for the shoe.
      The outsole is composed of blown rubber, it's unchanged since the last version of the Spire and is pretty standard. Users didn't complain about the shoe's ability to grip multiple surfaces, but they didn't mention or rave about it either.
      The 361 brand shoe isn't that flexible. It's a little less so than the previous iteration because of its increase in stiffness. Users did point this out but didn't seem to mind very much. The decrease in flexibility makes for a more supportive shoe, say, reviewers. The ride is stiff, but it feels right. The stiff design is relegated to the outsole and midsole, however, since the upper is, thankfully plenty pliable.
      The 361 shoe belongs in the neutral category. There are no dedicated stability features but users did find the shoe incredibly supportive overall. The cushioning is mushy and the fit is far from sloppy. A stiffer design keeps wearers from experiencing a wobbly ride. The fit, too, helps with stability. The upper is snug thanks to the shoe's double-mesh construction.
      The Spire 2 features a significant drop of 11mm. It's a high drop that many reviewers had issues with. Many found the drop way too severe. Others didn't seem to notice, however. It's still something to keep in mind. Forefoot runners can still enjoy running in this shoe because of its highly cushioned design. The cushioning isn't concentrated in the heel area, instead, wearers get a distribution of padding in the forefoot, midfoot, and heel, for a comfortable landing all-around.
      Key Features
      - NEW QU!KFOAM cushioning is slightly firmer
      - NEW Double-layer mesh upper provides superior breathability
      - QU!KFOAM insole
      - EVA cushioning
      - Blown rubber outsole
      - 11mm drop from heel to toe
      - Available in wide widths
      Bottom Line
      The Spire 2 is a solid update and its new upper is the belle of the ball. It's breathable, form-fitting, and attractively designed. All the mesh helps to make the second Spire shoe ultra-breathable. The same outsole provides good traction, while the slightly firmer midsole delivers comfortable cushioning that's both durable and extremely supportive. Reviewers liked the highly cushioned supportive design. It's a great everyday trainer with cushioning that lasts and doesn't lose its feel. A pretty high drop may take some getting used to, but it's a small tradeoff for high cushioning and great neutral support.
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