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5 Running Camps & Retreats You’ll Want to Sign-Up For

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Tap into your kid at heart and check out these running camps for adults! 5 Running Camps & Retreats You’ll Want to Sign-Up For www.runnerclick.com

Remember the good ole’ days of sleepaway camp when you spent a week or two sleeping in a cabin, hiking through the woods, singing camp songs and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows by the fire at night with all your closest camp buds?  If you are starting to get nostalgic, take a look at these 5 running camps and retreats from around the world that combine some of your favorite things– running, nature, friends, and carbs– all crammed into an adventure filled week or weekend!

Cool Impossible Run Camp
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole is one of those romantic tourist destinations that sounds like everything a nature lover on vacation could desire until they find out what it can typically cost for a week’s stay of hiking, swimming, camping, and happy hour-ing. But if you sign up for Eric Orton’s Cool Impossible Running camp, you will receive personal instruction to help you become a stronger,  more efficient runner. The best part is that throughout the three-day camp, you will be running around one of the most beautiful pockets of land that America has to offer– Jackson Hole, aka “The Switzerland of the U.S.”

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For two hours a day, you will be running and working with Eric as he coaches you through special training skills and drills that you will then use in your group run later in the day. Outside of those training runs and a few group chat sessions, you will also be provided free time to explore Jackson Hole. Cool Impossible Run Camp is one of the best running camps in the world!

Alaska Mountain Ultrarunning Camp
Juneau, Alaska

If you are a dedicated long-distance runner, then Juneau, Alaska during the summer is pretty much your dream spot. Breathtaking woods and wilderness surround it. Trails run all through the area, along lakes, streams, and even the coastline, through trees and up mountains. Runners will have views of everything from the ocean to snow-capped mountains and glaciers and plunging waterfalls and cliffs.

This running camp is more like a running vacation, as runners will be housed in large, spacious cabins and served fresh, made-from-scratch foods using only natural, local ingredients. And the camp was designed for runners of all levels. There’s no emphasis on speed, but they suggest that runners should be able to run 20 hours with up to 20,000 feet of gain/loss over 5 days. But if you want to stick to shorter or longer routes, or even take a day off, that option is available too. Alaska Mountain Ultrarunning Camp is one of the best running camps in the world!

Kara Goucher Podium Retreat
Boulder, Colorado

This retreat draws a variety of different women runners – everyone from serious racers, ultra runners, trail runners, and triathletes to running bloggers and more. But what makes this retreat so popular? Maybe it is the Q & A sessions with Kara, or the mixture of running and other fun exercises like pilates and yoga. Or perhaps it’s the fact that some of Kara’s sponsors, like Skechers and Oiselle, like to show up and do some product testing. Whatever it is, Kara’s retreat always draws a crowd.

Each three-day two-night registration includes all meals and activities.  Lodging is available for an additional fee. It is held each year in October in Boulder, Colorado,  which is the absolute best time for running weather and gorgeous fall foliage! Kara Goucher Podium Retreat is one of the best running camps in the world!

Jeff Galloway Running Retreats
Multiple Locations

Olympian and a running coach Jeff Galloway hosts running retreats all around the world in some excellent locations. You will get a weekend of motivational and inspiring talks from Galloway himself, as well as tips, tricks, exercises, and drills to help improve your running performance.

Locations of Jeff Galloway’s retreats include Blue Mountain Beach in Florida, Carmel, California, and Lake Tahoe, California.  If you opt for the Florida retreat, you can enjoy both beach running and trail running through a nearby trail system. Carmel, California, located on the beautiful Pacific coastline, has milder temperatures, fantastic hiking and trails, and of course the beach! Plus, this retreat works in tandem with a nutrition clinic by a registered dietician.

And of course, Lake Tahoe is always touted as one of the best running camps. Its views are spectacular, there are tons of trails and roads to run on that run along the lake, and temperatures are pretty much perfect for running in the summer during the retreat. Plus, there’s plenty of free time built in to explore the Lake Tahoe area. Jeff Galloway Running Retreats are one of the best running camps in the world!

Manuel Velazquez [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Mont Blanc Training Camp
Chamonix, France

This training camp will take through some of the most beautiful French, Italian, and Swiss countryside that you have only ever seen in a magazine. This one week camp is an ultra runner’s dream. For 7 days, runners cover over 100 miles, in various locations near Mont Blanc in the three countries of France, Italy, and Switzerland. But outside of running, training, and Q & A sessions and informational seminars from premier running coach Jason Kloop, attendees are housed in private or shared luxurious villas with all food and drink supplied. Runners will also get personalized nutritional information on how to best fuel their individual running. Come for the excellent running experience and coaching but stick around for the exception views and an awesome community! Mont Blanc Training Camp is one of the best running camps in the world!

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