Adidas Duramo 7

Popular and fashionable athletic apparel designers Adidas are back and better than ever with the seventh iteration of their highly acclaimed Duramo shoe. The Duramo line has proven to be a reliable daily trainer from the onset but this newest version provides even more improvements in terms of responsiveness and comfort. As a result, Adidas lives up to their promises of a smoother ride in a sleek design. While commonly referred to as an entry-level shoe, The Adidas Duramo 7 has many redeeming qualities that make it a durable and lightweight powerhouse fit for runners of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, this neutral shoe is a breath of fresh air.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons


  • Highly flexible & responsive
  • Extreme durability
  • Great style with multiple color options
  • Inexpensive
  • Breathable fabric keeps feet cool and dry



    • Lackluster cushioning
    • Mesh material attracts dirt
    • The insole is not removable

      Key Features
      The outsole of the Adidas Duramo 7 is made of a full-length rubber material referred to by the manufacturer as Adiwear. This proprietary design works to protects the shoe, and the runner’s foot, from abrasion and excessive wear that could come about from repetitive ground striking. The full-length rubber construction, while not doing many favors for flexibility, does an excellent job at providing greater stability and traction. Runners have also noted that the durability of this outsole was solid and the traction was especially noticeable on asphalt and pavement. It’s partly because of these outsole features that these shoes are so great for beginner runners.
      The midsole of this shoe features Adidas' proprietary Adiprene+ technology. This type of cushioning is more comfortable than versions used by Adidas in the past, although it isn’t a new addition to the Duramo line. Runners have observed that this midsole was also highly responsive; this was made possible through the use of full-length foam that is fantastic at absorbing shock and providing long-lasting, durable cushioning. Surprisingly, the Duramo 7’s midsole is also very flexible and facilitates a more natural foot movement. Because of this, both experienced and inexperienced runners can benefit from this shoe’s particular design.
      The upper portion of this Adidas running shoe is made primarily of an air mesh which manages to be highly breathable while simultaneously providing a secure and comfortable fit. Runners have stated that the breathability of these shoes was above average because of this feature and that it also kept their feet cool and dry. In addition to these benefits, the air mesh also allows the shoe to maintain a significantly lighter weight. Its seamless construction also helps to prevent any potential hot spots or blisters, making them excellent for longer running sessions. An EVA sock liner has also been added to this model’s design which provides additional cushioning and comfort.
      The Adidas Duramo 7 weighs around 10 ounces on average. The use of lightweight materials such as ADIPRENE and ADIWEAR help to keep this weight down while creating a smart and well thought-out build. These shoes are within the average weight spectrum for shoes of its kind, so runners who are already acclimated to this style of footwear should have no problem adjusting to the Duramo 7. What’s most impressive about this shoe’s weight is that Adidas can still ensure the use of reliable materials that will withstand hundreds of miles while keeping its design competitively unobtrusive.
      With extra consideration given to runners in warmer clients, Adidas used materials that ensure superior moisture management via Air Mesh technology. Runners have grown to trust Adidas for their ability to provide enough breathability to sustain long running sessions and the Duramo 7 is no slouch in this department. Throughout all seasons, runners found these shoes to be impressive in many ways, including breathability, as they manage to keep the wearer’s feet dry and cool. According to testimonials left by runners, these shoes also wash and air dry very well: a rare feature in running shoes of its kind.
      The design of the Adidas Duramo 7 allows runners to maintain a high level of physical activity all day without causing any aching in their feet. This is thanks to several high-end features that simply can’t be found on other running shoes in its price range. For example, the full-length Adiprene+ used for the Duramo 7’s midsole gives runners excellent support while providing ample cushioning at all levels of impact; even runners with a hard heel strike will have enough cushion to remain comfortable. Additionally, Air Mesh upper material provides a seamless, lightweight, and highly breathable construction, offering a winning combination in terms of comfort.
      As is a given for Adidas, the Duramo 7 is a very good looking and trendy shoe. The color options provided by Adidas for fashion-oriented runners are all very vibrant and breathe life into these shoes. In addition to providing a contemporary style, the bright colors associated with this product also help to improve the safety of runners that enjoy running in times with less visibility, such as in the evening or early morning. If these brighter colors are too flashy for some, Adidas also offers color options for runners who would prefer a classic white or black running shoe that exudes a more minimalist style. No matter which style a runner chooses for the Duramo 7, the end result is a stylish shoe that’s perfect for everyday wear.
      The quality of the Adidas Duramo 7’s design is as solid as any of their top-tier running shoes, all while being impressively listed at a much lower price point. According to testimonials from runners, there is no question that these shoes are just as strong as the vast majority of products from competing brands. Among other resilient features, 3 stripes on the top of these shoes help to increase stability and provide a solid toughness felt while being worn. The much-touted Adiwear outsole demonstrates no wear, even when being used by endurance runners on their longest and most grueling runs. Ultimately, the Duramo 7 really stands up to the test of time and can take a beating while coming out unscathed.
      One of the stronger aspects of these running shoes in regards to protection is its ability to absorb the stress of repetitive ground impacts. As previously stated, the Adiprene+ midsole is capable of absorbing the excess energy from even the hardest heel strikes to ensure high responsiveness without losing any comfort for the wearer’s foot. Another way the Duramo 7 ensures protection for runners is in its seamless upper construction which protects their feet from skin irritation and blisters. This is particularly effective due to the Air Mesh construction that handles moisture well, further providing protection from sweat-related irritation.
      Runners have found that the synthetic material used for the top portion of the shoe is extremely flexible. Furthermore, Adidas touts their Adiprene+ technology as providing focus on promoting a more naturalistic stride. The anatomically designed footbed also aids the shoe’s responsive properties with a smooth and soft transition between heel striking and toeing off. Because of these design aspects, a more responsive feeling is delivered when running in the Duramo 7. Beginners and casual runners, in particular, will certainly enjoy the high versatility of these running shoes because of how effortlessness it feels to run in them.
      Having already essentially set the standard for style in running shoes, Adidas isn’t resting on their laurels; now they’re attempting to make a name for themselves in support systems. Individuals suffering from conditions such as hammer toes, bunions, and plantar fasciitis have stated that the Duramo 7 has the fantastic ability to avoid these debilitating injuries from flaring up while being worn and used. Even though the insole is not removable, the insert is still a good option for plantar fasciitis The arch support is laudable on its own and provides natural benefits to runners of all skill levels. Adidas cleverly also included a premium EVA sock liner, providing even more support for sensitive feet. All of these properties come together harmoniously to provide a support system that is truly noteworthy.
      The TRAXION technology implemented in the Adidas Duramo 7’s outsole endows runners with the confidence to take on many different running surfaces, including those that are wet and slippery. These shoes will provide enough protection and traction to handle treadmills, tracks, sidewalks, open roads, and even some non-technical trails. Additionally, the highly wear-resistant materials help to fight against the elements in a manner that is beneficial for all runners, whether they’re a novice or an expert.
      Among all of the impressive features present in the Adidas Duramo 7, it’s the shoe’s price that will leave most prospective customers speechless. For all of the versatility and protection offered by this running shoe, the cost is simply insane. It’s initial suggested retail price was reasonable, to begin with, but time has led these shoes to be discounted so heavily that they are a must-buy for runners on a budget. Compared to just about every other entry-level running shoe, runners will be hard-pressed to find a better value for their money than the Adidas Duramo 7.
      The secret to any running shoe’s traction is the outsole; any other portion of the shoe only works to enhance what is already there. Fortunately, the Adidas Duramo 7 has a very strong Adiwear outsole that provides a terrific foundation. The TRAXION technology used in conjunction with Adidas’ proprietary material delivers a sturdy base that ensures maximum grip even on some challenging surfaces. It isn’t quite enough to handle the same territory as the more heavy-duty trail runners but it can certainly hold its own better than the average Nike Air Max shoe.
      It’s a difficult balancing act for a running shoe manufacturer to design their shoes with adequate flexibility and stability. Often a decision needs to be made to emphasize one of these properties over the other; in the case of the Duramo 7, Adidas chose to provide more stability. This isn’t to say that these shoes feel uncomfortable due to a lack of flexibility since a few design caveats were added that prevent this from being the case. One of these additions was the use of highly flexible upper material through the use of synthetic Air Mesh fabric. Another was the implementation of several horizontal grooves in the solid Adiwear outsole, which helps to offset some discomfort from excess rigidity.
      This is a design aspect that Adidas placed considerable emphasis on perfecting. The entire bottom half of these shoes are devoted to providing a level of stability that is ideal for even the most sensitive of runners, from the solid construction of its Adiwear outsole to the extremely dense and protective Adiprene+ midsole. Some aspects of the upper portion are also devoted to this important feature, such as an EVA sockliner and 3 welded stripes. It is because of this effort that these are some of the best shoes for novice runners and those who are injury-prone.
      With an 11 mm difference in elevation from the shoe’s heel to its forefoot, considerable cushioning has been concentrated around the Adidas Duramo 7’s heel. This is partially why it is such an excellent pick for beginner runners since they often have a tendency to strike the ground with their heels. As a result, these shoes can maintain their shape and comfort throughout longer running sessions.
      Key Features

      • EVA foam sock liner adds cushioning

      • Flex grooves provide high flexibility

      • Full length Adiprene+ midsole

      • Breathable Air Mesh upper

      • Adiwear outsole ensures durability

      • TRAXION outsole technology provides maximum grip

      • 3 welded stripes on the top increase stability

      Bottom Line
      More experienced runners may find some utility from a pair of these shoes but not enough to replace their regular runners. However, individuals looking to begin running for the first time that want an entry-level running shoe will truly appreciate the Adidas Duramo 7. New runners won’t have to feel the pressures of an overwhelming high-end luxury runner or deal with the harsh training shoes commonly used by professionals. Casual runners need a dependable, comfortable, and welcoming shoe that doesn’t require them to read a twenty-page manual. Adidas understands this and designed the Duramo 7 to provide the most user-friendly running experience possible.
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